F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview Experience – MS Biology and Molecular Biology

There are two F1 Visa Interviews here.

  • Masters in Biology
  • Masters in Molecular Biology

Very different interview experience. But, there is one thing in common.

F1 Visa Interview – MS in Biology

I have attended the Student F1 visa interview and was granted the F1 visa for MS in Biology. I am happy to say that Happy Schools helped me a lot right from preparing for GRE to succeeding in the F1 Visda interview!

Now I would like to share excerpts of my interview.

VO: Hello, How are you?
ME: I am fine.

VO: What are going to do in the US?
ME: I Am gonna do Masters in Biology.

VO: What field in Biology?
ME: Cell and Molecular biology.

VO: Molecular biology? hmm…
ME: Yes.

VO: Can I see your mark sheets?
ME: Yeah, sure.

VO: Whos going to sponsor you?
ME: My parents would be my sponsor.

He has gone nearer to the next counter and given me an orientation slip and simultaneously saying that my visa was granted and would reach next week.

ME: Thank You!!

Thanks to Gopi for sharing his US Student Visa interview experience.

F1 Visa Interview MS in Molecular Biology

My interview for Spring Semester at 8.45 AM slot.

I have heard a lot of rejections for the visa but somehow I  got through in the first attempt and the visa officer did not see any of my documents.

The F1 Visa interview goes as follows:

Me: A very good morning sir.
VO: Good morning, F1 visa?  Which university?
Me: Louisiana Tech University

VO: Which course?
Me: Masters in Molecular Biology

VO: Why not study in India?
Me: In India, advance course structure is hardly available and whatever offered is obsolete.

VO: Why do you want to study molecular biology?
Me: I had done a project on Molecular Biology during my undergraduate hence I developed an interest.

VO: How many universities have you applied?
Me: Four universities

VO: Which?
Me: Temple University, Lousiana Tech University, University of Rhode Island and Florida Institue of Technology

VO: What is common in all these universities and why did you apply to fewer universities?
Me: I am very specific about the course content which I could find only in these universities.

VO: Why don’t you want to go to Temple University?
Me: I wasn’t admitted to Temple University.

VO: What’s your GRE score?
Me: 980

VO: [he thought for a minute and then made faces and asked me] Why is your GRE Score low?
Me: I tried my level best to score..[i made a sad face and told ] I am an average student. [vo made an eye contact]

VO: How much in Quantitative Section?
Me: 680

VO: and Verbal?

VO: Analytical?
Me: 3.0

VO: Ok good.
Me: Smiled

VO: What is yoru father doing?
Me: He is a Cardiologist

VO: What does he do?
Me: We have our hospital

VO: Where?
Me: Mumbai

VO: What about mother?
Me: She has income from…..[he stoped me and said ok]

VO: Siblings?
Me: yes, one

VO: brother or sister?
Me: Brother

VO: What is he doing?
Me: He will be finishing his Engineering.

VO: So he already graduated?
Me: Sir, he will be graduating after 6 months from Mumbai University.

VO: India?
Me: Yes

VO: Where do you stay?
Me: Mumbai

VO: Where in Mumbai?
Me: told

VO: Tel me your postal address?
Me: Told

VO: [now the golden words]. You will get your visa within two days.
Me: Thank you sir.

VO: smiled

Guys keep in mind that you should be in formals and most of all is to be really confident.

Be very loud, speak slowly so that they understand and keep your answers to the point.

The first interview, it looks straightforward.

The second interview is really challenging. Right?

If someone is walking out with that interview with approvals, shows the preparation (or the confidence).

Look at this specific exchange.

VO: Whats your GRE score?
Me: 980 (about 290 in Revised GRE Format)

VO: [he thought for a minute and then made faces and asked me] Why is your GRE Score low?
Me: I tried my level best to score..[i made a sad face and told ] I am an average student. [vo made an eye contact]

It takes a lot of guts to stand in front of the visa officer and tell, that you are an average student!

That tells a lot about this student and cool composure.

Typically for Cell and Molecular Biology, F1 Visa applicants could expect to get Administrative Processing 221(g).

In this visa interview, the applicant got approval without the administrative processing, since sometimes Visa Officer could this that Cell and Molecular Biology could be under the Technology Alert List and issue 221(g).

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  1. I have passed the +2 in the major biology.
    Could any one suggest me what to say in the visa interview about the why do you choose biology as the major subject ?

  2. Dear Advisor, i want to know if there is a higher posibility of getting my f1 visa granted if my sponsor is my parent or sibiling than there is if it is my uncle? What if my sponsor is my uncle, can that be a credible source of income by which my f1 visa can be granted?

  3. Dear Advisor, i want to know if there is a higher posibility of getting my f1 visa granted if my sponsor is my parent or sibiling than if it is my uncle? What if my sponsor is my uncle, can that be a credible source of income by which my f1 visa can be granted?

  4. Dear Advisor,

    Am Ambiot, currently working in a telecom services company. Completed my undergrad choosing physics ,chemistry, Math, Biology securing 75.2% & instrumentation engineering with 68.6%.With a relatively good communication skills ,logical thinking got a job where am working since 3.2 years. My ‘want to explore’ attitude has pushed into a lot of things to name a few, enrollment into a work integrated Master degree program, guitar. One more important idea that I got from this mind set is to get into a career in which is of my interest, not that this as something unique ,but am just happy Quest. The one stream that has enthralled me all the time is Biology .Ok I did not myself initially but, more books that I read , more curious I got ; more curious I got, much more career options that I browsed and finally convinced myself on genuine like. So now, have decided to do MS in biological sciences. Have registered for GRE and Bio exams during Nov 3 & 2 week. I know it’s a lil late but I need ample time for the preparation.Planning to apply for Fall 2011 and my college options with the correseponding courses that I want to apply are as follows. These were some I chose based on cost and their curriculum.
    University of Kansas :- MS Bioengineering
    University of Arkansas—Fayetteville:-MS Biological sciences
    Pennsylvania State University–University Park:-MS Biological sciences
    University of Georgia-:-MS in genetics
    Ohio state university MS in molecular genetics
    university of Connecticut-MS in biomedical engg.
    It’s a little bad that u was unable to think clearly, understand my strengths during my graduation, but I think its never late. Sorry to take so much of your time just on the intro part. Am having trouble in writing SOP , because am skeptic about the leap that am planning for might not be justified with mere interest as a reason. With no research work or paper ppt ,feel a less confident considering the completion and selection criterion. Can you guide me on how can I be more affirmative on SOP and other things that can increase the chances of getting a admit ? Job opportunities are a bit less , but I don’t want it to become a sole reason to conspire me away. Appreciate your valuable thoughts.

  5. hiii

    I got my passport from shimla, while i belong to J&K, from where I have done my B.Tech and it has college adrees printed on it. So do i need to get the address changed to my permanent address and i am done with my gre and yet to take toefl.

    Plzzzzz reply

    Thank you…

  6. here is one visa interview experience that one of my friend (xxx) encountered in mumbai consulate…….(dated 14th july 2010)

    xxx : can i come in
    VO : 🙁 – replied nothing
    xxx: good morning madame (with a generous smile 🙂 )
    VO : with her head down greeting him possibly in the most insane way (probably looking at some documents and typing something in her pc ) in the most inaudible accent saying morning
    VO : soo which university
    xxx: replied…….
    VO : wen did u finish ur graduation
    xxx: in october 2009
    VO : (probably after 10 min) u are not qualified to get a visa

    well this is the most sleize visa interview…guys have a look…this isnt professional…..i mean my friend had good grades..good work experince…a good gre and toefl scores and here he faces a rejection with all dos pathetic vocabs saying u r not qualified…..INSANE

  7. hi,

    I have done MSc in Biotechnology in 2009 from India,and got admits from two universities with scholarship,now waiting for visa interview.I tried to get enrollment for PhD but could not get so opted for MS in Biotechnology again so as to flow into PhD after a year as 12 credits will be waived off from 33credits of MS.My question is if the VO ask why am I going to do MS again that too in the same subject,what should be the most satisfactory answer???

    Please plss reply

    1. Hello sonica,

      I', also in same boat as u r. But still I would like to apply for PhD only, of course u can enrolled ur PhD after the credits but will take a long time and wasting time also even more Vo can ask u this Q.

      best of luck

  8. Heartily congratulation for getting VISA. Is it true that VO ask just few of question like u? I'm so terrible about visa interview. pls reply

    1. Mr. Banwari, be cool and confident about you. At times VO does not ask nay documents to see, as in my case. I din't even open my file to show him any documents but I was granted with a Visa. He just asked me four questions.

      1. Why this university? – Said

      2. Any past researches in this field? – Said (types something)

      3. Whats your father? – Said (a long typing interval)

      4. Can you explain me in detail about your father's profession? – Answered

      Then replied, "OK your Visa is granted, you may leave"

      Its all about the spontaneity, confidence and vocabulary that matters a lot.

      All the best….

      1. Tnx a lot dear to clear my doubts coz I'm also going to apply for PhD (Biotechnology) for the fall 2010.

    2. hi Banwari,

      It's true that VO asks just few questions…jus 4 or 5 basic questions…like why this university?, Who's sponsoring u?…. however they can deduce thousand inferences from the answers u give them. so its important u r consistent with your answer… and a secret to keep ur answer consistent is to tell the truth … No matter what so ever ….

      1. Tnx a lot my friend,

        I was just confused about the hard of visa interview but u people have cleared it.

        It mean we dont need to go for any kind of visa assistants. I'm also going to apply for PhD (Biotech) for fall 2010 session.


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