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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Finding a Full Time Job on OPT (or CPT Internship).

How to find a Full-Time Job on OPT or even an Internship on CPT? It’s tough. As an International student, things are getting desperate these days to find a job. First is 24 months STEM OPT, then comes H1B Visa Lottery. [highlight]When odds are stacked against you, how do would you find a Full-Time Job after college on OPT?[/highlight]

Yes , getting a full time will definitely help, just go apply for one. Only if getting a full time would be that easy, no body would want to get into consulting jobs. (Comment from a Reader)

Yes. He said it right. It’s not easy. Here’s another comment to prove that it’s tough.

Hello Raghu sir,

I am basically done my undergraduate in Aeronautical Engineering and presently am doing my Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

I would like to know what companies can hire international students for these Streams. I have applied some companies to get an Internship but it was no use.

Every company needs US citizenship. As a F-1 student how can he search a job or Internship?  Are there any Web Links to know?  Please Reply.

So, the first person said, it’s tough. The second person showed why it was tough. But, why? Why do students find it tough to find a full-time job or direct hire job on OPT? I know the answer. Let look at this graphics.

1. The person who is looking for links to apply for jobs would perfectly fit this category.  Applying for some random jobs with a resume would typically give no results. No Interviews or no job offers. 

job search novice

2. If you have a basic understanding some aspects or some aspects of how to search and apply for jobs, you may get one or two interviews calls.  Did I say, when employers hear H1B Sponsorship, they could trash your Resume. Game Over. 

job search skills

3. Now we are moving into experts territory. You probably spend 20 to 30 hours of deep work learning how and where to apply for jobs. You are not posting questions in the blogs asking for links to apply for jobs. Maybe have a professional write your resume. You would start to see more interview calls. Yay! Progress. 

job search skilled person

4. Now, we are talking baby. When it rains, it pours. You can pick can choose from competing offers. You can have employer compete for you. You can now negotiate your terms. Well, it takes time and effort to be an expert job seeker. Whoo Whoo. How do I become an expert job seeker?

job search process

5. If you get sick, you will go to a Doctor. If you want a degree, you will go to a college. If you want a job, you assume you are the expert. That’s the problem with International Students. But, now you know why your job search is not yielding any results. 

learn job search skills

Where can you learn some of those strategies?


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  1. sir, i have work expereicne of 3 years in india. but,my company gave me salary to me in cash payment. so, i have not my pay slips, salary bank statement and income tax return of my indian company. so, in future, i want to apply for H1B visa. so, at that time , i must need pay slips, salary bank statement and income tax return of my indian company? and if in case, USCIS give me REF( request for evidence) , then, what should i say to USCIS ?

  2. Most universities have an office of career services that offers many workshops to prepare students for the job search. Our Career Services office at The University of Texas at Tyler, for example, provides advice and workshops on career planning, internships, job search, networking, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, etc. One of the best things they offer is mock interviews with local employers so you can build your interviewing skills BEFORE you graduate and start looking for jobs. This means you can make your mistakes in a test environment 🙂

    The best advice I can give is to start using these resources during your first semester!! Go to every workshop you can – every time it’s offered. They are usually free, and sometimes they even feed you or give you free t-shirts. The mistake many students make is waiting until one month before they graduate to start thinking about the job search. Think of how much more relaxed you’ll be at that first post-graduation job interview if you’ve been practicing already for a year or two with actual hiring managers.

    Check out your career services office (it might be called something different at your univ, but look under student resources and you’ll probably find it) and start taking advantage of the services they offer. Your student fees pay for it, so you might as well use it!!

  3. What Are Risks of program extension by dropping subjects after generating OPT I20

    Hi ,

    I wanted to drop some subjects for the summer semester and register for the fall semester. My graduation is planned for the summer semester and even my opt i20 is generated but i havent applied for the opt yet. I would like to know if there are any major risks with program extension or taking cpt in next semester after the program extension.

    I really appreciate taking time to help me.

  4. My daughter was an Intl student too and really worked hard applying and getting interviews in different big companies in the US.Her university gives a lot of support if you ask for help and assistance.She was advised by the career dept of the university to apply only to big co ‘s because they have lawyers attending to H1 visa sponsorship.Of course the H1 visa is a lottery but with faith and trust in God ,she just got her H1 visa and her co is processing her papers now.
    Applying for a job is very competitive must have a good GPA.

  5. Totally agreed. I had my Resume done professionally and got many more interview calls. However, I am still building my interview skills. I failed many but every interview is a learning experience. The most important thing is to have positive emotions despite failures and not give up. I came across many employers who don’t care about status but experience and knowledge.

    1. how to get a resume professionally written? Did you use the services of a professional?

    2. Eshan Patil — How did you prepared your resume professionally through college or outside sources. And is it one page resume or more than that. Can you please elaborate on your preparation.

  6. Guys which companies hire international student on basis of Aerospace and Mechanical Stream

    Please lemme know it I would like to apply

        1. Did you even realize that I quoted your comment and criticized you for approaching the job search like that. Guess what, you are still in the same boat.

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