8 Awesome On the Day of GRE Exam Tips

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Following on the day of the GRE Exm tips was shared by Parvin as part of his lengthy GRE Test Prep Tips.

I’m publishing only the On the Day of the GRE Exam section.

Remaining GRE Prep tips for later post.

I gave my GRE on August 23rd (2010).

Scored 1420 in GRE.

  • Quant-750
  • Verbal-670

Now that my exam is done, I think it’s time I repaid the favor by sharing my experience and suggest a few things.

I shall not discuss all the routine instructions and tips. You can get them by perusing though the blog.

Tips from personal experience that I think will be of use and might benefit others have been discussed. Hope you’ll find then useful….

One the Day of GRE Exam Tips

  1. Revise the Math notes. (You should revise all the ticks like substituting 0, -ve values etc just before going to the exam. Not that you do not know, but you must refresh your mind with the tricks.)
  2. Don’t try to cram words the day before. It only makes you nervous.
  3. If you get tensed and nervous, I suggest you cool yourself by fiddling with the tutorial. Yes, I did the same. Sat there as it taught me “how to click the mouse” for almost 20 min (until I stopped quivering). That’s one advice you won’t find anywhere.
  4. Get good sleep.
  5. Don’t do a night out the day before. It’s simply useless.
  6. Don’t talk to people coming out from the center and set up an “Enquiry Commission”. Was the paper tough? Are the words from Barrons? Can you please tell me some words? Even if you have a friend there don’t ever do that. That’ll make you really nervous (self experience).
  7. “Is Bangalore center easy?” “Hyderabad center has the toughest database!” —- Bull shit…, crystal clear bull shit. Don’t give in to such stupid talk.
  8. If you have a difficulty with AWA. Use this for the argument section. Search for a nice opening paragraph and conclusion and read it just before the exam day. After you enter the hall, write it down immediately on the paper that’s provided (every argument can be set to the same opening and ending paragraphs). It’ll save some time. I mean, u need not think of good sentence construction etc. When the task starts, just copy it.

How I Scored 1580 in GRE.

Total length of the post came to 1400. I have published about 400 words in this post. Remaining 1000 words GRE experience will be posted later.


  1. Hi First of all congrats.. could you please tell me the opening and ending paragraphs for the argument section. Thank you.

  2. Refering to ur Pt 8. in AWA wht was ur opening paragraph and conclusion, hw did u fit this generalize opening paragraph and conclusion in different arguments. This will definitely be useful for everyone. 

  3. hey congratulations and thanq for those tips,i hav a question mite seem silly,the scrap papers provided for the rough work..are they sufficient for the entire xm?hw ver the rc’s ,rc’s are the most toughest and can u share any website regarding AWA to go through

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