GRE Score: Avoid Unrealistic Expectations

Everyone wants to get perfect score in GRE Test ( Verbal – 170; Quantitative – 170; AWA 6.0). But in ideal world that is not impossible by all the GRE Test takers. Idea of getting perfect score or high score much above your skill level is going to be tough.

When you start your preparation for GRE, ideally you like to get 1600/1600 in GRE Test. But, when you take your first practice test, you will realize that your existing skill set is far from perfect GRE Exam score range.

Your ability to improve your score largely depends on

  1. Current Skill level
  2. Time Factor
  3. Ability to utilize time

Current Skill Level: Knowledge you have gained during schools days and college plays very important role. Students who are class toppers tend to have higher skill level (usually).

Time Factor: You will have limited time to prepare for GRE Exam. It can be few weeks to few months.

Improve Skills: during that limited time and with current skill level, how much can you improve your GRE test taking ability? Sometimes how hard you work, your score or knowledge doesn’t improve. That could be because you are not using the right tools.

On GRE Exam Day

If your practice test score is around 1200, you cannot expect miracle score of 1600 on GRE Exam day (you might get 1300). Don’t have unrealistic expectations that you will be able to improve your GRE score overnight on exam day.

If you disagree or agree to the idea of unrealistic expectation, do add your comments below.

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