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How to Score Above 330 in GRE – with Ganesh Kohli [Video]

You must remember How to Score 340 in GRE – Ashwini Nene

I sat down with Ganesh Kohli – Founder and Chief Mentor at KIC Education, who coached Ashiwini Nene to get perfect score of 340 in Revised GRE.

We had wonderful discussion where he reveals some Amazing GRE Preparation Strategies on How to Score Above 330 in GRE.

Quick Overview of the GRE Strategies

  • Balanced Approach towards GRE Prep
  • Spend equal time with Answer Analysis
  • Practice to fight fatigue in GRE Test
  • Practice for longer hours
  • Refer to several books ( atleast 4 authors)

Question For you

  • Did you guys learn something new from this video?
  • Does the GRE Tips discussed going to help you?
  • Do you want do see a follow-up video?

Based on your Likes, Shares and questions, I can do a follow-up video with more GRE Test prep strategies.

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  1. Hi Raghu,
    Thanks for your unique help, this video has given me a lot of new ways to tackle this exam, i agree with with every point/strategy raised by Mr. Ganesh.
    Would love to see him again and giving some tips for solving long rcs and maths complex calculation part specifically.

    Thanks again and bravado for your work !!! 🙂

  2. Raghu bhai…
    This is a master piece. I find it very resourceful for my prep..
    Managing the stress..analysis timing..
    I will be following this from now
    Once again thanks a lot from all the Readers of Blog

    1. you first need to register in to the blog and the activate it , before clicking the link in you tube..
      Hope it works then..

  3. Hi, Thanks a lot for your video. But I have two questions:
    1)Will you contact Ganesh Kohli for another video because he said he would share other strategies in another video?
    2)How can I register in his website? In fact I sent a request and message about my inclination for attending to his GRE program but he didn’t send me any answer.

  4. Awesome Job Raghu!
    That was Insightful. Looking forward to a video upload on Verbal and AWA.

  5. it was a superb session and will give me and other GRE aspirants a lot to work with strategies and experience ganesh shared!
    keep going on HSB…

  6. Raghu, Firstly I appreciate your efforts of helping all the gre aspirants by this blog. By this video I learnt how important analysis plays the role in intensifying our preparation levels it’s not the quantity but the quality of our preparation and the ability to penetrate in to the test setter mindset judges our score on gre and also stamina is very important to cross out the border of 33o in gre along with attention levels which play a huge role while solving the questions,These tips are definitely going to help me and all the HSB readers,i would request for a follow up video regarding what are best sources to improve the vocab tested on the advanced level or section of the gre and what are the skills a gre test setter wants to test at the advanced levels of verbal and quant sessions i mean how he puts up traps when a gre test taker reaches 330 such that making it a tough job to reach the bulls eye i mean a perfect 340 it is better if you ask the ganesh sir to explain with an example problem in both verbal and math,and it would be better if the same question can be interviewed with ashvini nene so that this knowledge will be a stepping stone towards the bulls-eye of gre for all the HSB Readers.Please Do This Raghu…Please….Thank-you….waiting eagerly for followup video from ganesh sir and ashwini nene..

  7. It would be great if HSB plans another video interview with Ganesh on verbal strategies . He is a great resource person. thanks for your efforts

  8. The emphasis on ANALYSIS and BALANCING were
    particularly important.I would definitely want to see a followup video on verbal section.
    does any one know of a online resource where i can measure my level of proficiency in only verbal section.

  9. Thanks a lot to Mr. Ganesh & Mr. Raghu
    Very informative and to the point suggestions.
    I would highly appreciate if can spread some light on strategies to improve Verbal and AWA.

  10. HI HSB
    This was very nice Raghu. I want to know how to deal with Reading Comprehensions and Text Completions, (in the end of video as you have mentioned). This would be very useful to me and many test takers. we hope will expect another session including RC and TC 🙂
    Thank You

  11. Thanks for the video, timely one and I have a requirement and would be greatly happy if I get the help. I would like to know more about the topics and areas that are to be focused while taking gre and in short the syllabus that must be over-looked while having prep.
    The reason I want to know this is, I am not going to any private instt, so this sort of info from an experienced prof will be more than worthy.

  12. hi raghu,

    awesome job 🙂 ..

    kudos to u for bringing in this person – and spl mention for the way u interviewed – u were to the point bringing out all what an gre test taker would ask.

    looking forward to more such videos mainly for – verbal section, essay writing and then quants (prioritized in this way – u know – we indians are better off quants 😉 )

    once again.. awesome work raghu — looking forward to more videos on gre prep.. 😀

  13. Thanks for the video.
    Raghu, if you opportunity to catch him again on the blog, then please ask him strategy to deal with verbal and AWA section, I’m suffering in both section, ask how to grasp more and more words, how to improve reading comprehension.
    thanks again…

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