H1B Visa

H-1B Visa Stamping – Required Documents

Are you ready to attend H1B Visa stamping interview? The documents listed here are for your reference and refer to U.S. embassy’s website for documents and procedures specific to your country for H1B Visa.  You can schedule the H1B Visa interview after H1B visa petition is approved.

Before H1B Stamping Interview

H1B Visa Stamping Documents

  1. Ds-160 Barcode Confirmation
  2. Appointment Schedule Letter
  3. Original H1B Visa Approval Notice – I-797 Form
  4. I-129, Petition for Non-immigrant worker
  5. H Classification Supplement to Form I-129
  6. H-1B Data Collection and Filing Fee Exemption Supplement
  7. Labor Condition Application for H-1B & H-1B1 Non immigrants
  8. H-1B Visa Petition letter provided by your employer
  9. Employment Verification letter
  10. Pay stubs for at least last 3 months (if you were working on H1B)
  11. Monthly bank statements (last 3 months), Bank of America provides Immigration Letter

H1B Visa Supporting Documents

  1. Current Employer – Offer Letter
  2. Copy of the Resumé
  3. Sample company projects documents and some documents describing what your company does
  4. Previous Employer H1B approval notice (if applicable)
  5. I-797 A, B or C


  1. Official transcripts (Undergraduate, Graduate and other certificates)
  2. Degree certificates or official diplomas (undergraduate and graduate degrees)
  3. Original I-20s forms (for degrees from the U.S.)
  4. OPT/EAD Card (if applicable)

Tax and other documents from the U.S.

  1. W2 Tax forms (at least last 2 years)
  2. Tax returns 1040s
  3. Driving license and social security card
  4. Client Letter

Personal Documents

  1. If living in the U.S. – take copies of utility bills, rental agreement, or home deed.
  2. When in doubt, always consult an immigration attorney or immigration professional.

The details listed might not be enough to get a visa since every individual’s case is different since everyone comes from different backgrounds.

From what I read, companies with less number of employees, less than 25, might face lots of questions during interviews. Most H-1B frauds were discovered were from small companies. Good luck to you guys in your H-1B visa stamping application.

Spouse and Dependent Children

  • Original, valid HDFC bank visa fee receipt ( only for applicants scheduled at U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai)
  • The original Notice of Action Form I-797 of the Principal Applicant.
  • Form I-129 (if Form I-797 is a blanket permit, copy of Form I-797 and I-129) of the Principal Applicant
  • Photocopy of the Principal Applicant’s valid visa (if applying separately).
  • Original Marriage Certificate (for spouse) along with your entire wedding photo album.
  • Original Birth certificate (for each child).


The list of documents required for H-1B visa stamping also varies among U.S. consulates in different countries. So refer to the U.S. consulate website for more information.

Also, be prepared for additional security clearance checking when you appear at U.S. consulates, which might delay H-1B visa stamping procedure.

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  1. Hi,

    I have I-797 A H1B approval notice along with I-94 validity till sept 2023. Do i need to fill DS 160 and get interview at US consulate or I can get visa stamp at port of entry?

    Thanks in advance

  2. My husband H1b was picked up in lottery on april 2018, then he got RFE and RFE was approved on nov 6, he started working from nov 26. He is planning to come for stamping on dec 18, till then he will be getting only one payslib, is that enough?????or is it better to wait for more payslibs and then attend interview? Can anyone help me on this.

  3. Hi,

    I am going to India next month for stamping for my H1B visa. Could you advise on what kind of employer(petitioner’s) documents to carry? Immihelp says like employer’s tax returns and financial statements, wages of all employees in the company with their start and end date. I am very confused in asking my employer these documents as they are confidential.

    I appreciate your response.

  4. Hi,

    I am going to India next month for stamping for my H1B visa. Could you advise on what kind of employer(petitioner’s) documents to carry? Immihelp says like employer’s tax returns and financial statements, wages of all employees in the company with their start and end date. I am very confused in asking my employer these documents as they are confidential.

    I appreciate your response.

  5. Hi , my h1b visa is revoked at port of entry , again I am going to interview for stamping , what are the chances of getting the visa again ? , will they reject my h1b petition ?

  6. Hello,

    My H1B was approved in the month of October 2016 but the company didn’t follow up with my after that. So I didn’t go for the stamping interview. Now, they’ve reached out and are asking me to join in the month of April.

    How do you think I should proceed?

  7. Hi,

    I lost my original Btech documents , can I attend H1 B visa stamping with Copy’s of my Btech and original masters certificates.

  8. Hi,
    I’m going to attend visa interview… what’s my question is “I’m going for new opportunity in USA” and currently working in XXX..
    If they ask have you informed to Current company about the visa process.. what’s my best answer for it?

  9. 1.Consulate name on approval is Chennai do we need to for Chennai Consulate Only for Stamping ??

    I met with Accident and i am not in a position to travel back to Chennai for Stamping will this reason would be good enough as i have already booked a Slot at hyderabad.

    2.In the Supporting letter from my Employer States that i will be deployed at end Clients business premises and our Employer Business premises — This means i may work on In house or Client Project — I dont have any Supporting letter from Client , I have it only from My employer will this would be enough

  10. Hello,
    I’m going for h1b stamping alone at the end of this month, my wife will not be traveling as she want to continue her job and my current assignment will end in August 2017, so I will be going alone. We recently married and I do not have the marriage certificate, I talked to my immigration team and they say it is only required if she travels.
    Just want to check if anyone has some knowledge on this.


      1. I didn’t say I don’t trust, above all is it not good to have a second opinion ?

        I was reading forums about the visa interviews and all, and ended up posting my question, what’s wrong in that.

        1. There’s nothing worng in posting, but let me tell you in different way – “Trust, but Verify”.

          When it comes to Immigration Questions, your only source for trusted info should be your primary attorney (it’s Employer’s attorney in most instance). If there is lack of trust for their information, then others views from blogs and forums is going to cause confusion. If you had received info from the forums and then checked with attorney is a different scenario. I have written in detail in few blog posts on exact topic.

  11. Hello,
    Thanks for the wonderful list.
    For “Monthly bank statements (last 3 months), Bank of America provides Immigration Letter” — What kind of letter is that? What should I tell bank to give me this letter?

    1. Nirav, you don’t need that letter. Take last 3 months of statement form BOA with you with last 3 months of paystubs.

  12. Hi I have applied for H4 to H1 currently i leave in usa , My H1 is in RFE , Can i travel to home country (India) for Maternity when my H1 is in rfe and what is the next process to follow if H1 get approved when i am in home country ?, Please do reply .

  13. Hi,

    I have a small query, actually i got visa on X university and done my 1st semester in that university, after 1st semester i transferred to another university! will it be a problem during my H1 visa interview? and does H1 visa will be stamped by seeing the fame of the university? Does really they see the University name and etc?

  14. Hi,

    I am Indian citizen and I am working in foreign country and H1 application is selected in lottery. So my concern is that do i need to go India for visa stamping or can i do from foreign country.

    Thanks in advance for help.

  15. Hi Raghu,

    Hope you are doing good. I have some concern on some H1B Process.
    For me two employer has filled H1B, this time & both has selected in lottery, from them 1 is under PP & another is RP. And my PP is saying Approved & the RP is in still in the initial Phase. So my concerns are listed below, please help me out.

    1. Do I need to worry for rejection as my both has selected in lottery.
    2. If not, What I need to do?
    3. Need I infom to my employer regarding this.

    Please help me….

    Priya Kanan

    1. Hi Priya,

      Its good to hear that both your H1B’s got picked.
      Could you please suggest me a reliable consultancy for go forward with.
      Well, i’m Neethu, worked as a Sharepoint developer in India for 3 years.
      I’m right now in US on H4 visa.
      Any help will be appreciated.


  16. Currently I am working in India and my company is filed H1B for me and I have that approval with me now. But I never stamped based on that H1 (I have to go for stamping interview)

    But from my previous company i had L1 visa and i worked in USA 4 months ( 2008) and company paid per diem and also complete Indian salary. Since no salary in US, don’t have SSN and Tax documents.

    Now I want to go for h1b stamping. Will Visa officer will ask for L1 Tax papers document and SSN details? Will it impact my h1b Stamping?

    I appreciate your replies on this.

  17. Hi There,
    I and an Indian citizen and I hold a residency visa for Dubai and plan on renewing it before I go for my Visa Interview at US Consulate in Dubai for my intial H1 B stamping – first time after being converted from F1 to H1B in October 2011. I am working as a tax accountant for an accounting firm in the Dallas. What are the questions that I will be asked? Have you heard of any denial situation for H1B stamping in Dubai? I am tensed and worried.
    Is the I-797A – Notice of approval the original document you need to take along with copies for everything else as stated above?

    Please reply. Thanks

  18. Hello HSB,

    Thank you for all the support you have provided to me.

    I would like to know whether we can attend H1B stamping in canada for initial change of status. my current visa status is F1. will i need to go to india only to get my H1B stamped or it can be done at canada also. Please let me know.

    1. I recently read an experience about someone who got stamping in Canada (F1 to H1B) first stamping. check murthy.com forums.

  19. If I have I20/admits from US universities, will I face problems during my H1B interview? I recently got a job offer and more interested to work for a couple of years.

  20. I am willing to apply for US H1 visa. I have done my masters from UK. But my certificate is yet to arrive. I got a temporary one mean while which is not the convocation.
    So can I still apply for H1 with my employer?
    Do they verify educational certificates also.. .???

  21. I got stamped nearly an year and half before when I was working for client ‘A’, and now I am planning to travel for client ‘B ‘ so could pls let me know what are the additional documents required? . Do i need file different LCA?

  22. Hi ,

    Could you please help on this,

    My Name is Murali on my certificate but the given my offer letter with the name Murli could you please is it any problem while apply into some other companies i need this information on urgent bases .

    reply me….ASAP.


  23. Hi ,

    I am working in Wipro , and my H1b petition was filed 11Nov with USCIS under regular category , but will be upgraded to premium once the receipt number is available. My concern is that , the H1b was initiated for client A , and now I have moved to another project ( so client B). I have received the inivtation letter from client B , but my question is that , if and when my petition is approved by USCIS , after that is LCA transfer sufficient or do I have wait for the lengthier process of LCA amendment . Can you tell me which US consulates in India is mandating LCA amendment ? In both these projects ( A and B) , my roles and responsibilties are same , and all my details are consistent ( name , DOB , etc ). Only change are the client name and work location ( Chicago to Boston).

  24. Hello everyone,

    I am having my H1B stamping interview on 16th October. I need some documents for my interview. Can someone please let me know free online links from where I can access my previous 3 year W2’s and 1040’s?
    Please do the needful as my interview date is approaching.
    I will appreciate your help guys.
    Thanks a lot for your time.

  25. hi
    my name in the birth certifict, 10th 12th, graduation etc is virendra . i’ve changed it to viren. for this i’ve followed a legal process of gazette notification.

    wht i want to know is, will i have to face any problems due to this change disagreement in names in getting getting h1b visa.. should i be concerned?? is indian govt gazette acceptable as an evidence???

    look forward to hearing from you soon

  26. Hi, i came to USA in 2005 on L1B and changed my status to H1 in 2008.I have not visited India since then and i just got my i797 extension for 3 yrs based on i 140 approval.I have my masters from India,and i have 13 yrs of experience.I work in a Employer-Vendor-Client model.I am planning to get my visa stamping in Canada.Will it be a good thing to do?

  27. I don't have the 1040s for the last 2 years. How do I get it ?

    I did receive w2s for the last 2 years (but I don't have them.I'll have to request it ).

  28. My 6 hrs visa period is now completed. I have labor , I -140 approved and may have to appear for visa stamping on H1-B extension. Can you please help me with interview questions VO may ask.

  29. Hi,

    I have a question regarding US business visa, one of our colleague's US Business visa got rejected twice with the issuance of 214 B, is there any other way to re apply again

  30. Hi. Can I ask somebody here where can I find the employeer who provide H1-B in IT ? All I found is just like they do, but the do not provide it.

  31. i would love to inqire if you have any scholarship opportunities for a young genus like myself.as i would be pleased to hear from you soonest

  32. Hi,

    I got my H1b approval in 2009 and now i'm going for Visa Stamping. Could you pls let me know the latest visa stamping documents that are needed for verification.

    1. Smita if you are still working for the same client , then no issues , otherwise check whether you need to have an amended petition or not. I am in the same boat , H1b initiated for one client , but would be going for stamping for another client.

  33. I have a question regarding H1B visa stamping.i don't have the original of I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant worker.i have a copy of that.

    is it ok, if i submit the copy of I-129.

    1. Prajeeth – You will need original I-129 to go for stamping along with other documents.

      Why do you want to write 2 comment with 2 different email address and name?

  34. I have a question regarding H1B visa stamping.i don't have the original of I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant worker.i have a copy of that.

    is it ok, if i submit the copy of I-129.

  35. Ive been approved for H1B visa.

    The work date starts in October 1st, 2009 and the attorney says I need to schedule my interview in the US Consulate 30 days prior to the starting work date (Oct 1st) or after this date (which is Sept 1st). I already have my employer letter and all needed documentation. Should I really wait until this date? Could the attorney possibly be mistaken? Would I be in risk of loosing my visa stamp trying to schedule the interview prior to this date?


    1. Hi Carlos! I am in the same situation right now… can you please advise how did you resolve the issue at that time? Thanks.

  36. hello:

  37. Hi

    I have a question regarding extension of H1b. My H1b is expiring in March 2008 so my company requested me to apply for extension and requested me to go to Canada for stamping.

    My question is, do I need to carry my original degree certificate and marriage since I don't have them with me.


  38. i have been approved for H1B visa ,& most probably i will appear for interview in november or in january(at bombay consulate) ,i want information about what kind of question i have to focus more ,as wel as documents information thanks

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