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H1B Visa 2019 Cap Count – Advanced Degree Applications Overtakes General Category

USCIS completes Random selection of H-1B Visa 2019 applications. So far everything is proceeding as expected (previous years). But, with a HUGE twist. USCIS for the first time in several years, published the Cap Count for Advanced Degree and it’s more than General Category applications.   I’m still pondering why USCIS published the advanced Degree…

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H1B Visa 2019 Predictions – Can Applications Reach 300,000 This Year?

h1b visa predictions 2019

By now, you should have submitted all the required documentation to the Attorney to apply for H1B Visa 2019. Now, you are wondering about H1B Visa 2019 Predictions. Scouring through internet, blogs and Facebook Groups to get any bit of information about chances of getting selected in the H1B Visa 2019 lottery. You spend the…

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H1B Visa 2019 – New Memo, Lottery, RFE and Latest Updates

Are you applying for H1B Visa 2019 Fiscal Year? In a previous H1B Visa season with Lottery, the biggest challenge was getting selected in the H1B Visa Lottery. Since, last year, there’s three MAJOR challenges: Getting Selected (or getting lucky) in the H1B Visa Lottery Getting H1B Visa Approval with or without RFE H1B (and…

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The New H1B Visa Memo from USCIS: Analysis, Potential Impact and FAQ’s

new h1b visa memo impact

On Feb 22, 2018 USCIS published a new H1B Visa Memo titled “Contracts and Itineraries Requirements for H-1B Petitions Involving Third-Party Worksites”. Here’s the Press Release from USCIS about the Memo: In publishing this policy, USCIS clarifies existing regulatory requirements relating to H-1B petitions filed for workers who will be employed at one or more third-party…

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President Trump Signs Executive Order to Reform H1B Visa (& More)

trump executive order h1b reform

President Trump signed the “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order(EO) today. One of the key pieces of the Executive Order is to reform the H1B Visa program. There are so many pending questions and concerns about this H1B Visa Reform Executive order signed by President Trump.  I have split the available details so far into following…

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USCIS Memo: Computer Programmer Would Not Generally Qualify for H1B Visa

I just completed a Facebook Live video to discuss the impact of the new memo from USCIS about “an entry-level computer programmer position would not generally qualify as a position in a specialty occupation making it ineligible for H-1B Visa”. We are going to discuss three  four latest news here: Computer Programmer Job Title vs H1B…

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H1B Visa Premium Processing is Suspended for 6 Months

h1b visa premium processing suspended impact options

H1B Visa Premium Processing is suspended for up to 6 months by USCIS starting April 3, 2017.  Let me highlight the following: Only Premium Processing for H1B Visa is suspended. This is not the suspension of H1B Visa program. 1. What is Premium Processing? By paying additional $1225 fee, H1B Visa applicants can request processing of…

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H1B Visa and Minimum Salary of $130,000 – The Real Math

$130,000 minimum salary for H1B Visa Applications? Let’s take a deep dive and look at the real numbers by using TCS as an Example. Title: Computer Systems Analyst Location: Tampa, Florida Employer: Tata Consultancy Services When applying for H1B visa, LCA is required. LCA stands for Labor Condition Application. What is H1B Visa LCA (video)…

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