Even though most of them go for TOEFL for proof of English Proficiency, IELTS is also now increasingly accepted. I had to decide IELTS or TOEFL for USA.

IELTS General Academic
IELTS – General vs Academic



I decided to take IELTS for USA for following reasons.

  1. I know a lot of people whose scores got cancelled even though they didn’t involve in any malpractice just because someone in that TOEFL test center cheated.
  2. All TOEFL slots in prometric was full up to December
  3. Its bit difficult for me to speak to a computer ….Isn’t it a bit awkward..?!?
  4.  Hyderabad is known for TOEFL fraud …No offense guys, I am a proud Hyderabadi, but we have to accept the truth that Hyderabad is known for TOEFL and documents fraud.

For Higher education we need to take the academic IELTS exam. IELTS General is for immigration purposes (like Canada, Australia, etc).

IELTS Academic Test

IELTS Academic test includes following sections

  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

IELTS – Reading

This is probably the easiest section for guys who prepared sedulously for GRE or the toughest if you didn’t take GRE Verbal part seriously.

You have to read 3 long sections, each with multiple paragraphs, and answer 40 questions (13 to 14 per section). You have to finish this section in just one hour. The passages will be progressing in difficulty.

IELTS – Listening

This takes for 30 minutes, 20 minutes for listening the tape and answering the questions and other 10 minutes is for transferring your answers to answer sheet.

It has four sections and you have to answer 40 questions. You need to answer all questions as you listen since the tape is not paused any time.

IELTS – Writing

It consists of two parts, writing a report and essay. the total time period is for 1 hour, 20 minutes for report and 40 minutes for writing essay.

IELTS – Speaking

This takes up to 15 minutes and it has three parts: personal interview, 2 min speech and discussion on it.

Speaking exam will be held on a different day, while all listening, reading and writing will be held on same day.

I know you can find all the above info in Google, but I wanted to put all about IELTS in one place so couldn’t resist to write it.

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  1. Thank you for your post. A little short but it makes you get interested in searching for more!

  2. well im still confused if it’s the academic module or the
    general module that i should take for doing MS. Someone please help me out here!

  3. Actually the frauds are not in Hyderabad in other cities mainly in North India. One north indian institute training GRE / GMAT candidates published all the scores above 85 – 90% (they guarantee this). How it is possible, in Hyderabad the number of aspirants are more compared to other centres. The real frauds are taking place in other cities. I recommend this exams (TOEFL / GRE / GMAT) should be conducted under direct control of US Consulate / Embassy and not under the control of Pearson Vue Centres (PVC is working as general stores in India)

  4. can you give em suggestions and tips to get a score of 320 in gre ,can any one give me a schedule plan inorder to crack gre exam

  5. hi,
    how did u prepare for your ielts xam,can you give me some suggestion and tips.i mean can u give me the list of books you prepared and thanks for your reply.

  6. hi,
    i got a confirmation letter from ielts british council but in that confirmation i didnot get my address of the test location,i dont know what to do test center is hyderabad

    1. The center for your exam in HYDERABAD can be KATRIYA HOTEL & TOWERS,RAJBHAVAN ROAD,because i had my test with BRITISH COUNCIL on 25th aug 2012,don’t worry just get relaxed with mails to CHENNAI ENQUIRY with each doubt u had,finally ALL THE BEST 2 ur xam……….

    2. details with center address will be mailed to you shortly after confirmation. Usually 7-10 days before exam date.

  7. Don’t de-centralize the topic, The Topic is to choose between IELTS and TOEFL.. Be specific about your content, when the topic is about TOEFL why is it about documents fraud?? What signals is it going to give ? I request the admin to look into the content seriously.. Don’t say something in a vague manner. If you have something to say, prove it in authentic manner.. Sorry if I sounded harsh

  8. We don’t which cities are involved in the fraudulent documents as well as in the TOEFL other than Hyderabad. Since we live in this city we got a chance to see the negative as well as positive.. Hyderabad was known for it’s fraudulent doc but not now since it is turning into a credible city these days, I’m sure that the false name will deplete in the coming years. 🙂

    In my opinion TOEFL is way better than IELTS…

  9. Fraud is not only in TOEFL, even in GMAT and GRE examinations, In many Pearson Vue centers in India the staffs and authorities are making thousands of illegal money by allowing proxies after verification procedures of candidates. Many GRE / GMAT training institutes and Overseas education consultants are closely tied up to this practice. The payment for a decent score varies from Rupees 50k to 100k depends on the candidate’s preferred university scores. If the candidate is real (not paid bribes) he may get many interruptions / harassment in the examination center via improper checking, asking to loose the buttons of shirts, jackets / checking pants pockets, ladies garments etc, even asking the ladies to take out their marriage chain (normally an Indian lady does not allow to take out after marriage)..

  10. That’s true. I am also a victim of TOEFL. That had been an embarrassing situation, my application review was stopped owing to cancellation of TOEFL score consequently I lost my precious one year. And I took IELTS comfortably. I am recommending you opt IELTS.

  11. Please don’t openly publish on your website that hyderabad is known for documents and toefl fraud.. instead u may mention as a place in india.. It may give negative impact on aspirants like us

    1. It’s a good appeal actually. I support you.
      I am also requesting you guys please do not post fraud like opinions.

    2. What you or other readers think of this have zero consequence. What matters is what the visa authority thinks of Hyderabad and the fraud allegations. They have learned from past experience, your denial of the shady stuff that happens won’t change that a bit.

    1. If you search for TOEFL. Score cancellation in the blog you can read about several horrifying experiences

      – lost RA
      – canceled visa interview
      – ban from entering USA due to fraud

      1. Regarding Hyderabad, I’m afraid sunlight is the best disinfectant.

        If the problem is chronic (as Raghu’s research reflects) then there are two reasons for SriHarsha to expose it:

        (1) to force better standards and practices to occur; and

        (2) to give warning to those earnest students in the city that their tests stand a higher likelihood of rejection until fraud is crushed.

        Perhaps one day Hyderabad will be known as the place where clear-eyed and courageous educators and administrators took strong action to ensure credibility and integrity. Then it will be a mark of quality that one tested there.

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