I'm Fascinated About Living in USA, but What About My Parents?

Experience /Question from Pranav.

I am writing this post to bring this to your notice, HSB – what about parents???

This post is for the students who think they should be settled in USA, for parents who worry that their children won’t return back to India, INFACT THIS POST IS FOR ALL !!!

Many of the people think about the things i discussed below, but it has not been paid much attention at all !!!

Everyone is fascinated about Spending Life in USA. Even myself !!! 😛
So, every kid wants to study MS or Phd and complete as early as possible. They want to settle in USA with a US job paying them with a minimum pay check of 4000 USD (As a fresher) !!! Its a very good ambition actually !!!

Every parent wants their kid to grow up in life, wants them to be settled in a better position. They want their children to be working in the top companies etc., etc.,

Going to USA from different countries for education is good. Getting a job there and settling is the ultimate dream for everyone. Even parents want it to be done for the sake of their children’s future.

But how far is it acceptable to leave the parents in India and settle themselves selfishly??? Parents do not expect that their children should be with them when they are middle-aged. But when they grow older, they feel that their children should be with them. They want to spend their last days with peace in the presence of their children and grand children.

From the childhood, parents teach how to make walk, how to talk, pay fees for studies starting from kinder garden till masters degree. Their love towards their children cannot be comparable to anything.

This is not an emotional post.
There are ways to live a life with parents as well as highly paying job.

1. Students can complete their masters / doctors in USA. They can work and gain experience in US companies for 5-8 years. Mean while they can start searching the options in their countries like India for a job in top companies. They can return back when they get a job paying them 3 – 4 lakhs per month. (If anyone are studying with loan, they have to work in USA for 3 – 4 years to repay the loan.)

Here is a problem !!! After 5 – 6 years, people may think they will get paid less in India than USA so they may not prefer it all. Also, after staying more than 5 years in USA, people may not think of getting back due to the comfortable life spent @ USA.

2. There is one more option. People who think they want to balance their life (with parents and US Job) can work for companies like Google, IBM, Accenture, Nestle (food company) etc., They can work for 8-10 years in US. They can return back to India after 10 years and work for US projects as per US time in India. They are paid according to the US salaries.

Getting into these companies is not easy. It requires hard work as well as smart work.

But it is not impossible. If one tries from the beginning there are chances to get it. Also, I don’t want to disappoint you people by saying this but to tell the truth, ALL students cannot get into these companies as the posts required will be limited.

Even chances of getting shifted to India after 10 -12 years are very rare. But can’t people try when they can make their parents feel happy?

I shared this to make everyone think about the different ways one can balance personal and business relations in their future. I have suggested 2 ways which may not be applicable for all. But there are many other ways one can decide in one’s life. Think and act accordingly.

Question to HSB :-

I want to know one thing as i an unaware of the US rules. If one can get Green card status in USA, can their parents stay along with them forever???

Visa for Parents

Parents would have to get Visitors Visa B2 to come to USA. Typically US Consulate will give 10 years Multiple entry visa.

In mean time, after getting Green Card, you can sponsor Green Card for them. It takes time to get Green Card, but that’s possible.

Moving Back to India

Moving back to your country (or India) depends on your choice and life situations. Old age comes and that will become reality for everyone.

If  you move back, people say that it will approximately take 1 month for every year you have spent in USA to get used to living in India.

If you spent 10 years in USA, it will take atleast 10 months to get used to living back in India.

I have seen folks who come back to USA after moving back to India and friends who moved back to India due to Green Card Wait times or family issues.