Desi Consulting Companies and Their Dirty Business

desin consultants proxy interviews

What do you think about Consultancies here in the U.S.,  who help you get a job and get placed as contractors at client sites? I have written about this in the past. Being a consultant is not bad; It’s a huge industry. Desi Consultancies Are Necessary Evil In The Job Market – Agree Or Disagree?…

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SprinTax Reviews – International Students File Your Taxes and Get Refund.

sprintax reviews file income taxes

Are you ready to file your Taxes using SprinTax? Here’s SprinTax Reviews from Happy Schools and new users who filed their taxes using Sprintax. International Students here in the U.S. are required to file taxes. Finally, there’s a Software as a Service provider – SprinTax can help Non-Resident for Tax Purpose ( like F-1 Visa, J-1…

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