Student Stories

Graduate Research Assistant = 50% Perseverance, 30% University Specific and 20% (Guess?)

graduate research assistant guide

I’m part of the former, a Graduate Student in Civil Engineering at Iowa State University. I’ve been going through this blog, and while it’s a treasure chest of info, I think it needs another little piece of know-how on being a Graduate Research Assistant. Types of Financial Aid – Assistantships, Fellowship and Scholarships Many students who come…

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Desi Consulting Companies and Their Dirty Business

desin consultants proxy interviews

What do you think about Consultancies here in the U.S.,  who help you get a job and get placed as contractors at client sites? I have written about this in the past. Being a consultant is not bad; It’s a huge industry. Desi Consultancies Are Necessary Evil In The Job Market – Agree Or Disagree?…

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Life Can Be Quite Harsh on Foreign Students in USA

life in america

Having spent a year pursuing my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Florida, here is my view of life in the United States. First of all, your experience here is going to be a baptism of fire to the harsh realities of life, with all its compromises and sacrifices.   Most people derive…

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