Admission Chances for MS in US With Low AWA Scores in GRE

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Questions And AnswersWhen we talk about a good GRE score, AWA scores are generally not given much importance. But Indian students and students coming form non native English speaking countries have to make an extra effort to get acceptable scores in this section.

Some frequently asked questions regarding AWA scores can help you understand how important are AWA scores and how much time you need to spare to prepare for this section.

How does my Low AWA score affect my admission chances?

AWA scores are obviously one of the selection criteria for admissions in US Universities. If you score low you have other credentials in your application to compensate for the low scores. Admission chances would suffer if the department/program you are applying to have got an AWA cut off.

What is a good AWA score?

As mentioned above too, most of the Universities do not have an AWA cut off. But yes Universities would expect you to cross a score of 2.5 at least. Other than this you would find many Universities asking for a score of 4.0. But there is nothing hard and fast.

Is AWA score important for engineering program admissions in USA?

For engineering programs, Quantitative scores are most important followed by verbal section scores and AWA scores. But that does not mean you stop working on this section!

Can my TOEFL writing scores compensate for low AWA scores?

Yes to an extent your TOEFL writing section scores can help compensate for the low AWA scores but not for departments/programs which strictly mention their AWA cut off.

Does choice of my program affects importance of AWA scores in admissions process?

Yes like I said before, for engineering aspirants AWA scores may not hold that importance as for students who are going to pursue a program which strongly requires good written and spoken English skills.

Does a retake in GRE is advised to improve upon AWA scores?

Not certainly. I have seen cases where over ambitious students retake their test to improve on AWA scores while their quant and verbal section score takes a dip. Until and unless your AWA scores are abysmal don’t go for a retake. Retake is suggested only in cases with AWA scores less than 2.5.


  1. Can 2 AWA score compensate by good TOFEL score? , i got verb:148 and quanta: 157. I am planning to MS agriculture in USA or can i retake the GRE..

    1. Author

      Retake GRE if you can improve overall score. If you get higher writing score in TOEFL, it can help as well.

  2. my gre score is
    Is this a decent score for masters in electrical from moderate universities in USA.

  3. hello my gre score is
    Is this a decent score for masters in computer science from moderate universities in USA.

  4. Hello My GRE score is 317 (147 -Verbal and 170 – Quant) and AWA -3.0. Is this a decent score for pursuing phd in US in moderate University. As my AWA is 3.0. Is it enough?

  5. I want to apply for PhD in Italian in the US. I had to take the GRE (which is ridiculous as I will not pursue any courses that would involve the English language or math). My scores were 155 Q 155 V and 2.5 AWA. Should I retake the test? or for foreign languages it’s just the formality of it that they require you to have a GRE score at hand?

  6. Got 165 in Quant, and 155 in Verbal,
    but AWA is 3.0
    Is there any cut off for awa if applying for top engineering college in US.
    Planning for PHD or MS in top Uni in Mechanical Engg.
    Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech.
    Im an MTech from IIT kharagpur,
    with 3years R&D exp.
    Sir, Please Tell if my AWA is sufficient

  7. My GRE is 300, 15o on each section but my AWA was 2.0!! Can my TOEFL writing section score compense that awful grade, my score on writing was 21, and I really did a very good toefl (90). Please advise me should I retake the GRE?? the school where I’m applying doesn’t have a minimum score of GRE.

  8. Hi raghu,
    I just gave my gre on 17th oct 2016
    I got 140-verbal 156-quant and awa 2.5
    I have my toefl on november 4
    I have 71 % aggregate in BE-EXTC (Distinction in mumbai university)
    I have work experience of 1 year as Associate software engineer in tech mahindra(manual testing)
    I want to pursue MS in telecommunication engineering
    I have applied for University of maryland college park,University of texas dallas,rutgers university and university of houston main campus.
    What are my chances of getting selected in these universities
    do you suggest i should retake GRE?

  9. Hi I have got a gre score of 307
    Do I have to retake gre?

  10. Hello sir I have 298 score {quant 164 verbal 134 )
    But awa score is 2
    I doesn’t give IELTS

    Can I retake test again
    I am planning to go in August 2017 intake

  11. my gre score is -298 q-159, v-139 and awa-2.5 …im willing to apply for fall 2017 , toefl havent given yet ,Where do i stand? Is it good to secure an admission for ms in computer science eng !

  12. My gre score is 288 & my awa is 2.
    I want to do ms in us in Boston or N.J. universities.
    Can I get admission ??? Or should I retake? ??

  13. I have got 149 in verbal and 161 in quants and my away score is 2 .should I retake the exam

  14. Hi, I have got 312 in GRE(Q-167, V-145) with AWA score 2.5. I want to go for MS in CE. I have not taken the toefl. Should I retake the GRE??

  15. Hi,i got 312 in gre(Q-169,V-143) and my awa score is 2.Will my awa score effect to get my admission.I was planning to take Engg Mangement.How much score should i get in Tofel to compensate it.

  16. I got 293(V-143,Q-150) and 4.5 in awa.
    Can I apply for MS biotechnology in US ?
    Is there any problem in admission? Or should i take gre again?

  17. Hello ,
    My score is 326 ( V-159 Q-167) AWA-3 TOEFL-103( 27-R,22-S,27-L,27-Writing) .I would like to do phd in health informatics . Pls suggest which universities I should target.

  18. Hi. I have got 150 in verbal reasoning, 155 in quantitative anlysis, 4.0 in anlytical writing. 110 in toefl. I am interested in pursuing a phd in cancer biology. Please suggest if this is enough or should i retake the gre. Also which schools I can apply.

  19. hlo sir, my gre score is 312. Quant 162 and verbal 150, a/w 3.5. I want to go for postgraduation in management in us in spring 16. What toefl or ielts score you suggest i require for admission in a good university?.

  20. Hi, My gre score s 300 Q-157, V-143 n AWA-2. Can I get addmission in decent university. I m applying for MS in Structural engineering(Civil). N i will take toefl in nxt month.

    1. Author

      300 is Average GRE Score and that should help you get into schools. Get 90+ in TOEFL.

      1. My AWA score s 2. Will it affect in admission process?

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          1. Will I repeat gre or not? I am Confused coz I want a decent college. What should I do SIR

        1. Hiiii srikanth I also got 2 in awa and 305 overall score, I don’t know wat to do, we have similar scores so, please tell me if you know any? I am planning for fall 2016 interested in doing ms in electronics

  21. Hii I got a GRE score of 303(W-157,A-146),expecting 6.5/7 in ielts.I have two years of work experience in core embedded systems company and a very successful project in the undergrad.I have secured 84% in BE and 86% & 89% in 12th n 10th.I am planning to do MS in embedded systems in fall 16.I am planning to apply for NYU poly,RIT,IIT Chicago,Northeastern University,SUNY Buffalo and Arizona State University?Is the list good??plz suggest me safe,moderate n ambitious universities for my profile.Thank u!!

  22. Hi,
    I took my GRE and scored
    Quant 157
    Verbal 144
    AWA 2.5
    Toefl i scored 94 writing 25
    I want to apply for Public Health programs for fall 2016
    Kindly tell me wat should i do.

    1. Author

      Next – Find programs that meet your needs and start applying.

      1. Sir I am thinking for these public health universities
        1. San Deiogo State University
        2. George Mason University
        3. Claremont Garduate University
        4. Loma Linda university
        5. San Fransisco State university
        6. University of Alabany
        7. University of California, Fresno

        Sir should i apply to these university for epidemiology or environmental health program. ??
        Since, My AWA is low 2.5 , will i have any chance of getting accepted in any of the above universities ? I searched abt AWA requirements, but it wasn’t mentioned any where.. Except for SFSU.
        My GRE 301. V 144, Q 157
        Toefl 94. R 21, L 25, S 23 , W 25

        1. Author

          I can’t comment on universities and how they would match your profile by looking at few lines of data about your scores. To work with me, please look at various consulting services I offer.

  23. sir, i got GRE 308
    quant 160 and verbal 148 but awa is 2
    and i got ielts 7
    iam worried about awa score as iam trying for ms in mechanical engineering
    plzz guied me wheather it is a prblm or not..?
    if awa is a prblm what i need to do iam applying for fall 2016
    plzz reply me as early as possible..
    thank you..

  24. Hello sir ,
    my quant & verbal score is 147 .
    I got a mere 3.5 in AWA.
    I have an aggregate of 78% in engineering ( Mechanical ) . Do i stand a chance to get an admit in any good universities in the US. I am planning to apply for fall 2016. If i retake GRE in January, will it be late to send my applications?

  25. My GRE scores are
    Verbal – 142
    AWA – 2.5

    Looking for uga PhD program in bio technology. Please advise on my chances or should I retake gre

  26. My gre score is 311(a- 162, v-149,awa-2.5)
    Toefl score -86 (w-21)
    2 internships
    1 participation in India-US technology summit & knowledgexpo
    I want to pursue MS in mechanical engineering or automotive engineering
    Shortlisted universities-
    Purdue university
    Clemson university
    Ohio state university
    University of south Carolina
    University of Texas Dallas
    Kettering university (I heard that this university is good for automotive engineering )
    If you have any other universities in mind please do inform me

  27. Hello,
    I have got 310 in gre (164 Q, 146 V) but got only 2.5 in AWA.
    Want to pursue MS in mechanical.
    Undergraduate aggregate – 63% (pune university)
    12th – 75%
    10th – 88%
    Internship – 15 days
    Publication – 8
    Conference – 1
    CAD softwares – Catia, UG-NX, Pro- E, Auto cad
    CAE – Hypermesh, (basic knowledge of Ansys)
    Should I retake GRE just because of low AWA score? Or should i proceed with this score? Waiting for my toefl results.

    1. Author

      You have ample time to apply for Fall 2016. I think you can retake GRE.

  28. can i get admit in some good univs? or wat shld i do nw? no more time to tak gre for fall 2016, want to apply,as i hav no hope for improving my score

  29. i have gre of 296,awa-3,toefl of 91,cgpa -7.65,no papers,internship-3 months.
    can u suggest me some relevant univ to do MIS.

  30. I took test on 7th october of 2015.I got 141 in verbal
    156 in quant
    2.0 in awa.
    i am worrying about my awa score. Can u please tell how does my awa score affects my chances of admission into ms program?

    1. Author

      Yes, 2.0 is low score. If your TOEFL is above 100 you may be able to get away with low AWA. If not, retake GRE.

  31. I got 330 in GRE (170 Quant, 160 Verbal) but only 3.5 in AWA. WIll it impact my chances of being admitted into top 10 US universities ?

  32. hello sir,

    I scored 156 in quant , 149 in verbal, total-305 in GRE , but my AWA score is 2.5 which is worrisome. My academic % is 74 untill 6 semesters. My toefl scores are R-25 , L-24, S-26, W-24, total-99. Could you please let me know if my AWA scores would be a problem for my admission into SJSU, PSU, UTA&UTD. Since there is very less time for me to retake GRE as I am applying for fall 2016, I would like to know about this as early as possible. Thanks in advance.

  33. Hi Raghuram,
    I need some help from you brother. I have the following profile. I am applying for MS in Computer Science.
    GRE -316
    V-163 Q-153 AWA-3
    CGPI – 7.91/10 Topper – 9
    Work Exp – 4.5 years in product development and analytics.
    International papers – 1
    National papers – 2
    Did research project in image processing and Neural networks.

    I have shortlisted the following universities
    University Of florida
    Virginia Tech
    UC- Irvine
    Stony brook

    Please let me know, if you think this list is okay.

    Also, I want to know on the account of my low AWA scores should I give GRE again ?

    1. Author

      Sorry man, I don’t do profile evaluation. I have courses and products and blog posts that help you learn and do the work.

  34. Hi,
    My GRE score is 305(quant-161 verb-144) awa score of 3.0. I also have a TOEFL score of 98(25- writing). I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunications with an aggregate of 71% . What are my chances of getting into one of the following universities:
    University of Texas Arlington
    Illinois institute of technology
    Florida institute of technology
    Or any other university that you can suggest.
    Or should I take the GRE again as I am confident of doing better as I was not well on exam day

  35. Dear Guide,
    I have a GRE score of 311, AWA 4.5
    TOEFL score of 105
    1 project (1 month)
    1 paper
    CGPA of 9.06
    I am in the Final year of BTech Biotechnology program at VIT University, Vellore.
    I would like to know which colleges I could apply for, for MS Biology/Biotechnology / related fields.
    Warm regards.

  36. Hi,

    My GRE quant is 170, verbal 155, but my AWA score is 3 🙁

    I’m doing Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi, CGPA – 9.5+
    My TOEFL score is 108 (26 in writing)
    I am planning to apply for PhD in top universities (Stanford, UCB…).
    I have good research experience (2 research projects) and intern from Qualcomm Research, San Diego.
    Will my bad AWA score affect my chances of getting an admit?

    1. Author

      It could affect your chances. But 108 could help you. Retake GRE?

  37. GRE 307 147 V 160 Q AWA 2.5
    GPA 8.64
    9.8 in CS Courses

    TOEFL ~100

    2 Internships
    1 yr Exp in related field

    what are my chances?

    U of Utah
    Stony Brook
    U of Texas,Dallas
    Northeasetern University.
    Indiana University Bloomington

    Please review my profile

  38. Hi,
    My GRE Is (Q-161 V-155) and awa is 2.5 :(.My cgpa is around 8.24 on 10 and i hold a minor in maths along with major in ece.I am looking for masters in signal processing field.Currently I hold assitantship in IISc.Are IVY a distant dream ?Can i crack best colls in usa?kindly guide me to shortlist univ and show me a way to build a hot sop.

  39. Hi,
    My credentials are :-
    -GRE Score : Quants- 156
    Verbal- 147
    AWA- 3
    -GPA-: 8.1
    – One and a half year of work experience in university lab.
    I want to apply for Fall 2016. Is this GRE score enough to get me into a good college for MS in Biotechnology or should I write GRE again?
    Please help me out!

    1. Author

      Instead of Biotech, look for other specializations. Salary for Biotech is really low to start. $35,000 in some cases.

  40. Hi,
    My credentials are :-
    -GRE Score : Quants- 156
    Verbal- 147
    AWA- 3
    -GPA-: 8.1
    – One and a half year of work experience in university lab.
    I want to apply for Fall 2016. Is this GRE score enough to get me into a good college for MS in Biotechnology or should I write GRE again?
    Please help me out!

    1. Author

      You have Average score. So, you can try for schools around the same.

  41. my gre score is 293 and AWA – 2.0 ielts -6.5 so can i got arlington state university taxsas..?

  42. I’ve taken my GRE few days back. And scored
    Verbal: 151
    Quant: 152
    AWA: 3

    Could you please suggest a few good universities to apply for Business Analytics program. And is this score adequate to apply?

  43. I have 2.5 in AWA and 322 ( verbal – 152 and quant – 170 ) in other sessions, should i retake test?

    1. Author

      What is your TOEFL Score? You may be able to use high TOEFL score for low AWA score.

      1. Yet to appear for TOEFL, and what score should I target, like a figure that can be said atleast.

          1. target: “do the ostensibly impossible but plausible ” 😀

  44. My GRE score – 312
    Quant – 165
    Verbal – 147
    AWA – 3.0
    I am from CSE.I am the topper of my branch and 2nd for the entire 2015 batch.I have decent participation in extra curriculars. worked in IEEE student body and similar things for 2-3 years.I have 1year of work experience as a software developer(a java based product)
    What are my chances of getting into top 30 universities for ms in us?

  45. My GRE score – 312
    Quant – 165
    Verbal – 147
    AWA – 3.0
    I am from CSE.I am the topper of my branch and 2nd for the entire 2015 batch.I have decent participation in extra curriculars. worked in IEEE student body and similar things for 2-3 years.I have 1year of work experience as a software developer(a java based product).

    What are my chances of getting into top 30 universities?

  46. Hi sir thank you for the amazing post. Sir My gre score is 305 (quant=162, verbal=143) and awa of 2.5 should I retake gre exam for M.S in electrical enginneering from sunny buffalo. My toefl score is 98 and scored 27 in writing section.Studied from panajab university and good academics 73%. Please help me sir.

  47. Hi,

    I have got a score of 321(170-q ,151 – v, 3-awa) .I want to apply for MS in CS. Will the awa score hinder my chances of getting a good university ?

  48. Hey,

    My GRE scores are as follows
    Verbal: 156 :/
    Quant: 170 🙂
    AWA: 3.5 🙁

    My current GPA is approx 3.4 (out of 4). I also have 6 months work ex in an MNC. I am targeting colleges in top 30. Can you give me some inputs whether i should retake the GRE to compensate my low AWA score? If no, how much should i score in TOEFL so as to have a compensatory effect? I have my TOEFL 20 days from now.

      1. Hi Mr. Raghuram,

        I scored 321 (Q:170, V:151) and AWA: 3 in GRE; 107 in TOEFL (26+) in each section. I’m from IIT Roorkee. Did EE with GPA of 8.4/10 and have 14 months work ex as Software Developer; want to pursue MS in CS. What cader of universities can I get into with this score? Should I retake GRE on account of my low AWA score?

        1. GRE Score: Q-168, V-157, AWA-3
          TOEFL: yet to be taken
          Acads: 72.33% (Distinction in Mumbai Univ)
          2 Projects
          1 conference publication(IEEE)
          I presented the paper in the conference
          Master Diploma in Product Design and Analysis from CADD Centre
          I want to pursue MS in Industrial Engineering.Can i get into any of the top 15 Univ ? If not then which Univ should i aim for ? Also, should i consider re-taking the GRE

          1. Author

            You have good score. Top 15 requires very good SOP and LOR.

          2. Should I consider re-taking the GRE because of low AWA scores ?

      2. My GRE score – 312
        Quant – 165
        Verbal – 147
        AWA – 3.0
        I am from CSE.I am the topper of my branch and 2nd for the entire 2015 batch.I have decent participation in extra curriculars. worked in IEEE student body and similar things for 2-3 years.I have 1year of work experience as a software developer(a java based product).

        What are my chances of getting into top 30 universities into cs branch?

  49. Hi,
    my gre score is 308
    but i got low AWA score 2.5
    I want to do MS in computer science. Can I apply with this score or should i take the test again ?

      1. thank you Mr. Raghuram Sukumar. It would be great if you can suggest me some universities.(toefl not given but I am confident that I can secure around 100)

  50. My GRE Score is 318(Q : 170; V : 148; AWA : 3.5) I was wondering whether low scores in Verbal and AWA will hurt my chances in my application for ms in civil engineering

  51. planing for Fall 16 MS+PhD integrated,GRE 329(Q-170,V-159),I got only 3 in AWA ,should I retake GRE for getting admitted into a good well funded program.

    1. Author

      Hello Naveen – 329 is wonderful score? Why don’t you apply for PhD directly?
      For Fall 2016, you still have time to retake GRE. When do you plan to take the test?

      1. I am not intending to take GRE again but will it be required if I need admission in a well funded program of chemical engineering PhD in U.S.

          1. I haven’t taken the TOEFL yet,but is it possible to compensate AWA by TOEFL,also I have 1 publication in reputed journal.will it be sufficient to compensate.

          2. Author

            Aim for 100+ in TOEFL. Let me know if can help you with Admission Strategy for you.

  52. Hi,
    My GRE score is 311(Q-162 v-149)/ awa-3.0 I wish to apply MS in Electrical Engineering whose min requirement is GRE -304 and awa-3.5. I am in dilemma , since my awa is less than that required, so if whether it would be futile if I apply to it?

    1. Author

      I think 3.5 will get into most schools. What is your TOEFL score?

  53. Hi,

    My GRE score is
    170- Quant
    161- Verbal
    AWA -3.5 🙁

    I have got 8+ years of work experience in the same field where I want to pursue my MS (Electronics Engineering).
    My Academics are strong enough (Topper throughout with few medals as well).
    Secured awards in my work as well.

    With this background, Can I hope for IVY League Universities? Please advise if I need to re-take GRE?

    1. Author

      Hey, you should try for Ivy. What matters is your entire application package and factors. How you project yourself is that maters for Ivy. If you need help with Admission Strategy, let me know.

  54. I hav given my gre got 293 with awa 3
    For less gre score i took it again and got 303(Q160 /V143) awa 2
    Now whn i hav gre decent score it all wentlow in awa.
    Accads 56%
    Mechanical eng.
    What to do..if i take gre again i m sure i cant get gre 303….. 🙁
    Shud i apply?

  55. hi,

    I got a gre score of 307( v-147, q-160) awa-3.0 , my GPA- 8.76 what are the chances of getting an admission for spring -2016.

    Any thing regarding this issue will help me a lot

  56. hi,

    I got gre score of 307( v-147, q-160) awa-3.0 , my GPA- 8.76 what are the chances of getting an admission for spring -2016.

    Any thing regarding this issue will help me a lot

  57. Hi,
    I got 140 in verbal, 160 in quant and 2.0 in awa. I am applying for Wake forest university of north carolina and Greensboro university. So shoul i retake the test because of low awa?

    1. Author

      AWA is low. You should re-take and try for 310+

  58. Sir, I have a gre score 314( v153, q161) AWA 3, from NIT W, Cgpa: 7.1, industry exp 1 year. Mechanical engineering. How good you think my changes would be?

    1. Author

      Good score. Admission depends on how well you an market yourself via application package.

  59. Hi,

    I scored 146 in verbal and 156 in Quant. My AWA score is 2.5. My academic CGPA is 8.52 . Should I retake GRE?? because of low AWA. I am applying for SJSU, CSU East Bay, CSU Sacramento and Sunny buffalo. Please help me out as time is running out for me to apply for fall-2015.
    Would like to here you from you soon.

  60. HI
    My GRE Score is 308 (Q154 V154) AWA 4.0 & TOEFL socre is 92, opting for CS, My agrregate in Engg is pretty low at 56%. Realistically what are my chances of getting into decent colleges or should I take a re examination since my quants section is low

  61. Hi,
    My gre score is 308( Q=162, V=146 and awa=2.0 )
    is it worth applying to the universities, or should I retake gre?
    before AWA score was in my hand I had shortlisted following uni.:
    ASU, UTD, Sunny buffalo, IUB, sjsu, san diego, syracuse
    but now I am really confused.
    any suggesion……

  62. My gre score is 309(awa-2.5 quant-160,verbal-149)
    acads 72%(6 sems)
    ece dept
    what are my chances with san jose state univ,texas tech univ,uncc(charlette),SUNY buffalo
    plzzzz sir

  63. my gre score 323(quant 166 verb-157)toefl111(writng-24 rest -29) but my awa is 3,0 should i retake gre
    my cgpa -7.99 nit warangal ece

  64. hey i got 325 in gre with 4.5AWA..what are my chances for top 20 colleges?

  65. Hiii…my gre score is 294(verbal-139,quant-155 and AWA-2)…is awa score hurts me in applying universities??anyone plz suggest me…..

  66. Hii!! I got a 320(V 157 Q 163) and 3 in AWA..Should i retake my exam on account of my low AWA score :'(. Thanks.

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply. But, getting into top 30 Computer Science based university is not possible with the current AWA score right?

      2. What should be my line of action if my aim is to get into top 30 computer science based university? Should I give a reexam on account of the low AWA but there are chances that my verbal and quant score take a dip, or should I try to minimize the effect of my low AWA( by writing a good SOP and possibly a good toefl score) Thanks.

        1. Why don’t you take TOEFL and take it from there.

          It’s possibility for GRE score to go down as well. But, in that case you need to report both scores.

  67. Hi my awa is 2.0 , gre 305 excellent academic credentials what sre my chances

  68. Hi..
    Under grad CGPA-8.5
    Work experience- 3yrs
    Opting for MIS in good universities. What do you suggest?

  69. Hi,I have got 295 in gre(verbal 142,quant 153) and awa 2.5.I want to do ms in computer sciences in good colleges.will i get.should i retake the test?

  70. i have got 300 in GRE (quants-157,verbal-143) ,but with a low analytical writing score of 2 ,and i have got 7 in ielts . so is there any chance of getting admitted in moderate universities . please help me so that i could proceed forward.

  71. 🙁 quant is 155 and verbal is 137 awa – 2 im completely blank donno what to do plz help me. any chances to get an admission?

      1. i had score in gre (verbal-138 & quant-147) and awa 2. i am retaking my test .what is the score i should get in gre and in awa and how much should i score in ielts to get admission into good schools in u.s? pls help me……
        and when is the deadline for fall 2014 intake in universities with scholarships?

  72. hey,
    I Got 300in gre 152 verbal 148 in quant awa yet to come AWA 2.5.tofel 96 UG i have 58% (3 backlog).Can i go with this score

  73. Hi,
    I have a GRE Score of 311 ( Q:162, V:149) but AWA is 2.5
    TOEFL score is 95 ( Writing : 24). I have 2.5yrs of experience now.
    I am applying for MS in Embedded System. Will I face any problems because of Low AWA.

  74. My GRE score is 305 with Q-161 ,V-144,but AWA 2.5.
    So are there any chances of me getting in colleges like ASU , NCSU etc.
    PLS do reply, and thanks in advance.

  75. hii…
    My credentials are as follows:-
    college- NIT
    Toefl-105 (writing-26, speaking-20)
    Gre- quant-166
    awa- 3 🙁
    what are my chances in Carnegie mellon??

    1. I think that your high toefel score (eps. your writing skills) coupled with a good Academic record will compensate the deterrent effect of your low awa score.

  76. Hi My gre score is 309( Q-162, V-147 and AWA- 2.5)…
    I am afraid because of low awa score. Will it be hurdle for me to get into good universities like ASU, USC, NEU, UTD???

    1. Hi All….Plz plz help me out…
      GRE Q(160)…V(145) and AWA(2.5)..
      Whether my AWA is too low for looking out MS in CS????

  77. Hi Sir. I recently took GRE exam and scored 304( 158 quants and 146 in verbal). I have a year of work ex and 70 % undergrad score. I am applying for MS in ECE for fall 2014 for universities like Stony Brook, Buffalo SUNY University of North Carolina. Should i retake the exam or let it be so.

  78. Hello..
    I got AWA score 2.5 with Verbal- 147 and Quant- 168
    I’m from NIT and my GPA is 7.00
    I’m not focusing on top university, but I want good scholarship.
    Can I get scholarship with this score.

  79. hi…
    i took the gre old pattern in 2011. i got
    now i planned to go…
    with these score can i get an admission

  80. hi hsb,
    i got 289 q152 and v 137 and awa 1.5 is there any chance of getting admin to universities

  81. last time i wrote gre i got 289(q-152,v137) and awa 3.0 …………..this time i got 310(q-157,v 153) and i think my awa was very poor and i think i will get around 1.5 or 2.0 what should i do .this they any chance of getting adms into univsty and does it effect my visa also ……plz suggest me

  82. Hye

    my gre qyants is 154..
    gre verbal is 143….
    Awa is 1.5…..

    where i have to post this query…. i reallly don’t have any idea can you please guide me where is that forum section……for evaluation of my profile…..

    1. Hi Prince, For suggestions on Universities you can apply to post your query in the forums section under appropriate thread.
      We would be happy to guide you moving ahead!

  83. Hi,
    My gre score is 309 with qa – 156 , va -153, awa – 3. Where do i stand? Is it good to secure an admission for ms in computer science eng.

    1. Hi Deepiga,
      Yes your scores are good and you can apply for admissions in to MS CS programme. For University selection and shortlisting you can post your profile details in the forums section.
      Good day!

  84. I have got 156 in Verbal, 165 in Quant, but 3.0 in AWA. Is there still a chance for me to apply to Ms. Operation Research Degree, or even MFE in Columbia Engineering department? Should I retake the GRE?

    1. Hi Jenny, GRE score is not the only admission criteria. In order to comment upon your admission chances we need to know your other profile details such as academics, your work experience, and such relevant details.
      Operations Research otherwise is a competitive programme to get in and you need a strong Mathematics background for the same.
      In order to know appropriateness of your profile for the concerned programme share as much details as possible.
      All the best!

  85. @ Raghu :
    Hey Raghu could you please uoload/send Top 30
    Universities GRE codes list

  86. Verbal-136
    Quant- 155
    Want to apply fr ms in biotechnology or microbiology.
    Is it enough score or should I reappear.

    1. Yes the GRE scores are on a lower side. Admissions into Biological Sciences programs are quite tough. In case you have had a good research experience in bachelors, you can apply with current scores. Otherwise my advice would be to retake test, back your profile with some good research projects and then apply.

  87. if you have a consistent reading habit then it becomes very easy to score in this area. i got 3.5 without any preparation.

    1. i got 3.0 in awa and 306 in gre …. i have to retake gre or this score is good enough for an average college, MS in computer science engineering…

      1. Your GRE score looks good. Share your individual section scores for better assessment. For profile evaluation and suggestions on Universities you can apply to, post your query in the appropriate thread in the forums section.

        1. my gre qyants is 158..
          gre verbal is 148….
          Awa is 3.0…..

          where i have to post this query…. i reallly don’t have any idea can you please guide me where is that forum section……for evaluation of my profile…..

          1. Hi Piyush,
            Post it in the forums section under an appropriate thread. Your scores are otherwise decent enough to apply for Fall admissions.

            All the best!

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