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Drinking Alcohol Doesn’t Affect Next-Day GRE Test Scores

How many of you would consume a lot of alcohol the night before taking a GRE Exam?

Findings of a new research conducted at Boston University and Brown University indicate that taking alcohol the night before an exam does not impact college students’ test performance.

However, there is evidence that it can affect their moods, attention and reaction times.

Research Findings

The team of researchers tested 193 university students, aged 21 to 24, recruited from the Boston area.

Over the course of four days — one evening and the next morning, and then a second evening and morning a week later — volunteer participants received either beer or nonalcoholic beer. They received the opposite drink the second time they were tested.

The morning after, participants were given the practice versions of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), as well as a mock quiz on an academic lecture they received the previous afternoon. Students were monitored overnight by an emergency medical technician.

The study found that participants did not score differently in the GREs, or in the quizzes, whether they had consumed alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer.

Howland noted that the scores on the GRE and quizzes were relatively high, showing that the students were taking the tests seriously.

The researchers used different versions of the GREs, and quizzes on different lectures, that were comparable in difficulty.

More details of the research can be found here.

So if you are heavy drinker and will have big exams the next day, your performance will not be affected. However, you will definitely have a hard time driving to exam.

So obviously, it’s always better not to drink before taking an exam (and drive).

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  1. jk prez on March 27, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    good suggestion, keep it up, alcohol is good for health

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