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Sridhar Shares his B.S. and M.S. Experience at University of New Orleans [ Video]

I’m excited to welcome Sridhar Rao Takkallapalli for another edition of Video Interview and Podcast.

He’s the first guest in video interview series to talk about Bachelors Degree in USA.  He applied for Bachelors Degree back in 2006 and he’s been residing in New Orleans since then.

Guess what? He’s actually staying with his parents now in USA. You are going to hear interesting background about his experience and higher education journey.

Here’s a quick back ground about Sridhar

Watch Full Program Here

Summary of the Interview

  • Why Bachelors Degree in USA
  • Bachelors Degree
    • Admission
    • SAT Test
    • Courses
    • Lifestyle
    • Minor and Major
    • College Fees
  • Masters Degree
    • University of New Orleans Admissions
    • GRE Test
    • Thesis
    • Tuition Fees
    • Part-Time Jobs
  • Life in New Orelans
  • Mardi Gras Festival

Highlight of the Interview

  • Paid In-State Fees for Bachelors and Masters Degree
  • Worked Part-Time Jobs
  • Highly Recommend University of New Orleans for Prospective Students.

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