The Paper Clip Project: Interview With An Executive MBA Student at UTSA

In this video interview, you are going to witness, learn something amazing. It’s called “The Paper Clip Project”. When you go to B-Schools you learn  real world skills, attitude and sales expertise. Nesha learnt negotiation skills from a classroom, then utilized those skills to trade a Paper Clip ($1) for a Washer Dryer ($500). Here’s a…

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Admitted With Full Scholarship and Graduated with Multiple Job Offers – Interview with Aqsa

aqsa utsa

There are universities like The University of Texas at San Antonio where students get a great education along with cultural immersion as an International student. Aqsa is one such student from India. She was admitted with scholarship, then received a monthly stipend for research work, then  graduated with multiple full-time job offers.  I interviewed her as part of promoting…

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6 Take Aways from 21 Days Internship Trip to the United States [Video]

hitisha cover photo

For the first-year internship, Hitisha went to Malaysia for 42 days. For the second year, she went to the University of Oklahoma for 21 days. For the third year, she’s deciding between USA, Norway or Abu Dhabi for her internship. I interviewed her over this weekend about her previous two experience and how got her…

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From Sky diving to Drowning – Interview With Sreenidhi – UT Tyler

sreenidhi uttyler

As the interview went on, at one point, I said to her “It’s really difficult to have a serious conversation with you.” Because she’s has this gregarious and upbeat personality.  It’s hard to stop laughing. You see what I’m talking about as you watch the following interview. Plus, this interview took over 3 hours to…

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I Quit My Job at IBM to Study MS in USA – Interview with Sriram (Video)

I spoke with Sriram – Masters Degree student from the University of Texas at Tyler.  He came to  The University of Texas at Tyler for Fall 2014. Yes, he’s been in U.S. for just over 45 days. His Journey to Study MS in USA Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering Software Tester job at IBM India Masters in…

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Italian Student Goes to Study in India as Part of MAIB Program [Video]

miriam hubbard

I have interviewed Indian Students studying in America and Canada. But, this is my first interview with an Italian Student who went to Study in India as part of MAIB Program. she’s currently in third semester in Toronto, Canada. Watch the Interview MAIB Program: 3 Countries 2 Degrees 15 Months Scholarships Awarded for 15 Students…

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