Student Visa Interview Issued at US Consulate Barbodas

First of all I would like to Thank HSB, I have been following it for last 2 months. I am Indian Passport holder working in Caribbean so I could apply at Barbados or India. As Barbados was near I preferred to goto Barbados US Consulate

I would like to share my student visa interview experience which might be helpful for some one. Due to HSB I got confident and was totally relaxed… I prepared a list of Questions based on my area of interest VO might ask.

Student Visa Interview at Barbados

Me: GM Sir/Maim,

VO: How many years of experience do you have? What was your job profile?

VO- The program you have opted for is offered in India too? Why USA only?
Me- United States has a latest trend and technology about this industry which will help me gain knowledge in depth about this industry.

VO: Which University and why?
Me: *** is known for its hospitality program; it is ranked in top 10 universities in Hospitality education in the US, The curriculum is perfect blend of theory and practice which emphasis on hands on training and practical experience which makes it stand out compared to other University. It will be an honor to study in the guidance of Professor *******

VO: Which Program?
Me: MBA with specialization in Hospitality management

VO: Why MBA?

VO: How many universities you had applied and how many admits did u get?
Me: ***, ####, ***, ####, and ***** in Swizz. Got acceptance from all the University except ### which is still pending.

VO:Why not *** or any other Swiss Univ?
Me: Cost of tuition and living expense is all most 3 times compared to US, taking my wife as dependent will be out of scope due to the same reason.

VO- Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?? Or Short term long term goal? Me-

VO- Change of stream in bachelors you did computers and now you would like to go in Hospitality industry?
Me- Yes sir, I am more of management kind of person rather than programmer. I enjoy working in Hospitality industry.

VO- How long will you stay in USA?
Me- I will stay until I complete my education which is about 2 years.

VO – Any backlogs? What was you percentage?
Me- I had 7 backlogs. Percentage is 59.33% and according to WES evaluation its 2.8 GPA.

VO – Do you have any relation in US?
Me- I have 1 sister in NJ she is American Citizen.

VO – Who is going to sponsor your education?
Me- My family will take care of my educational expenses and my brother will also pitch in as he owns 4 *** in ***

VO – Why would you like to take your wife along with you as Dependent F2? Me- As soon as we got married I worked in ABC for same company for 19 months and my wife was working in *** and since then we prefer to stay together.

VO- Got married all most 4 years and why no kids?? –
Me- I prefer to settle in life before I take up my family and social responsibility.

How to Prepare for Student Visa for USA

This is what I had prepared….and below are the Q which I got:

  1. Why XXX University?
  2. How Many /univ did you apply?
  3. How many Yrs am I planning to stay?
  4. Who is going to sponsor your education?

All the answers I gave was DIRECT, RELAXED and CONFIDENT, then he asked my wife

1. So you would like to accompany him? why?
– I would like to Relax, I have been working hard for last 3 and half years and at this point planning to take a break and at the same time accompany my husband. (He was well satisfied)
2. Do you like your job?
– Absolutely sir.
I forgot to share one more thing, Its always advisable for a Dependent to apply at the same time, possibilities are more that you will get through. If you both go at a different time they may screw you more…
Then he said us that its accepted for both of us. Once again Thanks a lot for HSB and Good Luck for readers.

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