Ultimate Student Visa Interview Tip (Visa Almost Guaranteed)

Here is an ultimate Student F1 Visa Interview Tip – Treat Visa Officer Like Your Old Friend Talking After a Long Time (Shared by Srikanth)

Hello HSB and followers, here’s my VISA experience

VO: gud mrng
Me: gud mrng sir,hw r u?

VO: im fine and hw r u?
Me: thank you and im fine sir.

VO:which university?
Me: university of south florida.

VO: how do u come to know about this university (this VO is asking this particular question everyone)
Me: i came to know about this university through higher education bureau in our college and fairs conducted by USIEF and also met the university officials and inquired everything about the university and finally selected this university.

VO: your btech percentage?
Me: i have 78.2 percent and im one of the top 5 students in my class.

VO: hw many backlogs?
Me: no backlogs…asked my btech certificates and checked my percentage.

VO: how do u support ur education
Me: told my family income,savings amount and bank loan.

VO: what your parents are doing?
Me: mentioned.

Then the words came out of his mouth YOUR VISA IS APPROVED and then couldn’t understand what he said next.

My suggestions are for F1 Visa Interview

Prepare a unique answers for

  1. Why only this university
  2. Why only US
  3. Why MS
  4. Read all the Student F1 visa interview experience for USA in HSB. Even if you are new, read all the posts posted before which give perfect picture about Studies in US. It has cleared many rumours about MS.

Visa Officer as Friend

You might be wondering what is the advantages to treat visa officer as a friend?

Its just the state of the mind that comes with treating visa officer as your friend. Joy, excitement, confidence, body language will be different when you talk to your friend then a stranger.

When you practice answers, now try to visualize you are talking to a friend and have the same state of mind while attending the visa interview in the US consulate.

Did you know stupid, non-sense answers means visa rejection?