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Can $500,000 Investment be Any Type of EB5 Projects?

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Question from EB5 Visa Newbie – Can an EB5 Investor invest in any EB5 Visa Projects? And are there any restrictions on types of business that qualify for EB5 Visa? Good question and a typical question from a potential investor who is just learning about the EB5 Visa process and investment requirements. Types of EB5 Visa…

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20 FAQ’s – EB5 Visa for H1B Visa Holders

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On a Friday night, you meet with friends for a drink and dinner. You start talking about EB3, EB2 and never moving Priority Date. One of your friends casually mentions how he ran into an H1B Visa holder applying for Green Card via EB5 Visa. You have probably heard about EB5 for H1B Visa. But,…

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