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Can $500,000 Investment be Any Type of EB5 Projects?

Question from EB5 Visa Newbie – Can an EB5 Investor invest in any EB5 Visa Projects? And are there any restrictions on types of business that qualify for EB5 Visa?

Good question and a typical question from a potential investor who is just learning about the EB5 Visa process and investment requirements.

Types of EB5 Visa Projects

As discussed in the earlier articles about Reginal Center EB5 Projects and Direct Projects.

Investors are using their own money to create a new enterprise, manage the day to day operations of the business, create the required jobs to meet EB5 Visa conditions.

EB-Investors-Tyes o fEB5 Projects-Decision


And some investors choose to invest with Direct Pooled EB5 projects or Regional Center Projects.

Such projects typically don’t require the investor’s to be handling the day to day operations of the business. Instead, the investor’s money is used to fund the projects and create the required jobs while the investor receives the financial report and frequent updates from the project progress.

Examples of Types EB5 Regional Center Projects

  • Hotels
  • Hospital
  • Theme Park
  • Golf Resorts
  • Transportation
  • Private Residences
  • Condo Construction
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Restaurants Building
  • Building Constructions
  • Cinema Theater Complex
  • Existing Building Renovations
  • New Residential area development

That’s to name a few types of EB5 Regional Center Projects. Some investors can choose to avoid Regional Center EB5 projects. Others who want full control of their money could projects on their own if they choose to.

If you read the above list carefully, there’s one common theme. Can you identify that?

There’s a misconception that EB5 Visa Projects are government-approved projects. 

U.S. Government plays no role in project development or investment.

EB5 Projects are not government-approved projects.

Investors are not giving funds to the government.


The Bottomline:

The EB5 Visa investor decides how their capital should be invested, where and what kind of projects. Some choose to go with creating their own business, while others go with the Regional Center route or Direct Pooled option. Investors are looking for two things – Can I get the Green Card and investment money back?

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