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H1B Visa RFE’s – Top 10 Reasons Why RFE’s Were Issued by USCIS

h1b visa rfes uscis top 10 reasons

62.3% of H1B Visa applications issued RFE were approved for FY 2018. In other words: About 38 H1B Visa Petitions were Denied for every 100 after RFE’s were issued. What are the reasons for USCIS to issue an RFE for H1B Visa applications? Top 10 Reasons for H1B Visa RFE’s issued FY 2018 along with…

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H1B Visa Pre-Registration Rule Implemented Effective April 1, 2019

new h1b visa proposed registration lottery rule proposed

The new H1B Visa Lottery Rule titled – Registration Requirement for Petitioners Seeking To File H-1B Petitions on Behalf of Cap-Subject Aliens was fast-tracked and published as a final rule in Jan 2019. Fast-Tracked for Implementation: Rule Proposed – Dec 3, 2018 Final Rule Published – Jan 31, 2019 Rule Effective Date – April 1, 2018…

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