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Answers to Top Questions on EAD, H4 and I-140 [ Video ]

Yesterday evening President Obama announced Immigration Reform that impacts close to 5 Million People – Undocumented and High Skilled. After the announcement there are more questions than answers. I recorded  this exclusive interview for Happy Schools Readers with Immigration Attorney Murali Bashyam. Some of your top questions about EAD for H4, Green Card,  I-140, H1B,…

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High Skilled Legal Immigration Changes by Obama – Details

h1b ead h4 i140 green card

Here’s the leaked memo about President Obama’s Executive Action on legal Immigration Reform for High Skilled workers who are waiting for ages to get green card. Related Blog Posts [alert type=”info”] Watch the video interview for some of FAQ’s about new proposals.  [/alert] Details of the Legal Immigration The President’s actions will also streamline legal…

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