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Life of PhD Student in USA : It’s Complicated, Fun and Rewarding

life of phd student in usa

Hello prospective Doctoral students. After barely 6 months into my PhD, I have come to realize how important it is to have a mentor who can guide you with both your personal and social lives besides just academics. Someone you could go to with the silliest questions that you might have as you start a…

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15 Questions Every Student Should Ask Before Doing PhD

Research is not easy and Research is not for everyone. Likewise PhD is not easy and PhD is not for everyone. If you haven’t done any research as part of your college or work, then you will find 15 questions in this article. Ask yourself and decide, if you have what it takes to dedicate 5…

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This is What It Takes to Complete PhD Degree

 You will learn what is the most important quality and goals that are required to complete PhD degree. This is Part 5 of 5 of the PhD Experience series. Time Allocation for PhD How people allocate research time varies enormously, not only from person to person, but, for a given person, from week to week or quarter to…

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The PhD Experience : Phase by Phase


This is Part 3 of 5. By end of this article, you will should be able to answer this question : Am I Making progress with my research work?   Choosing an area and an advisor It is never too late to change areas. If you don’t like where you are now, switching to a…

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Yes or No : Is PhD Right for me?

By end of this article, you will should be able to answer this question : Is PhD Right for me? This is Part 2 of 5 in “The PhD Experience”. Is PhD Right for me? You should try to come to a frank appraisal of whether a Ph.D is the right thing for you. You…

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The PhD Experience : What’s Involved

Bachelors vs Masters vs PhD

By now you know the answer to the question What is PhD in graphical way. Above image is one of several pictures used to explain the difference between Bachelors, Masters and PhD.  Next, question is what does it take to complete PhD? That’s exactly we are going to find out today in this article.  What…

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After PhD Defense: I Found Myself in Tears. Not of Pain, But of Joy

I bet this article is going to get 250+ Likes in facebook. Following post is from Quora Thread How does it feel to complete your final PhD defense? Reply posted by Aaron Wester, PhD. I sat on the couch, clutching my iPhone tightly. I had just completed my oral defense and my heart was still…

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