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How to Find Research Topics for PhD? Video Interview with PhD Student.

Want to know about PhD in USA for Indian Students? Watch this video interview with Gangadharan Esakki. He’s been following Happy Schools Blog for last 4 years and first person in his family to come to USA. I sat down to have a conversation with him over Skype. I have to say, he’s is a down to earth person with diverse talents.

You have to know the following facts about Gangadharan to fully appreciate him

  • Under – Graduate Degree in Electronics – Anna University, Chennai, India
  • Published 4 Research Papers in IEEE while in India in Image Compression/Processing
  • Works as Teaching Assistant (teaches C++ Programming to Undergrad Students)
  • Knows – C, C++, Java, Web Programming, VB.Net
  • Works as Computer Tab Tech (Part-Time Job)
  • Does research Work for his PhD
  • Full Time Student
  • Teaches Yoga in nearby by Indian Temple
  • Secretary for Indian Students Association
  • Amazing Dancer (impressed lot of people with his MJ Moves)
  • Active member among Indian Student’s Community
  • Speaks Tamil, English, Hindi and Sanskrit

Now, you have an idea about the type of person Gangadharan Esakki. Are you ready to watch his first part of the video to get an idea about PhD in USA for Indian Students?

Total Video Recording

This section came out very well.  It’s completely focused on PhD in USA for Indian students.

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  1. Hello guys,
    I got admitted to the PhD program in chemical engineering at university of Missouri columbia, but they didnt yet responded anything about the funding, then I contacted proffs ,none of them have active projects, I am now waiting for the reply from university of missouri. If I have to fund my self I will dropout the offer and will look for the other univs I applied.Actually I think most of the average universities in US are now reluctant to issuing funding to PhD programs . I had seen many in the US education blogs/sites with the same issue that is ‘got admitted but without funding’. Can any body suggest me what to do now?

  2. Wanted to point out a problem with that analysis of NPTEL – not all courses taught in the IITs are on NPTEL; in fact, only a small fraction are. It depends on the IIT in question and also on the Department in that IIT. It could be possible that advanced courses are taught in the IITs but are not on NPTEL.

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