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How to Get F1 Visa Without 221g (Visa Interview Experience)

You should have heard about Administrative Processing on F1 Visa if the area of study falls under the Technology Alert List.

Here’s one student who got F1 Visa to Study Masters in Biotechnology without Administrative Processing. And be warned about trying these tactics.

I said Biotechnology Business Management as my field of my specialization instead of Bioechnology. Five of my friends got 221(g) pink slip saying Cell Biology, Cancer biology, Immunology as their field of specialization.

Before getting into the F1 Visa interview. Here’s is the confirmation letter from the University:

I am writing to ask if you are still interested in attending the PSM in Biotechnology program at the University of Northern Iowa in Fall 2011?  I wanted to let you know that the Department of Biology has *recommended* that you be offered a assistantship for the program which will reduce your tuition costs significantly.  The Graduate College is responsible for notifying you officially that you have been selected, however, we have made this recommendation.  You should hear by email from the Graduate College regarding the decision — make sure you check your email.

With the assistantship, you will be charged in-state tuition which is over $8500 less compared to out of state tuition and you will receive $4322 for the year. What this means is that normally, international students would have to pay $15,628/year for tuition, however, you would now be paying $7120/year.  Additionallly, you would receive the financial award listed above.  Thus, your actual savings would be$12,830 for the year.   Along with the assistantship, you would be required to work in a professor’s research lab for 10 hours per week.

I realize that the decision regarding financial support was made late. We hope that you are still considering the PSM in Biotechnology at University Name Removed!

Now, let’s look into the F1 Visa Interview Experience.

F1 Visa Interview for Masters in Biotechnology

Me : Good morning
VO: Good Morning

VO: Can I have a look at your doc?
Me: sure pls!

VO: what kind of univ is <univ name>?
Me: It’s a nationalised public university.

VO: What  is your field of specialization?
Me: Biotechnology Business Management

VO: What’s that?
me:  I explained about courses and why I wanted to switch from Bachelors in Biotehnology to Biotech Business Management.

VO:  What is your dad s annual income?
ME: 18 Lakhs Indian Rupeen per year.

VO: Mom?
ME: She manages our family.

VO: What is your undergrad marks?
ME: Overall 74%

VO: Your visa is granted . collect it next week
ME: Thank you!

This student was able to use the PSM program in Biotechnology to specify Biotech Business Management as specialization and this may not apply to someone planning to apply for Molecular Biology with lab work.

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  1. WELL, WHY THE OTHERS GOT A PINK SLIP BY SAYING “CELL BIOLOGY and etc”.. Is it a disadvantage to get the VISA if one wants to carry one their education in these streams?

  2. Hi All,

    I have applied for my MA in Communication Studies to unis in the US. I have been admitted into Arizona State Uni. The course did not require me to give GRE . My TOEFL score is 112 IBT. Can anyone tell me what my chances are of getting a F1 visa please….


  3. what ans did u give for “what is biotech bussiness managemnt” ?? n wt did u prepare for fututre plns after completion of the course ?

  4. Dear sir,

    i have complete my Graduation in B.Sc Biotechnology 2010. i can do the post graduation in Biotechnology in USA. Pls tell me………………………

  5. Hi anybody help with me plz. B'coz I have only few days for my visa interview so need to receive all the documents from my uncle..

  6. I am going to attend visa interview by December month. My uncle is sponsoring for my studies, who is residing in US. And also my dad has arranged sufficient resource for my studies to show VO. What if VO asks why your parents are not sponsoring you?

  7. tomorrow i have my f1 visa interview .i got full funding. my father expired 6 years back.now my uncle(mother's brother) sponcering for my graduation(phd chemistry).i dont have any financial docs on my mother's name. can you just please tell me how to answer if vo asks y ur parents r not sponcering u

  8. i got visa f1 approved but i kept my passportcause i going somewhere the vo asking it to bring it for stamping after i will finish ,but he didn't gave any slip,now i realised that ,any problem?

  9. hi guys got visa under 221(g) on 6th of Aug so want to share my experience

    VO- hi good-morning h r u?

    me- Good Morning i'm fine sir

    VO-what's ur degree in bachelors

    me-electronics and instrumentation

    VO- why only UB?

    me-this college gives me the unique combination of courses which i like

    VO-many are offering the course

    me-yes but blah blah (plz xplain your opinion in according to your sub )

    VO-ok,what is your UG %


    VO-any backlogs

    me-no backlogs sir

    VO-pass me ur memos

    me- passedand he checked all memos keenly( becoz the guy infront of me told 9 backlogs instead of 11 so he checked all the memos)

    VO- go.to counter no. X i went there so lady gave some form to fill it i filled all the

    details of my bachelors and my project in bachelors etc..,

    me- filled and asked is all ok mam

    VO-yes ,pls check ur status with this case no.and gave me some white slip

    me-i dont know how to react but a bit happy because the day i went many people were rejected

    NOTE:Be confident ,have a smile

    1. hi,madhu

      My visa appointement was on jan 5th 2011 and even i faced same problem but the thing is like VO asked me three questions :- 1. how many backlogs do u have ? my answer no sir i dont have any backlogs

      2:- how much % do u have in ur graduation? Ans:- sir 71% with distinction

      3:- y u going to usa? Ans :- to pursue masters in MIS ( management information system) thts it ,,then VO said me to go.to counter no. X i went there ,,,ther in some X window lady gave some form to fill it i filled all the

      details of my bachelors,inter,ssc….,then @ the end she gave me one white slip and said pls check ur status with this case no.,,,,,,,,,,the one thing i want to ask in how many days u got ur visa ?????

  10. hi guys,

    my interview was on 14th july..i am going for MS in biotechnology northwestern university

    the VO was a lady and asked me basic questions..

    everything was good until she asked me about my research experience..

    i had no idea about TAL subjects so told her abt my project which fell under the TAL category unfortunately…

    she handed me a yellow slip and asked me to submit the questionnaire..

    A word of advice to all going for their visa interview..

    when mentioning your research dont mention subjects that are in the TAL category..

    i told her that my final year proj was on biosensors..even though biosensors are not in the TAL category sensors are so she typed some stuff on the computer and handed me the yellow slip..

    be smart and avoid such a mistake…all the best to everyone for their visa…

    1. I am studying Biotechnology (B.Sc). Can you guide me a bit or be in contact via email.. What is the matter about TAL subjects.? Can you give us some ideas please? As we have studied in the same stream, I’m really looking forward to you.

  11. Interview Date- 3rd June 2010

    Location- Mumbai

    Time- 8am

    VO- Good Morning

    Me- gm

    VO- Which University?

    Me- UTA

    Which Program?

    Me- MBA HR & OB

    VO- Why UTA?

    Me- Explained

    VO- How many universities you had applied and how many admits did u get?

    Me- Applied 9 , admits- 8

    VO- Name the universities from where you got admit?

    Me- said

    VO- I think XYZ Univ is better than what you have opted for

    Me- Told VO why UTA is better than XYZ

    VO- What was your under graduate GPA?

    Me- 3.95/4

    VO- What is your GMAT & TOEFL Score?

    Me- 670/800 and 116/120

    How many years of experience do you have? What was your job profile?

    Me- 3 Years work experience and Explained my job profile.

    VO- How the program you have opted for help you in future?

    Me- Explained

    VO- Do you plan to return back to India??

    Me- Yes and explained the reason for returning back.

    VO- Where do you see yourself 10 years from now??

    Me- Explained

    VO- The program you have opted for is offered in India too? Why USA only??? Why not UK, Australia or Canada?

    Me- Explained

    VO- Laughed- you gave me enough reasons

    Me- Smiled

    VO- You did your BBA & MCOM right?

    Me- Yes

    VO- What was your specialization in both the courses?

    Me – BBA- Finance & HR

    MCOM- Marketing & HR

    VO- How long will you stay in USA?

    Me- I said Maximum 5 years

    VO- 5 Years??????

    Me- Yes- Course length is 2.6 years and 2.4 years Ill work and earn before I return.

    VO- Smiled and shook his head

    He paused for 30 seconds

    I was scared when he paused – I thought I am dead

    You gave me strong reasons and am very well satisfied

    Congrats Mr.Thakkar you have been granted VISA and you can collect it from VFS today evening.

    I could not believe that after such a long and stressful interview I finally got the VISA. I reconfirmed with VO that did I really get the VISA?

    VO Smiled and said Yeh you did- have a party.

    Me- Thanks

    Evening- 5pm on the same day of interview I collected my PP from VFS and was amazed to see that VO gave me VISA for 5 years.

  12. hey,

    i have my visa interview on 30th of july(mumbai) . my classes start from 19th aug.

    i am going to university of texas at dallas.

    I had booked my visa dates on 9th aug.

    i had taken a late date coz i had to travel to north india for my cousin sisters marriage which was last week.(m really close to my sister so couldnt have missed her wedding anyhow).

    i have heard that the visa officer grills nowadays about being late!!

    what do i reply if m asked this question?

    if i reply the truth the reply could be"wats more imp. visa or ur attending the wedding?"

    i dont want to end up at such a uncomfortable situation.

    plz help me and guide me abt the possible solutions or way out.

    1 suggestion i m considering is "viral fever—2 weeks bedrest—so booked accordingly" ….would this be fine?

    and if not even this then what?

    please relpy urgent!!!!

      1. i have my visa interview on 30th july.i had filled in the forms and reserved this date on 9th july.hpe it is clar now…sorry for the confusion….plz guide me ahead.

  13. Hi all,

    I had visa interview last month for PhD in Agriculture(Plant breeding and genetics) and they granted me that visa after 21days. I really appreciate the help by HAPPY SCHOOL BLOG, which helps to thousands of student for preparing many different things.




        me : Good morning

        vo: Good Morning

        Vo: why you have chosen this university?

        me: I told, strong points about the department, their mentorship programme and their research activities in particular subject. For me it is Plant breeding and genetics

        VO: how do you think you fit for this position?

        Me: I explained my total experience in plant breeding for last six years. I have shown how I am related to that, how this project will work and how it will help me in me in carrier

        VO: what will your thesis topic?

        Me: t told, is tentatively will be on crop improvement and other yield related drought traits so that it will help to develope alternative crops with good traits and so on.

        Finally she told I don’t have any problem to give to visa, but you have to fill the questionnaire. I just filled and then after 21 days I got my visa.

  14. I have attended Visa interview on 13th July and got my visa approved for 4 yrs , i would like to send my write up. to which id should i send it?

    1. I guess you want to post on HSB your Visa Interview experience. You can do that by replying to any of our posts or you can also post your answer by clicking on contact tab above and entering required details.

    2. Hi Shilpa,

      Congrats on your Visa approval. My interview is on 27th July, please share your interview experience.

      1. hi everyone,

        plz help me with a problm

        i had interviewd 4 my visa b4 37 days n im getting it 2day

        but meanwhile i got an i20 4m a beter univ than d one where im goin

        so plz tel me whether i shud transfer my visa or apply 4 d interview agn 4 the oder univ????

        n even if i interview agn wud it go 4 pending agn 4 MS biotech????????

        plz guide…

        plz reply…………….

  15. Hey Rajath, I agree with you. Guys don't think that you can easily fool VO. Please play safe and tell truth as a lie may do more harm than good. Always give specific answers to what is asked and do not use big jargons or complicated language to showoff that you know more. 4 of my friends were denied VISA and 2 others got pink slip. So just a word of advice for others that go through all the posts at HSB, interview experience and probable interview questions that are shared and give your best shot on the final day.

  16. guys im from electrical background …… attended VI on 14th july………. was given white slip….. ques :

    1: whats ur purpose of visit ?

    2: wats ur major ?

    3: how many backlogs?

    4: whats ur specialization ? answered : power systems .

    I guess thats the reason why i was given white slip.

  17. hi to every one!! I've my visa interview today..

    Its so simple if you are confident.

    but everyone feel nervous.

    My interview is like this

    Me: Good morning sir, how z your day??

    VO: Good morning fine

    VO: why US?

    Me: To do my MS?

    VO: but Y????

    Me: Sir, I've completed my UG here. It'll increase my chances of getting a job in India if I've MS IN US.

    VO: whats your UG %??

    Me: said it

    That's it.

    VO: your visa is issued and courier to your home in aweek. Congratulations by the way.

    Me: thank you sir.

    thanks for all….

  18. Hey guys on 15th i attended visa interview

    1. Why US

    I want to pursue my ms computer engg

    2. Howmany backlogs u have

    Only 1

    3. Howmany years of work exp u have

    3 years

    thats it nd i got my visa

  19. I had interview in last week of June. I applied for PhD in Biology (specialisation Molecular Biology). I was also handed pink slip. One of my friend also got pink slip. His interview was on 21st June. He applied for PhD in Biochemistry. Today only his status changed to "Case Processed". Other friend of mine whose specialisation is Entomology (Pertaining to Insects) applied for PhD, but she was issued visa in 2 days. So I guess, its the field that determines kind of processing required.

    1. Hi,
      I appeared for J1 on 2 Feb and the VO did not ask many questions. He gave me the pink slip. I had all the documents at that time, so submitted all in the visa counter. My case was not updated for more than 50 days. I just had the case no. and used to check twice a week (Newdelhi consulate). Finally I got my visa on April 8th. This happened with many people, even scientists who go first to US. I think its a kind of background check in India and US. Just let them to do their job. So don’t be afraid just relax at home your visa will come to you soon.

  20. it 2 yrs now i finish my high school,now i have admission and scholarship into cameron university.pls i want to know if this wil be a problem in the embassy,because my interview is 11th august.also i want to know if there is any other kind of payment tha one has to pay after the vo gives one the pinkslip.thank you

  21. might its ur luck tat as played d role of u nt gettng pink slip….

    just by sayng biotech business managemant,u presume tat he didnt give pink slip……

    tats nt so….

    VO are really trained wel,wen u say business management in biotech he wud ve gt,wt u wanna study…

    also nt all VO's give pink slip,some do give bt some wont no matter wt sub u wanna take it…

    some students even thou der sub s nt mentioned in TAL list,stil land up gettng pink slip…

    just assume u wer given pink slip even after telng it as business management biotech,,den during administrative processing dey vl just contact ur universitry for ur program nd if dey gt to knw its nt management biotech,dey can even cancel ur visa…..

    thou in ur case its ur luck or d VO was gd u escaped it…


    my suggestion to others attendng visa interview, be frank nd wtever u tel,utter only truth…

    even if u gt pink slip,ur visa vl b delayed by max of 4 weeks.. so just tel truth…

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