F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Approved Second Inteview at Hyderabad – University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Hello HSB, your posts really helped me and wanted to share my experience too 🙂
My F1 VI Experience….

  • Consulate: Hyderabad
  • Date: 05 July 2011
  • Reporting Time: 10:00 AM
  • Decision; is at the end of this experience
  • Heading to University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

and coming to the interview, Here it goes..

VO: Pass your documents
ME: Sure Madam (while passing them, with a good smile I wished her “A very Good Morning Madam” by looking into her eyes)

VO: Good Morning, How are you?
ME: I’m Fine, Thank you and How are you madam?

VO: Good, Bachelor Degree passed out year?
ME: In 2011 madam

VO: Any Backlogs?
ME: No madam., I do not have any.
VO: Your percentage?
ME: 74.1% with…. (Thought to say disntinction but missed it)

VO: Have you taken GRE test?
ME: Yes madam, and I have scored 1130

VO: Well, Why University of Louisana?
ME: Madam, Primarily, Course work for the Computer Science students precisely matches with the courses of my interest especially Computer Graphics, Operating Systems and Software Engineering.

On the other hand, we have a Virtual Reality Laboratory in the Campus. I’m interested in the Research work going on aswell, where 3D Models are being developed in Virtual Environments, which are more related to my area of interest i,e. Computer Graphics theory.

So it would be a great honor to study under the same professor who establised this university and to take part in the Research work and projecgs going on. (Completed this in 30 seconds, and she listened to all my words)

VO: Okay! How many students go to Louisiana?
ME: Sorry madam.

VO: How many students go to this university yearly?
ME: Madam as per the previous Fall semester, may be Around 15-20 students.
(At this point, she stood silently, watching the Computer screen.. So to add some points.. I said “it may not remain constant as it depends on how many applications university accept)

VO: What are the improvements you have made from your previous Interview?
ME: Madam, may be I did not produce all the information I have about the university and their Curriculum to the previous officer, But Now I’m PREPARED!

VO: Umm.. Tell me something about Louisana?
ME: Madam, It’s on of the leading public research universities in the nation…….(She interrupted)

VO: NO, Tell me something about this state?
ME: Okay, Umm.. Madam, It is near to Texas. one of the world’s largest bridges is in this State. During the summer the temperature would be 30-35 C and in the Winter it would be -2 C..

VO: What are the other universities you have applied?
ME: Madam, Mississippi State University and West Virginia University

VO: Why applied to only these three universities?
ME: Madam, I shortlisted some of the universities which offers the research work and coursework which area of my interest with the help of Gradschools.com and other websites. Later on, With the help of Professors at my Bachelor Degree institute and universities official websites, I explored all the information and then I selected these 3 universities.

VO: okay, what is your father?
ME: He is working as **** in ********

VO: Annual Income?
ME: 7.2 L P.A

VO: Your Mother?
ME: She is a home maker

VO: How you are going to pay your school fee?
ME: Madam, I have an education loan sanctioned for 16 Lakh rupees. My Father has savings of ** Lakh rupees and we also have other assets in the form of Land. This will be sufficient to my fee.

VO: okay, Your Visa is APPROVED and your passport will be couriered in 7 days.
ME: Thank you Very Much Madam, and Belated, Wish you a very happy 4th of JULY.

VO: Thank you and have a nice day.
ME: Thank you and you too have a good day.

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  1. hello
    i also got a rejection on 214(b). i have my second interview lined up soon. It would be of gr8 help if i get some tips from you. i got in UT arlington for spring 12

  2. hi i got low gre score n my toefl score is 80.I got 2 admits one is siuc n other is nmhu.will i get visa

  3. hi HSB….
    I got an i20 from GANNON UNIV…
    I booked my visa slot 0n 28th july @ hyd…
    I have done my engg with computer science…
    I have 2 years of work experience as a sales manager from Dubai….
    My gre score is 810 and toefl is 83….n my academics having 60% with 21 backlogs…
    So please tell me my chances of getting my visa do my blacklogs effect me in getting visa and will they ask me about my work experience as i have done my graduation from computer science and working in management side…please help me out…n thank u in advance..!!

    1. No problem dude luck is that all matters………MY frnd has good profile and good scores in gre and toefl he still got rejected & an another frnd of mine has 9 backlogs and gre<1000 still got stamping……………….so just try to be confident..All the best budy………
      Share ur experience on 28 th july because i have the same problem

        1. Luck matters but you can go a long way with helping your luck by having a good resume and getting into a good university 🙂

    1. Hello,my interview was on 26th May 2011 and I am waiting for it as it is in Admin Processing. I have to report on 22nd August to my University. Should I make an inquiry about my case? Will it have some bad effect on processing. I have heard that the embassy do mind in calling about the Visa. Please help me

      1. You should e-mail your local consulate first, asking about it, if not you can always contact the DoS if time starts to run out.

  4. Congrats.
    I need to be in US by September first week.
    I haven’t finished my Masters yet (in JNTUH) and they said they will graduate me after September first (I have to submit my thesis after that).
    As for the VISA I need the degree and the classes start at that time I mentioned, what do you suggest me to do.
    When should I register for a VISA interview?

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