When to Retake GRE?

“When can one retake GRE” – asks one HSB fan.

I took my GRE last week on October 6  and scores less than what I expected (990). I was expecting around 1200 in GRE. I want to know when to retake GRE General test? I want to apply for Fall 2011 semester. Please help me, alos provide some good gre study materials.

First I would suggest you read the following articles for GRE Test prep

When to Retake GRE?

Before you plan to repeat GRE exam, you have to understand the rules set by ETS with respect to multiple GRE attempts.

You may take the General Test (computer-based and/or paper-based) only once per calendar month and no more than five times within any 12-month period. This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously.

  • Calender Month – Refers to whole month (Example – January, March, ..). Since your first GRE attempt was on October 6, you cannot retake GRE in same October month. You are eligible to take GRE from November 1.
  • 12-month period – From October, 2010 to September, 2011 which will considered as 12 month period in your case. You cannot take GRE more than 5 times in that 12 months. I really doubt if someone has to repeat GRE 5 times to get high GRE Score.

Time Between GRE Exams

I usually recommend to prepare for another 3 months to retake GRE exam second time. If your practice test score in PowerPrep doesn’t improve much from your first GRE exam score, consider rescheduling GRE again.

You have scores 990 and after 3 months, if you score from practice test is still around 900 to 1100, then most likely you are going to get similar score to first time. Appear in GRE only if you can consistently get over 1200 in GRE practice test.