3 Days TOEFL Study Plan

TOEFL Experience and TOEFL Study Plan – Shared by Surabhi G.

If you are looking for TA/GA, the scores you get in the speaking section will be fairly critical. Of all the sections, this was the section I feared the most.

I’d heard the exam was easy compared to GRE verbal and hence I started preparing for it only 3 days prior to the test. But soon I realized it was a big mistake. I indeed under-estimated it.

TOEFL Practice Tests

During the practice tests I sailed through writing and reading sections but failed terribly in speaking and listening sections.

The TOEFL Test pattern was so confusing.

Reading, listening, speaking all in a matter of minutes!!

This really freaked me out and I was little too late to approach professional help or buy books.

I turned to the internet for help.

I found many resources and online tests.

TOEFL Study Plan

I created the following TOEFL Study Plan.

I spent around 2 days on the speaking section.

The best way to practice for TOEFL speaking section would be to time yourself and record your 45s-60s talk and LISTEN to it later.

Analyse your talk and improvise gradually.

Also listen to some sample audio clips as it will help you to understand where you stand.

I would read the topic and start speaking into my phone and record.

I would play the recorded file, rethink my answer and again talk (on the same topic) and record.

I would repeat until I found my response to be satisfactory. Then I would move onto the next topic and so on.

This TOEFL study plan gave me immense confidence and it started reflecting in my response as well.

I first noticed how much I had improved at the TOEFL test venue when I had to speak on a general topic just for the sake of microphone adjustment/testing.

And yes it helps to sit in a secluded place where you won’t be disturbed by others’ response.

Also, the earlier you start off the better it is as you focus on the task better.

Personally, I think that the “umm’s” in your response don’t matter as long as you don’t get stuck there and talk sense which is grammatically correct.

Some things that might improve speaking skills is talking to people in English, thinking in English, watching news channels like CNN and BBC etc. Oh and yes Hollywood movies help greatly, especially in the listening section !

11 Websites to Improve Reading Skills.

So basically, speaking skills can be mastered with rigorous practice and focused mind.

Good Luck !


I scored a 107 in the TOEFL test

  • Reading-25
  • Listening-27
  • Speaking – 26
  • Writing – 29

Could’ve scored higher if I had started preparation earlier. [ TOEFL Experience – Scores 108 ]


Very useful TOEFL study plan, prep tips and above all its easy to follow. I hope everyone reading this will use the above TOEFL prep tips and spend more time for preparation.

It always hurts to listen, when someone says, “I could have done better, if I had time”.

While registering for any test, check your calandar. Make sure there are not semester exams and other important events around the test date. Give ample time to prepare.

Admission process is game of numbers. Even though 107 is sufficient to get admission, I would take any score above 107, if you had capacity to get higher TOEFL Score.

There is no use in having a chip on the shoulders by saying “Man, I score 107 with just 3 days or prep”.