11 Websites for GRE Reading Comprehension Practice

Reading Comprehension (RC) section in GRE Verbal section is easy to tackle. If you get long boring passage as first 4 to 6 questions, then you are in for some tough Verbal section (score) ahead.

You can improve your GRE Reading Comprehension score by practice. If you have regular reading habits (Magazines, Novels, News Papers) your are very likely to get high score in GRE Verbal Section.

But, not everyone have reading habits, where can you find passages to practice for GRE RC section?

GRE Reading Comprehension passages would include topics you don’t read in text books.

So, you need to have skills  to understand the main idea  and attitude of the passage within a few hundred words. You can use following websites and blogs to practice reading comprehension for GRE Exam. As you read different articles, which are usually lengthy, you will

  1. get used to the format and style
  2. develop a reading style
  3. comprehend ides in less time
  4. relate similar ideas and form opinions

GRE Reading Comprehension Practice Sites


11 websites listed are U.S. based and you will get used to style of writing and language. Reading articles written for other countries will not be of much help. [GRE Reading Comprehension – Books]

How to practice Reading Comprehension

Not everyone reading this will spend will put in enough effort even to visit those sites. And visiting the sites few times will not improve your  GRE Reading Comprehension score. You have to have develop regular reading habit.

Here is a action plan for you

  1. Subscribe to RSS Feeds using Google Reader from few ( or all) of the above listed sites. (If you don’t know how to use Google Reader, you better get used to it)
  2. Open Google Reader same time when you check your email
  3. Scan through the new articles published. Pick a topic and read entire article.
  4. Most of the articles will be related to U.S. Politics will be dry and boring to read, but you have to force yourself to read few such articles.
  5. Form a habit of reading articles atleast 10 to 20 minutes per day for 3 to 4 months.
  6. You will see considerable change in the way you solve GRE Reading Comprehension problems

Don’t expect to to see improvement within 1 week or 1 month. It takes time and dedication, if you don’t have natural ability to read passages, then you have to work hard to develop the skills. Also, While reading the articles, don’t read like you are reading a book for an exam.

If you are not used to reading magazines and websites, blogs  and only used to reading (and/or memorizing)  text book, then you are very likely to have tough time in GRE Verbal. So, by incorporating reading habits to your daily routine, you have better chance to improve your reading skills and lead to higher GRE Verbal Score.

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  2. i am in BTECH 2nd year now.i want to crack gre
    i want to get minimum 5o percent scholorship
    when should i start my preparation?
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    is there any compulsory of work experience to get scholorship?
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    any one,could u please help me by answering these questions

  3. i have bought barrons new gre ,official guide guide to gre and barrons vocabulary.Which other book i need to buy to do well in the verbal and math section?

  4. Dear HSB,
    Even The Economist is a good publication for GRE styled passages. And if any one reads The Indian Express, it has a page dedicated to articles from  The Economist, so you can read along with the daily news.

  5. hello sir
    can you suggest what kind of article one should read to crack new gre?
    i mean can you suggest some article types which can help in GRE preparation
    also steps to use google reader
    please reply as soon as possible
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    1. scholarship depends upon your overall academics+achievements+graduate %+GREscore+SOP+early application+work experience… short overall performance throughout

  7. A genuine doubt.

    I have 2months left like most other guys here because i am planning to give GRE in august end and i am just starting my preparation.
    How on earth can someone read everything on these 11 sites.
    And since its not feasible what exactly should one read in these sites.
    There must be so many people who do not have interest in most of the stuff on these sites so it becomes a very tedious task to decide.
    Kindly help!!!

    1. There is no short cut for success. How can you say you have only 2 months to prepare like most other guys? What kind of data do you have to show everyone is studying only for 2 months? If you want to get high score, you have to plan accordingly. It can be 2 months or 2 years. If you want to more them then postpone GRE.

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  10. hey thank you so much for providing dis websites ,this will surely help me out with all my queries…

  11. thank you very much for providing the list of web sites related to GRE Comprehensive test. It will definately helps to reader for maximizing the GRE verbal score.

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