Average Revised GRE Scores for Admission

Answering couple of questions from prospective students about Average Revised GRE Scores and minimum revised GRE Scores.

I’m searching for Average Revised (New) GRE Scores. Universities haven’t updated their admission requirements page with Average Revised GRE Scores or minimum Revised GRE Scores required for  graduate school admission.  Can I use the  Revised GRE correspondence table and convert them to New GRE Score to and use them as Average Revised GRE Scores?

Average Revised GRE Scores

Average Revised GRE ScoresHere is an interesting data about Revised GRE Score (not available in the GRE Website).

  • Average GRE Score Verbal  – 151
  • Average GRE Score – 152
  • Standard Deviation – 8.75
  • Total Revised GRE Test Takers – 145,000

I got the above True Average Revised GRE Scores from ETS – Revised GRE Webinar. Above Mean GRE Scores was based  on 145,000 Revised GRE Test takers after August 1, 2011.

In above links, you can find Average GRE Scores, till colleges update the admission requirements page, use the correspondence table to guesstimate the Revised GRE Score averages.

You can contact respective departments to learn about Average Revised GRE Scores.

Minimum Revised GRE Scores

Here is a snippet from ETS/GRE Site

Since the level of skills in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing abilities required for success in graduate school varies by field or department, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing scores should not be combined into a single score.

What does the above statement mean?

If you happen to see in many university that has minimum required GRE Score as 300, without individual section scores, ETS is advising against using such metrics.

Instead, universities can have minimum Revised GRE scores for admission for each sections. Also, ETS is suggesting to list 50% Average GRE Scores than a specific GRE Scores cut off.

Like 75th and 25th percentiles scores of admitted students.

Florida State University – Math Department Revised GRE Score 

FSU Math’s Revised GRE admissible Quantitative  minimum score is 155 (based on current published ETS score concordances). A high Verbal Reasoning (V) score is also desirable. The department will expect Revised GRE scores Verbal >= 140; for a student with a Verbal score at the bottom of that range, the department will look for a very strong Quantitative  score.

Average New GRE Scores?

If you are looking for Average Revised GRE Scores for specific universities, post a comment with following details

  • Name of the college or university
  • Department
  • Average Revised GRE or Minimum Required GRE Scores

I will try to find the GRE scores required for admission and add to this page.

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  1. hello,

    my gre score is – 292
    v – 143, q – 149, awa – 3.0
    research exp – year, one publication
    please suggest me some university

  2. hi my
    gre 293,
    ielts 6,
    Academics 65%
    i want to do masters in Electronics & Communication Engg.
    can any one plz suggest me univ.

  3. I would like to find out whether I would be getting into MS – Industrial Engineering or Engineering Management in any of the following universities for my scores?

    GRE 313 (Verbal-152, Quant-161, AWA-4.0) and TOEFL 108 and BE(Prod.) till 6th semester 6.5/10 CGPA

    Texas A&M, College Station – Industrial Engg.
    North Caroline State Uni, Raleigh – Ind. Engg.
    UT, Austin – Engineering Management
    Arizona State University – Industrial Engg.
    Georgia Tech – Ind. Engg

    Apart from the above, shall be grateful if you can suggest good colleges for my scores

    Thanks and in advance

  4. Profile evaluation:
    X- 80.5, XII- 68.3, B.Tech- 7.68 CGPA (Around 69% overall), GRE- 297 (Q-157, V-140),AWA-3.0, IELTS- 6.5 overall(retaking), 2 publications, Research area- Cooperative Communication in Cognitive Radio, Have a few years of teaching and research experience, Decent LOR and good SOP. Can anybody please evaluate my profile and suggest me a few (Ambi, Moderate and Safe) universities for Communication Engineering. Thanks in advance

  5. Hello,
    I am just interested to get into Information Network Institute at CMu.Can anybody please let me the know the min GRE scores I would require.

    A quick response is very much appreciated.

  6. Hi ,
    I am planning to pursue MS in networks from Information Networking Institue at CMU.Can anybody just let me know wht GRE score would i require.

    Quick replies are much appreciated.

  7. i got 305 141(v) and 164(q) want to get admission in ms applied mathematics?? where to apply?? please suggest should i take my exam again?

  8. What would be the average revised GRE scores for the University of Texas at Austin in Math, Physics or Computer Science?

  9. hi , my gre score is 306 (163 quant+146 verbal) . took gre on 23.07.2014 . my acads are :
    collage : NIT
    Mechanical engineering 1st class ,cgpa 6.99/10
    10 th 90%
    12th 72%
    international conference , international paper
    6 years job exp with power generation firm NTPC ltd. exp ranging from project management, operations , planning systems .
    i want to apply to the following collages for the MS in industrial engg./supply chain management and logistics / productions and operations management.
    SUNY buffalo
    virginia tech
    georgia tech
    kindly guide me. do i have to re attempt GRE ? i want scholarship for admits in above collages or certain collages in same league.
    thnx in advance

  10. Hi.. I gave my GRE last month and got 323(v-159,q-164, awa-3.5). I have an undergrad gpa of 9.18 in Mechanical Engineering from an NIT with an Internship abroad. I also have an years experience at Tata Motors as of today. I would like to do my Masters in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. Giving my Toefl next month. Please suggest some universities.

  11. Hello. my scores are: verbal: 154, quantitative: 158.
    Where can I apply? I saw all those top universities and got frustrated actually.

      1. Thanks Raghuram, I didn’t expect you replying me. What would you suggest me now? Should I retake it?

          1. hey sorry for mssging here..need a bit of help..
            i scored 299 (quant-153 and verbal-146) was planning for utah state for ms in ece. is it possible?
            gonna take kelts…and probably will score 7n

  12. I’m going to give my gre next month, i have written many mock tests yet to take GRE prep test. If i score 13 out of 20 questions in math section and a bit lower in verbal section how much i can score in GRE..plse help me regarding this…based on this i have to reschedule my gre

  13. Hi. My gre score is 300 (142V 158Q) and have 1.5 years of experience. Can you tell me which university I can get . I’m looking for MS in CS for spring admissions. Can I get UT, Arlington ?

    1. Hi Aishiwarya. You need to search other universities as the program and the university you are planning to attend are very competitive.

  14. I recently gave my gre i got a score of 298(v=141 and quants=157) are there chances of getting into the University of texas at arlington or tyler. And which one of them will be a better option placement wise.If possible please do suggest soe other colleges as well

  15. Hello, I’m currently completing my bachelors in the US in EE at Portland State University ,
    my GRE score is 300 .. and I’ve a good GPA and part of the HKN (IEEE Honor society) , have done a year of internship at Intel and completed a senior project with Intel. My GRE score is not competetive enough but I’ve enough of projects and research experience.
    I want to do my masters in Computer Engineering and was wondering is there scope for me applying to the following universities
    1) Ohio State
    2) Texas A & M
    3) CMU

    what are my other fair options

  16. Which is the Average Revised GRE or Minimum Required GRE Scores for Columbia Business school at Columbia University NY?

  17. Hi,

    I have a Gre qt score 154, vrb score 153 and analytical writing 3.5. I am planning to Apply for a Masters in Finance with a concentration in developmental finance in US universities. I have a 3.67/4 CGPA in BBA Finance and 1 and half years of experience in financial sector. I want you to tell me, is my GRE score good enough to get me into an above average university and also tell me are there any specific masters programs in development finance. Please provide me some universities where I can apply as a strong candidate.

  18. hi

    I stay in san diego and had appile for SDSU for fall 2013 and i got admission

    i had 2 yrs experience
    70% in engineering
    GRE 283
    tofel 89
    computer science

  19. Hi, my fee score is 302(145 verbal and 157 quants).toefl nt yet aggregate in engg upto 7th sem is 70%.(mumbai univ).pls suggest some us univ for Ms in information management system.

    1. Hi Kirti, Your GRE scores along with undergraduate aggregate are fine. For suggestions on Universities you can apply to, kindly post your profile details in the forums section under appropriate thread.
      We would be happy to advice!

  20. Hello All,
    Please tell me about MS-Telecommunication program of University of Oklahoma, Tulsa. I have got admit from the same. Throw some lights on post job opportunities as well. Please reply.

  21. I am currently applying to SDSU Civil Engineering MS program as an international student. I already have my GRE scores, they are 146 verbal/ 150 quantitative and a 3.0 in analytical writing, plus I have an equivalent to a 3.6 undergraduate GPA. I’d greatly appreciate your help by suggesting me wether I should retake the GRE or not. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  22. hi,
    I want to know the minimum required gre scores for following univ’s:
    1.univ of houston,main campus
    2.univ of suny,buffalo
    3.University of Missouri – Kansas City
    waiting for rply

  23. i have scored 287 (148-q,139-verbal),aw-2.5
    my aggregate is 67.5% till 3rd year
    will i get an admission in any of the good or average universities in usa for ms in EE

  24. I have scored 292 in gre…93 in toefl…I have already a masters in Software Engg from Bits Pilani and about 6 years of work experience.I plan to do MAsters in Information Systems from Pensylvannia state..Can u let me know if i have chances to get into temple university or Drexel university ?

  25. Plz provide me some info like app.fee , Gre nd Toefl scores required for the universities

    1.Southern iIlinois university of Carbondale
    2.Wichitha state university
    3.Eastern illinois univesity
    4.Indiana inst. of technlogy
    5.Texas A & M university ,Kingsville
    6.Illinois inst. of technology

  26. Gre score. 285 gpa 3.95 on 4.00 ….suggestion required on retaking gre and which universities to apply with my this score as a matter of chance

  27. I want to apply to the University of Utah – Learning and Cognition master’s degree program. I plan to take it again, with A LOT more preparation, but my scores were Verbal: 151, Quant: 146, and Writing: 5.5 . I’d love to know what I should be aiming for so I can increase my chances of getting in. Thanks!

  28. Verbal: 145
    Quantitative: 158
    TOEFL: 93
    M.Sc. Computer Science: 83.5%
    Work Experience (Teaching): 3 years

    Is it a good enough score for PhD in Computer Science in Canada???
    Universities selected:
    University of Waterloo
    University of Alberta

  29. Hello,

    My GRE is: Quant:160 and Verbal : 140 AWA:3.5
    Acads: 89.5%
    and I have one year experience in IT(accenture)
    Can any one suggest good universities for Computer science.


  30. hi,
    my gre score is 297( which i know, is low) verbal-142 and quants-155.. i havent yet received my AWA score.. I’m taking the toefl test in a couple of days.. May i know the possibilities of getting into these universities: 1. SUNY bufalo, 2. University of illinois, chicago 3. U of pittsburg 4. Rochester institute of technology. Suggest any other Universities for this score for MS in CS.

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  31. hi my gre score 289(v-135,q-154),ielts 6.5,b-tech(eee) 81%,intermediate:90%,ssc:88% .could u plz tell me some good univ for ms (ee)in us.Is missori rolla match with my profile.

  32. Hi,

    I got a score of 285 143 Quant & 142 Verbal 2.5 AWA. Im a dependent & stay in west virginia . Actually i was not having much tym for my prepration its just a 5 day effort. Can you please suggest me weather i have an opportunity to join West Virginia university for any of the course relating Business or Accounting Studies. Would be grateful for your response or suggestion.

  33. hi guys,

    I have a year back in due to accident and my agrrigate is 70%. wil it university cosider it?? i am applying for SDSU .. pls do answer

  34. i took my gre in oct 2012 and my scores are
    v: 147(32%)
    awa: 3.0 (11%)
    Toefl: yet to take
    Undergraduate: 72% in CSE (2012)
    no work experince

    What are my chances of getting into USC, California for MS in Computer Science for fall 2013??Or should i retake?

  35. Gre-294 v-144,q-150 awa-3.0 (second attempt)

    toefl-95 R-21 L-28 S-24 W-22

    diploma(electronics & communications)-77.58%
    B.E.(electronics &Tele-communication)-65%
    (Mumbai university)

    major Interest-Tele-communications
    Inter-class gold medal for football and Relay(diploma college)
    Inter-class silver medal for volleyball(diploma college)
    6 months project work in mtnl(mahanagar telephone nigam limited)
    Some other certificates but during school times….
    can u suggest me some universities according to priority ambi/mod/safe
    plz help i m confused….

  36. Hey my GRE score is 301…
    and split is quant: 162/170 and Vocab: 139/170
    can you suggest some best univ for M.S in structural engg(civil)…

  37. I have received 305 in gre.ver-144;quant-161.
    Looking for Michigan tech,buffalo,Illinois ,uni. Of Arizona,Di suggest more 3 uni.

  38. I want to know minimum gre scores for University of Arkansas in
    Masters in computer science. My gre score is 299(verbal 144 and quant 155)

  39. Wisconsin Madison, University of texas Austin and Arizona State University
    Dept.- Electrical Engineering
    Minimum GRE score..please

  40. Sir could you please if this gre scores can get me admission in universities of california phd programmes in genetics or neuroscience

    verbal 146
    quant 153

    THese are my raw scores
    is there any difference between the raw and the actual score?

  41. Hi! i am a dentist. i have scored 302/340 in gre & 87 in toefl . please suggest me some good universities in masters in public health where there is a good chance of getting scholarship or TAship.

  42. Hi,
    My gre score is
    Verbal- 144
    Quants- 154

    Toefl – 99
    Can u plz evaluate whether its enough for getting admission in GMU(George Mason University)

  43. Hi, I am a final year student of Civil Engineering(B.Tech) at IIT Kharagpur and wish to pursue PhD in US. My GRE score is 311(Quant-164, Verbal-147, AW-2.5). My GPA is 8.22/10. I wish to know how important is the AW section of GRE? My percentile is as low as 6 in the AW part. What chance do I stand in getting scholarship? I have done 3 Projects at IIT KGP one of which was a funded project by IBM. Please help.


  44. Maryland college park ; North carolina state university; university of california and Arizona state university

    Electronics and communication

    average gre scores for these univs????

  45. Hi, My GRE score: V-152, Q-163, AW-3.5. Which US universities may be suitable for me to get funding for Phd in electrical engineering?

  46. i got 296 in gre. i have engg aggre. of 58.85% till my sixth sem.will appear for my 7th sem now. is it possible for me to get into a decent university with this score?? should i reappear for the exam?? will i get scholarships?? please suggest something..

  47. hi…im abt to complete my biotechnology with a cgpa of 3.2…… is gre score 285(V140 + Q145) enough….. im abt to take my post graduation in forensics science in united states

  48. hello i have completed my B.Tech (CS) thus july from UPTU/GBTU i failed in the second year and hence completed it in 5 years instead of 4. i had many backs but now all are clear and my overall result is 63.78%.
    i want to do MS in CS or gaming related field from USA, am i eligible for MS in USA(my yearback thing??)
    i took a GRE test(mock) and scored 142 -v and 147-Q, assuming my score will not fall below this one, which universities can i apply to?? i have family in DC and Virginia so please tell me some universities(especially state univ) which are not expansive and will accept such score.

  49. hello i have done my graduation (66% aggr) now doing master in IT now i want to do pursue MS in CS from USA so for the same i gave my GRE scored 317 and toefl scored 107 so please help me for shortlisting the universities.

  50. hi i have Revised GRE score of 297
    verbal 142
    i want to pursue M.S in kinesiology or physical therapy can u suggest me universities or will i get admit from iowa state,university of illinois ,texas A&m or nay other university

  51. My score is V= 165, Q= 163, AWA= 4.0.
    Will my low AWA score affect my applications to Ohio state U, UC- San Deigo, Penn state U and Iowa state U for a PhD?
    What is the AWA usually required by good universities?

  52. Can you please suggest me what all the universities I can get into. I would like to do my MS in telecommunications.
    My Profile
    GRE Score 296
    Quants 158
    Verbal 138
    Toefl 90/120
    Btech 76%
    12th 95%
    10th 82%
    Experience 2years in HCL.

  53. Hi,
    My profile is as follows:-
    10th – 80%
    12th – 86%
    B-Tech(IT) – 76%
    Work Experience – 2 years in Infosys Limited
    GRE Score – 302(Verbal – 146,Quant – 156)
    The universities i applied for after the exam:-
    1> University of Texas,El Paso
    2> University of Cincinnati
    3> University of Florida
    4> University of North Dakota

    I am looking for MS in Computer Science
    What should i do?Should i retake GRE or should i continue with this score?
    Can i get scholarhip?

  54. Hi,
    i am rajashaker. My revised GRE score is 294 following data

    class 10 – 74%
    10+2 – 93%
    B.Tech ECE – 72%
    Working as system software engineer in AMI – experience >2 years.

    On the day of GRE i have applied for following universities.
    can u please suggest any Universities other than the mentioned and can i get admission?
    1)Texas A&M kingsville
    2)Souther Mississippi
    3)Mcneese Univ-
    4?)north texas

    Please let the me know whether i have to retake ma GRE?

  55. Hi,,
    My revised GRE score is 309 (148 verbal, 161 quant).
    I am planning to apply for
    “South Dakota State University” (SDSU)
    Specialization – Computers
    My Profile:
    class 10 – 85%
    10+2 – 97%
    B.Tech ECE – 80%
    Working as software engineer in TCS – experience >2 years.

    Can u please tell me if my gre verbal score(148) permit me to get the admission in SDSU surely?

  56. Could any one help me out
    my gre scor is
    i applied for visa bcz i got rejected once bcz of low gre verbal score at that tym i got awa 3 bt retook gre nw i gt awa 2.5 bt i improved my gre verbal by 6 points so my question is if the visa officer pose me a ques y low awa score what the reasn i should tel him????????

  57. it depends on your interests on specialized areas.. and the average GRE scores required.
    u can go through the websites of colleges(in the list)..and look for it.

  58. Hey,
    my GRE score are:


    what all universities(Computer Science) can you suggest for the above profile?
    i will be applying for FALL 2013.By that time , i will also have one year experience in an IT company

  59. Hi,

    My GRE scores are

    Quant – 160/170
    Verbal – 152/170
    AWA – 3.5

    Toefl score : 107/120

    Could you please let me know if my score is ok to clear the cut offs for the following
    1. University of pennyslvania
    2. carnegie mellon university
    3. georgia institute of technology

    can you also suggest me some university for MS specialisation in embedded systems
    thanks a lot

  60. Hi,

    My GRE scores are

    Quant – 155/170
    Verbal – 142/170
    Writing – 3.0

    Toefl score : 105/120

    Could you please let me know if my score is ok to clear the cut offs for the following
    1. University of North Carolina, Greensboro
    2. North Carolina State University, Raleigh
    3. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

    Your help is much appreciated. Please suggest if I have to take the GRE test again to avoid any rejection.

    Kind Regards,

  61. Hi. First of all, thanks for sharing such good information. I want to know what must be my GRE score for doing MS in Computer Networks in Stanford/NCSU/Purdue/CMU/UCSB (in respective order of preference). I’m 2012 pass-out with B.E (ECE) degree. I have CGPA of 8.71 (out of 10). My 10th and 12th marks- 89.18% and 95%. Please let me know, what must be my GRE score (please specify the score for each section) so as to get admission in any of those colleges (If possible please suggest any other colleges too).
    Thanks, in advance.

  62. Hi,

    My GRE score is 286 with score of 143 in verbal n 143 in quant . Toefl 83. I am 2008 passed out with 62% and have 3yrs of IT experience.

    Is there any chance for mw to go with these scrores.? If yes can you sugegst me with some universities.

    Thanks in advance.

  63. Thanks Venkat a lot. I have done my bachelors in computer science with aggregate of 69 percent. And I have work experience of 3 years with Hewlett-Packard. Can you let me know if I can get into george mason university,virginia.

  64. Hi,

    My GRE score is 296 with score of 152 in quant and 144 in verbal. Is it possible for me to to get into George Mason University.

    Please let me know what all colleges I can apply for. Many thanks in advance.

    1. U can apply for Cleveland state univ, Arkansaa tech univ , Georgia state univ , southern illinois university edwardsville , syracuse university , university of dayton , univ of missouri- kansas, Kent state univ- ohio. U will get admit in cleveland state univ for sure…. Can I know u r acads ….

  65. Hi,

    My GRE score is 296 with quant of 152 and verbal of 144. Please let me know the average GRE score to get into George mason university for computer science.

    Also,let me know what all colleges I can apply for. Many thanks in advance.

  66. Hi

    I have a GRE score of 309(150 in verbal and 159 in Quant) and 5/6 in Analytical writing ability. I have a strong academic background and have done my Master’s in financial economics from India. I am looking to do a Ph.D. in economics from a US university and would require financial support. But since my GRE score is low, I am not sure what universities i should apply to. Is there any chance of an admission into Wisconsin-Madison or Penn state?

  67. My GRE score is
    Verbal – 146/170
    Quant – 160/170
    Analytical – 3.5/6

    TOEFL – 112/120
    my GPA is 4.0

    i have completed Master’s in Medical Biotechnology, n am looking for colleges to apply for PhD… could u suggest a few names of colleges where this score would be acceptable and where i may have a chance to get a scholarship.

  68. Please i would like to know the Average Revised GRE scores for the following schools and the GPA as well:

    1. University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences Program (Department)

    2. Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Sciences, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

    3. Georgia SouthWestern State University, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Geology and Physics

  69. what must be the minimum score for spring 2013 for getting admission in electrical engineering at Stanford University. I have no work experience and just got relieved from college in 2011 in electronics stream with an aggregate of 72.93%. i have no extracurricular s at all in student or college life. I have been staying in California, USA from a month as i got married recently. I want to study here. So i would like to know about the revised gre required scores and even the plan of dates like when to write the test and apply for admission etc. Advance thanks for replay. I feel much great if u advice because its the only way for me to get out of this H4 status whats like a beautiful jail.

  70. Can anyone tell what is the minimum GRE(Verbal and Quant) score required for Phd admission in Material Science and Engg. in North Carolina State University ?

  71. Sir,
    Can you please inform us the average and minimum revised gre scores for university of waterloo, university of new mexico , concordia university , universityof alabama huntsville , Department of electrical and computer science engineering Please.

  72. I scored a 152 on the Verbal and a 148 on the QR. I’m trying to get into the Physical Therapy programs at at Clarkson University, Touro College, Misericordia University, Thomas Jefferson, and University of the Science. Are these scores good enough?
    Please let me know, any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  73. Hii

    My GRE Score is as follows:
    Quan : 163
    Verbal : 152
    AWA: 4.5
    I’m yet to take the TOEFL.

    I’m an electrical engineering graduate with 83% overall aggregate and have 8 years industry experience with French Power MNC Alstom Grid.

    I’m trying to select Universities in and around SFO like San Jose state university, san francisco state university.
    What other universities do u suggest with my profile and what are my chances of getting financial aid?
    Thanks a lot.

  74. Dear,
    My quantitative GRE SCORE is 144,I want to apply for Ph. D in turkey universitirs: Bogazici, Istanbul tech university and middle east tech univesity . My major is English Language Tteaching and want to study the same major for Ph.D. would you possibly provide me with avrage required score of revized GRE for these universities?

  75. do you ever reply to the comments…if not please mention in here…see how many people are commenting every day…

    1. No allwin, I don’t reply to comment for which answers can be found by searching online. I do reply for comments from members who are active contributors – not passive readers.

      1. am in here since last one year… tracking every comment that is coming up… and it is seriously disgraceful in having such a reply from the owner itself… Other sites like “Inspire n Ignite” take every effort and pain to answer the visitors… grow up man..!! respect your visitors…

        1. U can have better idea and solution of your query when you go through the university websites and other appropriate websites. You guys are asking him for every little information, as if you can not search and find anything. You think that he knows everything. Research yourself, you will get better idea and appropriate direction.

  76. hlo,
    my GRE score is 286/340..
    verbal – 135
    quants – 151
    aw- 3
    TOFEL – yet to write
    my CGPA – 7/10
    I have 2 conference papers n 1 international journals…..
    plz suggeest me some gud univ tat i can apply in CANADA/USA

    1. Verbal score of 135 is very very low, although a quant score of 151 looks ok, if you are not a science major. However, in any case, a combined score less than 300 is generally considered quite low, as most universities in U.S. look for at least 150 in each section.
      There are also excellent universities such as Virginia tech which openly state that a minimum combined score of 1000 ( based on old scoring system) is needed for admission into science programs. However, when selecting Universities, the best thing to do is to look at the average GRE score of admitted students in the recent years. Personally, I think that in order to get into a good university in the United States, a score of 155 on each section, plus AW score of atleast 4 would be considered pretty good. Of course, in addition to GRE, there are also factors like GPA which should be atleast 3.0, although a GPA of 3.5 is usually the average for good universities. Finally, you need three professors, with at least two of them writing excellent things about you, such as your ability to think creatively, independently and your academic commitment.

  77. Would you please tell me average new GRE score for University of Arizona, Near Eastern Studies department, ?

  78. hi!!my revised gre score is v-144/Q-162 and AW-2. I am a civil engineering and want to study master degree in US. Is my score a bad one??Please suggest few universities to which I can apply with scholarship?

  79. Good afternoon Sir, i just wrote the GRE and had 143 for both quantitative and verbal, this is my second time, the first time i had 139 for both, i want to kow how it will be scored and the possibility of gaining admission.

  80. My GRE score:
    My CGPA: 8.53/10;
    Please suggest me some good universities that I am eligible, for MS in Electronics
    and Communication Engineering. Also please inform, if I could get any scholarship.

  81. My GRE score:
    AWA: 4/6;
    My CGPA: 8.53/10;
    Please suggest me some good universities that I am eligible for MS in Electronics
    and Communication Engineering. Also please inform me, if I could get any scholarship.

  82. i have a general question….can you please give an overview of the cost of studying ms in usa…with gre score 301(if it makes any difference)]

  83. i got a gre score of

    quantitative – 151
    analatycal reasoning – 3

    which university can i apply to? and
    am i eligible for any scholarships ?

  84. I have got 136 in verbal and 1541in Quants. Could anyone please suggest some universities to pursue Electronics and Telecommunication eng ???

    Also I get 66.67% in BE in Ec.

  85. Hello HSB,

    What are the standard deviations for verbal and quantitative separately?
    Is the standard deviation of 8.75 for combined quant and verbal scores?

  86. hey hello HSB am a passive reader since man months
    am completing my engineering degree and thus took gre this year
    besides prepping for 3 months i scored ridiculously low

    want to pursue MS in CS in US

    my engineering aggregate would be 57-58% from pune uni.
    will this score make me enter into good university or should i retake the GRE ? pls pls reply

  87. Hi HSB,

    I want get admitted into University of Massachusetts Boston for the Masters in Computer Science program. My revised GRE scores are:
    Verbal : 147/170, Quantitative : 153/170 and Analytical Writing : 3.5
    I want to know if my scores are admissible.
    Please reply asap.
    Thank you.

  88. Hi! Thanks!
    What are the average revised scores for the following schools?

    Tulane University
    University of Texas at Dallas
    University of North Texas
    Columbia University
    Yale University

  89. Hi.. I am looking for the average and minimum REVISED GRE score for the University of Central Florida. I am going for Mental Health Counseling.

  90. hi…i got 286/340..will i get in univ of houston?? for m.s in project management?? i got 153 quants n 135 verbal…is it a bad score??

    1. Hi Swathi ,

      This is swapna, Can I know if you got admission into University of Houston.
      I have applied for it and concerned about my GRE scores.


    2. I want to have full bright scholarship from Pakistan for PhD structural Engineering. But my score is 139 verbal, 155 quantitative and 3.5 analytical. Should I apply?

      1. Unfortunately, your verbal score is too low. Also, as a prospective Phd student in engineering seeking scholarship in USA, your quant score isn’t spectacular, which should have been atleast 160 or close. Just imagine what kind of students you will be competing against for the scholarship. Most likely, the top candidates will have pretty high GRE scores. A low GRE score definitely gives the admission committe a strong reason to reject applicant.

  91. can anyone tell about min required GRE scores to get admission into dartmouth,duke,cornell, portland universities( engg management course)

  92. QA=158, VA=142, CGPA =2.49, IELTS =6.5 What are the suitable universities for the Masters in Electronics and Communication Engineering ?

  93. Hello HSB Admin,

    QA : 158 VA : 147 Total : 305/340 .AWA : 3.5. TOEFL : 108

    Masters in Engg Mgmt course :

    Please rate ambi mod or safe accordingly.

    Decent acads and UG % is 75 πŸ™

    Good Work profile & Extra Curr.(2yrs Work Ex)

    Univs Preffered :


    George Washington Univ

    USC :)Datrmouth πŸ™‚


    Univ of Florida(Gator)

    Notre Dame


    Univ of Rochester (Not RIT)

    Columbia University πŸ™‚

  94. Gre Score

    verbal – 147/170 36%
    quant 165/170 93 %
    analytical writing 4.5 72%

    Computer Science

    Need ur advice on USC, Univ. of california, stony brook

  95. Sir I want to do ms in electronics and communication engineering….can you tell me the list of top colleges providing these scores and what will be the average gre score needed to get admission in those universities…

  96. my gre score is 150 in verbal and 153 in quant may i have the chance of getting the admission and fund in the department of chemistry as phd student at UTD and UTA

  97. ‘m currently in third year. I ‘ve a CGPA of 9.81/10 as of now. I took up GRE in the old format and secured Verbal-580, Quant-800 and Analytical-4.0 (scaled score: Verbal-158 and quant-166). Do i have any chances of making it into Stanford, MIT-Boston or UT-Austin for masters???

    1. Great score ! I am a novice so cannot answer your answers but please can u tell how did u prepare for your verbal section. Did u learn words and what was your duration of preparation .
      Please reply I am weak in verbal and need help.Thanks

  98. Hi this is Lokesh,
    I’hv low % in my B-Tech i.e 57.21%.
    my GRE score is 285/340(Q-143 & V-142)
    Leave my score but tell me, is there is a possibility of getting VISA for my B-tech percentage.
    Please reply me. I’m waiting for u r reply…

  99. My GRE score is 286 : 150 – Quantitative, 136 – Verbal
    I would like to know the minum GRE scores for the following universities:
    I am applying for Computer Science Engineering :
    1) University of Oklahoma,Norman Campus
    2) University of Nevada,Las vegas
    3) Louisiana Tech.University
    4) University of Central Arkansas

  100. I would like to know the minimum scores for ivy league colleges like Berkley, Cornell & the like. My scores are Verbal 161/170
    Quantitative 169/170
    Analytical 4.5/6

    1. Dear,
      I’m really impressed by your results. Would you please disclose how did prepare for the test and for how long?

      1. I would also love to know how you prepared. I prepped 2 months ahead of time and scored 147 quant and 145 verb. But I also work full-time.

    2. Please would you share the details for how you prepared for the Revised GRE, I took it and would like to score better when I take it again.

      1. Most of the Ivy leagues never publish a minimum score. However, 161 verbal and 169 quant are pretty amazing scores. If you are indeed able to show that you are creative and possess the ability to be an independent researcher in the future, then you have a pretty good chance. And one more thing, Ivy leauge is not a term used for any prestigious university. For eg, although Stanford, UC Berkely are top class institutions and as prestigious as Yale, Harvard (which are both Ivy leagues), they are not called Ivy leauges.

  101. dear sir ,wounderful .exp,plese send me more expensive information about studying usa,uk for mba.ples…..
    sudip kr sinha roy.w.b

  102. My GRE score is 300 : 158 – Quantitative, 142 – Verbal
    I would like to know the minum GRE scores for the following universities:
    I am appllying for Industrial Engineering :
    1) Wisconsin Madison
    2) Texas-Arlington
    3) North Carolina State University
    4) Virginia Tech
    5) Arizona State University
    6) Ohio State university
    7) Michigan- Ann arbour
    8) Northeastern University
    9) Binghamton

    1. Fall 2012 | MS | Computer Science | Q:158, V-139 | TOEFL:96 | UG:7.87/10 | Nirma University

      Degree: BTech in Information Technology
      GPA: 7.87/10
      10th: 91%
      12th: 82%

      New GRE Score:

      Q: 158 (79%)
      V: 139 (10%)
      AWA: 3

      Department: Software Engineering

      1.) George Mason (CS)
      2.) San Jose state university (Software Engineering)
      3.) Texas Tech University (CS)
      4.) Temple university (CS)
      5.) University of Southern California (CS)
      6.) University of Illinois at Chicago (CS)

      Related Work Experience: 2 years and 8 months, presently working in an Indian Software Giant

      Completed industrial project on Operational Infrastructure Management. The technology used was EJB, servlets, JSPs.
      Back end: PosGreSQL

      I have received award in my training and in my project and client appreciation in the present company. Before that I was in a government company with software engineer designation.
      I have participated in many seminars like Hyper threading technology, nano RAM, positive hacking and presented posters like blu ray in college.
      I have received prize in blu ray in college.

      1. 3 Years work experience will hep when you complete MS and during job search.
        I think Department should be Computer Science. I would not apply to USC (No Aid and expensive).

        1. Hi HSB,

          I got raw score as Q-158, V- 144. AWA- awaiting result.

          My 10th standard : 84.5%
          12th standard : 72.5%

          I have double bachelors degrees. BSC with Physics Hons.(63 %) . B Tech (3 years) in computer science & engg.(GPA – 8.0/10.0) from University of Calcutta.

          I have 2 years work experience in IT industry as a Mainframe application developer.

          I will be taking TOEFL in november,2012.

          I am applying for PHD in computer science for 2013 Fall.

          Please suggest some US/Canadian universities where I can proceed with this score.

          1. University Of Arizona
          2. Stony Brook University-SUNY
          3. Carleton University

          Please suggest and guide.

  103. hai
    I am doing my 3/4 at present in CSE .I Interested to do ms in us .but i don’t know about the process .

    After writing the GRE exe what have to do and what to do now .plz tell me .in my family there are no one want to us and they don’t know about it also that’s way plz suggest any person to know about the process .plz

  104. Hello HSB,
    Can u please tell me,in which colleges can i get admission with the score of verbal-139 and quant-144,in computer science department? Please do reply.

  105. Hi HSB,

    Please tell the Average Revised GRE score for the below universities in MS Computer Science :
    1)Carnegie Mellon University
    2)Stony brook
    3)NYU POLY
    4)Suny buffalo
    6)iit chicago
    8)John hopkins
    9)San Jose State Uni.
    10)San Diego State Uni.

  106. Hi HSB,

    Appreciates if you could you please suggest minimum revised GRE score for US based university.

    Thanks in advance.

    Pls reply….

  107. hi hsb,
    My gre score is 1280 , with v-510 and q-770… toefl is 94, with r-25, l-25, s-23 , w-21
    I am pursuing my B.E. in electronics and communication from Medicaps, Indore. With agg of 66%.
    I want to apply for information systems or Information technology.
    Have shortlisted univ :-
    1. Bentley (applied)
    2. Purdue
    4. RIT
    5.University of Pittusburgh
    I have done some programming courses too + have 1 yr part time work ex in software firm.
    Please help me know what are my chances in these universities.

  108. i have got a toatal of 30 in gre and 96 in toefel with 142 in verbal and 165 in quant. my awe score is 3. i want to pursue ms in electronics and communication.. please suggest me some universities

  109. HI HSB, I would like to know the average NEW GRE scores of the following univ


    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Fairleigh Dickinson University, College of Florham, Madison, NJ

    MY scores are Verbal 141 and Quant 154

    Thank u

  110. HI HSB,
    ple tell me what could be appox. GRE score required for Electrical Engg(Ms) Dept of
    Texas A&M Uni.,College Station
    Colorado State University
    University of Utah Salt Lake City
    Stevens Institute of Technology (Schaefer)
    University of Houston (Cullen) Houston, TX
    Mississippi State University (Bagley)
    Missouri University of Science & Technology Rolla, MO
    University of New Mexico

  111. hi HSB,
    Thank you for the great source of information for students like me planning to go to US for MS.
    My GRE scores are 144/170 V and 150/170 Q a total of 294/340. I am planning to do MS strictly in Robotics—which falls under Electrical and Computer Science Department. Here is a list of universities providing Masters in Robotics and how are my chances of getting admit.
    1. University of Utah
    2. University of Michigan
    3. University of Pennsylvania
    4. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    5. Carnegie Mellon University [ πŸ™‚ ]
    6. University of Southern California
    7. South Dakota School of Mines and technology

    Your help will be much appreiciated
    thanks again

  112. hi HSB,
    you are a great source of information for students like me planning to go to US for MS. My GRE scores are 147/170 V and 158/170 Q and a total of 305/340. I am planning to do MS in industrial and systems engg. Here is a list of universities which i am interested to know about the minimum GRE score required in industrial engg.and how are my chances of getting admit.
    1. Virginia Tech
    2.Arizona State Uni.
    3.Texas A&M Uni.,College Station
    4.San Jose State Uni.
    Looking forward for your help.

  113. Hi ,
    I took my GRE in Dec 2007 and scored 1180 (400 V + 780 Q) .According to revised GRE exam, my equivalent score is 309 (checked in ets site) .

    I have 4 yrs of IT work experience .
    I have 87 % in my Graduation and 88% in SSC . Am yet to take my TOEFL exam .

    Can you suggest which all universities can i apply for ??

  114. Hello
    These are my credentials and the Univs that i am applying to for a PhD. Kindly tell me whether my choices match my profile.
    I am currently pursuing B.Tech Industrial Biotechnology @ SASTRA University.
    Prioir Research experience: Govt of India Funded Project @ SASTRA University.

    Old GRE scores:
    Verbal- 550, 72% projected- 156/170
    Quant- 770, 86% projected- 161/170
    Analytical Writing- 3.0, 11%
    Writing- 27 , Speaking-24, Reading-27, Listening-27
    CGPA- 8.98/10, i.e., 3.6/4.0

    Applying for PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at:
    1. Univ of North Carolina -Chapel Hill
    2. Univ of Colorado @ Boulder
    3. Univ of Arizona
    4. Univ of Delaware
    5. Iowa State Univ
    6. Univ of Georgia @ Athens

    1. i have quite similar score…
      but i didnt apply anywhere since my AWA score was 3.0…

      with all due respect… How are you applying… and what is the procedure…??

    2. even i have similar scores…
      but since i have 3.0 in AWA… i am not applying anywhere…

      with all due respect… how are you applying then… and what is the procedure…

      am eagerly waiting for a reply..

  115. Name of universities: Lawrence tech,Michigan tech,Michigan Tech.

    Department: Automotive/Mechanical

    My Revised GRE score: V-140 Q 191 AWA-2.5
    Please help me with the avg GRE score for these univ, or suggest some other univ which accept this score
    Thank You in advance………

  116. Hi HSB;
    I was completed my B-Tech tis year.
    my % is:57.21
    GRE score : Q: 1430/170 & V: 142/170 Total : 285/340.
    AWA: 2.0/6.0 Want to pursue masters from US.
    which universities do i have a chance of getting admitted??
    Is tis my profile has chance of getting visa?

      1. i got 2 in AWA,but got 7 ielts ,and a gre score of 296/340…do i have any chance in getting admission for masters in US….

  117. Hi HSB

    Will you please clarify if a get an admit with GRD Q 800/800, V 570/800, AW 4.0/6.0 CGPA 8.36 on 10 scale (Up to 6th semister). Please let me know the chances of admit in MS Computer Science in

    1. University of Wisconsin, Madison
    2. University of Illinois, Urbana Camapaign
    3. Purdue University, West Layefette
    4. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

      1. hi HSB,
        my gre score is 1250 (316/340)my cgpa is 9.48/10.i am department 2nd +2 is 96.5,10th:89.3….I have very good ranks in AiEEE,EAMCET(AP)..I can get very gud recos from my professors.I ahve 3 yrs work experience in power plant.My target universities for electrical engg
        1.georgo tech atlanta
        2.Univ of michigan ann arbor,
        3.texas austin
        4.texas A&M
        5.Illinois urbana
        7.penn state university
        is there any for me to get into these?please suggest any more univ please…waiting for reply

  118. hello,i am gaining a score of 1000(verbal 440, Quant 560) in the Power-prep tests and i have registered my exam date on 27th of this month i.e., December.Can anyone please help me how to convert this score into new reporting pattern?Can i apply to universities with this score or hope for the best?Can anyone advise me the best scoring and practicing means to get 1200 in GRE by 27th of this month.

    1. its pure luck,try 2 giv ur best shot …..there is post in hsb reg the score conversion so u can refer that and get 2 knw wher u stand ……..all the best prepare well

  119. Hello HSB! Thank you for such an informative blog. It is my best resource for US admissions. I got my new GRE score its 147 in verbal n 157 in quants. Will I be able to get good Universities for PhD ? My Academics – M.Sc. 79 % ; B.Sc. First Class;HSC 84;SSC 90. I have done 3 projects and summer training. n I have abstract published in international conference. I m lookin fr UT Soutwestern Uni, Uni Texas health ctr Texas, UCSF, Penn,Viginia n UCSD. Plz help

      1. I want to add here that my TOEFL score is 94. I have sent emails to professors, but some are not getting delivered and some professors are not replying. Do I have a chance in getting some good universities? Plz reply.

  120. Hi ,
    My new GRE score is Verbal 151 and Qunat-169… 320/340 and AWA 3.5
    My current gpa is 7.66

    I am thinking of applying for masters in information security @
    Carnegie mellon
    john hopkins
    georgia tech
    george mason

    Wat are my chances with these universities? and will i be able go get any aid?

  121. I have got 138 in verbal and 154 in Quants. Could anyone please suggest some universities to pursue Electrical eng ???
    Also I am from MVIT-VTU having 64% aggregate in ECE. I m currently working for PayPal from past 2.4 yrs. By the time i join universities i will have 3 yrs of work exp.
    Please help me out!

  122. Name of the College- VirginiaTech

    Department- ECE(Electrical and Computer Engineering)

    Minimum GRE revised Score

  123. My GRE scores are 147/170 in verbal, 153/170 in Quantitative. I am a Civil Engineering Bachelor want to apply for MS in US. Universities I am interested in are

    University of Florida
    Iowa State University
    Lousiana State University
    Utah University
    Michigan State University
    University of California Davis
    Idaho State university
    Kansas State University
    Texas A&M University, College Station

    Please let me know the revised GRE scores required for Civil Engineering Dept.


  124. Texas Tech University – Health Science Center- School of Pharmacy
    Wayne State University – Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

    Course: M.S/Ph.D In Pharmaceutics (Integrated course)

  125. Hi HSB,
    My GRE revised score was verbal – 145, quant – 155 & analytical writing – 2; to study mechanical engineering in either Canada or US. Do u think i need to re-write the GRE.

  126. Name of the college or university:
    Carnegie Mellon University
    University of california,Berkeley
    University of Michigan,ann arbor
    George Washington
    Purdue University –West Lafayette
    Texas A & M College Station
    Syracuse University
    University of California Los Angles
    Department: Ms in Information Systems
    Average Revised GRE or Minimum Required GRE Scores

  127. Hi,
    I wrote the old gre pattern and i got a score of 880(360-verbal n 520-quants).The revised gre equivalent for that is v-143, q-144 i.e a total of 287/340.MY AWA score is 3.0.My toefl score is 89(L-23,R-19,S-20,W-27). I have applied to Murray state university and southeast missouri state university.I m expecting a scholarship/fee waiver from both these universities. I m pursuing final year of in ECE. I m planning for MS in telecommunication engineering.My current aggregate is 60.7% with 7 backlocks. Is this a very low profile?What are the chances of getting a visa for a profile like mine? I want to apply for one more university after my 4-1 semester. So please let me know where else can i get admission.I would prefer state universities.

    1. Hello !!!!
      If u are excepting a scholarship from the univ’s look out for the toefl score of that univ’s … For the TA/RA the toefl score should be 100+ … And u mentioned that u have seven back logs,if u have back logs in the ece stream then it may affect u r chances for the visa as well as admission because they don’t u to fail in the ece subjects …. Last thing ur major is telecom sector so many people will be applying for it so the chances of getting aid is difficult ….. My opinion is retake toefl and get good score

      Finally all the best πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      1. @venkat sai Thanks a lot for your response bro … ur advice means a lot.I am applying through a consultancy and they are having a tie-up with those universities.I was clearly informed by them before writing the exam that i need minimum awa score of 2.5 and minimum toefl score of 80. I was worried about the low score in gre.Now-a-days backlogs is not a matter of worry people having more than 10 backlogs are also getting visas very easily.I want to know whether my low gre score (287/340) will create any problem or not.I have heard that if a student has a scholarship in his kitty then there are 101% chances of getting a what extent this thing is true? please reply πŸ™‚

      2. @venkat sai Thanks a lot for your response bro … ur advice means a lot.I am applying through a consultancy and they are having a tie-up with those universities.I was clearly informed by them before writing the exam that i need minimum awa score of 2.5 and minimum toefl score of 80. I was worried about the low score in gre.Now-a-days backlogs is not a matter of worry people having more than 10 backlogs are also getting visas very easily.I want to know whether my low gre score (287/340) will create any problem or not.I have heard that if a student has a scholarship in his kitty then there are 101% chances of getting a what extent this thing is true? please reply πŸ™‚

        1. hey buddy….1 advice if u r nt desperate to do MS in 2012, pls retake gre n also toefl( toefl is still ok as u must have cleared minimum requirement of many univ.) mine is 93.

          GRE is a concern as for engineering they expect quatns – score more 700.

          1. @Sylar Yes I m desperate to do MS in 2012,lol. I dont want to wait and waste time after completing my I m pretty confident that I will get a visa if I have a scholarship and i think i will b getting that.I dont have patience to write the new pattern buddy.In the old pattern the exam was only for 2.5 hrs.Now its almost double man. And moreover i hate repeating exams.IF I didnt get good score I cant expect that I will increase 200 marks in quants. If not U.s then its not the end of the world.There are many reputed universities in other countries like Austrailia,NZ etc; I m planning to write Ielts in next month and apply for one university in Austrailia also. Lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst πŸ˜‰ You are having a good score in toefl .what are your individual scores in toefl?Please make the max out of this score and take the right decisions buddy πŸ™‚ ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE πŸ™‚

        2. it’s true that if u have a scholarship then the interview will be smooth, as the visa officer gets to know that u are capable student as u got scholarship… U are saying that the consultancy have tied up with respective univ’s right, be cautious because it may lead to a situation which is faced by tri valley univ students…… My sincere advice is to go i20fever website and give ur details then they will respond to u and u can clarify the doubts … if at all the list of univ’s match with u r consultancy one then it is fine otherwise be careful …… The most trustful consultancy i have heard is i20fever…..
          πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

          1. @venkat sai Murray State University, located in the city of Murray, Kentucky, is a four-year public university with approximately 10,400 students. The school is Kentucky’s only public university to be listed in the U.S.News & World Report regional university top tier for the past 20 consecutive years (non-doctoral degree granting universities). The above info was from Wikipedia. This is one of the universities to which I’ve applied. The second one is southeast Missouri state university.I got the info about the Murray state university from internet and the second one from one of my cousins who is currently working in U.S.A. Both of them are having very good reputation . There are five different types of scholarships as far as I know.TA,RA,FEE WAIVER,the fourth one is directly from the university for students who’ve done excellent research work which fetched them an article or publication in the newspaper or something like that. I might be getting the third one i.e fee waiver. I will still try to do what you have said.Thanks a ton for replying πŸ™‚

  128. I would like to know the approximate (revised) GRE scores for

    University of Houston main campus
    SUNY buffalo

  129. I would like to know the approximate (revised) GRE scores for the following, if possible

    University of Houston main campus
    SUNY buffalo
    University of texas at Dallas
    university of AKron
    George washington university
    IIT chicago

  130. Hi HSB,

    Average Revised GRE score :
    PhD in Nanotechnology:
    SUNY Albany
    Univ of Mass, Lowell
    Washinton State Univ
    North Carolina State Univ

  131. Min score for:

    2.Iowa state univ
    3.Illinois University-Urbana Champaign

    for masters in bioinformatics ( also do suggest some colleges for the mentioned course)

  132. Hi HSB;
    I am a 4th year student doing B.E.(Chemical) from UICET, PU, Chandigarh.
    % till 6th Sem : 87.0%
    GRE score : Q: 160/170 & V: 158/170 Total : 318/340.
    AWA: 4.0/6.0 Want to pursue masters from US/Canada.
    In which of the following universities do i have a chance of getting admitted??

    University of Texas at Austin
    University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
    Ohio State Univ
    Penn State Univ
    Univ of Pennsylvania
    Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor
    Arizona State Univ
    Johns Hopkins Univ
    Univ of Toronto
    McGill Univ
    McMAster Univ
    Univ of Alberta
    Univ of Florida
    North Carolina State Univ
    Georgia Tech
    Virginia Tech
    Northwestern Univ
    Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
    Yale Univ
    Columbia Univ
    Brown Univ
    Rice Univ

  133. Please tell the Average Revised GRE score for the below university

    University of Huntsville AL

    Computer Science Department

  134. Average Revised GRE score for:-
    MS in Electrical Engineering.
    1. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
    2. Georgia Institute of Technology
    3. University of Pennsylvania
    4. Texas A&M University
    5. Arizona State University
    6. Ohio State University
    7. Texas University at Dallas
    8. North Eastern State University
    9. University of Florida
    10. University of Southern California

    thank you!

  135. My score is:
    Verbal 150
    Quant 160
    Awa 4

    I have applied to:

    Uc santa barbara
    florida uni
    virginia polytech
    iwowa state uni

    Am i being too ambitious?

  136. i got 151 in verbal,166 in quant,107 IN TOEFL
    wot r my chances in
    2.TEXAS A & M

  137. Hi,
    Can you please tell me the average GRE scores required for MS in Biotech in
    University of California, Irvine
    University of Texas, Dallas
    SUNY, Bufalo

  138. Hi HSB,

    Please tell the Average Revised GRE score for the below universities

    University of Connecticut: MS in Electrical
    University of Texas, Dallas: MS in Electrical
    UTA :MS in Electrical
    Illinois Institute of Technology: MS in Electrical
    University of Maryland: MS in Fire Protection Engineering
    University of Missouri, Kansas City: MS in Electrical
    Northeastern University : MS in Electrical

  139. Hi
    Following is my score profile:
    Verbal: 149/170
    Quantitative: 154/170
    AWA: 3/6

    Is this score way too low to apply for Masters in Architecture in the US?

  140. Hi HSB,

    Please tell the Average Revised GRE score for the below universities in MS Computer Science :

    Univesity of Southern California (USC) – MS CS

    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) – MS CS

    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – MS CS

    University of California, Berkeley (UCB) – MS CS

    Thank You.

  141. HI HSB,
    can u tell me what could be appox. GRE score required for Electrical Engg Dept of
    1. Virginia Tech
    2. North Carolina State Uiversity
    3. Arizona State University
    4. Uni of Tennesse, Knoxville
    5. Univ of Missouri, Rolla(MST,Rolla)
    6 Univ of Houston(Main Campus)
    7. Uni. of Texas Arlington

  142. Hi, I’d like to know the approximate (revised) GRE scores for the following, if possible:
    carnegie mellon university

    stanford university

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    (all for Department of computer science)

    Thank you!

  143. HI HSB, I would like to know the average NEW GRE scores of the following univ


    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Fairleigh Dickinson University, College of Florham, Madison, NJ

    MY scores are Verbal 141 and Quant 154

    Thank u

  144. HI HSB, I would like to know the average NEW GRE scores of the following univ

    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Fairleigh Dickinson University, College of Florham, Madison, NJ

    MY scores are Verbal 141 and Quant 154

    Thank u πŸ™‚

  145. University of Florida
    Carnegie Mellon University
    University of Washington
    Duke university

    All electrical Engg MS

  146. Hi HSB,

    I am taking GRE on TOEFL this month. Planning to apply:
    Clemson Uni
    California State University-Long beach

    Would be great if you have idea what is the minium GRE Score. Thanks

  147. Hi,
    I would like know Average Revised GRE or Minimum Required GRE Score for
    San Jose State Uni-Electrical Engg Dept,
    University of Texas-Dallas-Electrical Engg Dept
    and San Francisco State University-Electrical Engg Dept.

  148. Hi HSB, it would be of great help if you could provide me with the revised GRE scores(Q and V) of

    1) SUNY stony brook department of biological sciences
    2) NYU POLY – department of biological sciences
    3) CSULA department of biological sciences
    4) Florida state university department of biological sciences
    I’m planning to pursue Masters in Biotechnology. Thanks in advance.

  149. hi, my new gre revised score is 281 out of 340……applying for the course healthcare administration in university of Houston Clearlake…..can u let me know what are the university criteria for the GRE score

    1. hi hsb, plz let me knw

      universities-george mason univ,university of sciences -philadelphia,rutgers new jersey

      dept-ms bioinformatics
      avg and minimum score req _????

    2. hey rahul , could you tel me abt healt administration ,hw r the job prospects, i m looking forward for some info reg this grp

  150. Suth Methodist University,Dallas.for the department of mechanical engineering
    My verbal score is 154 and Quant is 157.

  151. Hi, I’d like to know the approximate (revised) GRE scores for the following, if possible:

    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    University of Chicago

    (all for Department of Mathematics)

    Thank you!

      1. Thanks HSB! I actually read that on their website, but I thought that probably they have a typical range of scores that they deem acceptable. But I guess they probably mean that they look at the entire package.. Thanks again!

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