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B2 Visa Experience in Delhi Embassy With New Suit and Tie

B2 Visitor Visa Experience shared by AK Gupta.

  • About self: My son and daughter in law is in US now on H1b visa.
  • My daughter is married and presently staying with us
  • I am working in Cooperative sector
  • My wife is a Haryana Government employee

Before interview I prepared lot of documents and took all the files for Visa Interview.

B2 Visitor Visa Documents

Taken all the three years returns,job NOC, leaves sanctioned, Affidavit of Support,Invitation letter from my son, My son three years Income Tax returns, self returns, Assurance of return Affidavit, Property Affidavits and copies of registration etc. I 194, employer letters of son and self. Bank Statements of self and son for the last three months. Means lot of preparation was made before interview.

On the day of interview I was confused what will be asked by the VO. I went in the morning to the barber shop and he took Rs.1200/- for my face uplift. I was dressed properly with new suit and tie etc.

Finally reached at US Delhi Consulate Office at 10 AM where as the interview was fixed at 11.30 AM.

I was allowed to go inside at 10.20 AM on 19th March,2012.

B2 Visa Interview Questions

Interview with VO of self and wife. I was happy to see that Women VO was taking interview and hoped she will not grill me by asking questions.

Me: Good Morning Madam
VO: Could not understand what she replied

VO: your PPs
Me: Mam this is my passport and this one of my wife.

VO: where (In the mean time she was looking on DS-160 filled by my son)
Me: Could not understand. Only said Mam we are going to Seattle

VO: Why
Me: Mam my son Mr{_____is working there on H1 visa and we want to see him besides touring etc

VO: Is there anybody in India ?
Me: Yes Mam My daughter is there to whom I have to support.

VO: Congratulation, you both will get your PPs in next three /four days time at your address

VO asked only where and why and spoke very less. Thanks to her. I received my PPs with 10 years B2 visa for self and wife.

Need not to panic for attending interview.

The VOs are very kind and supportive. Just we have to understand them what they are saying.

They may ask Why and where only and one must understand the questions or to speak something and not to be mum.

I am very thankful to Happy Schools and I am reading for the last four years when my son has not gone to US.

Happy School helped us a lot and was a guiding factor. I do read now and share my experience with the friends.

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