F1 Visa Interview Experiences

Student Visa (F1) Interview – Experience

Student US Visa interview (sent visa email by Sanju)

Firstly thanks to HSB for this wonderfull blog, this was really helpful for me while applying for universities and preparing for the VI.Well my VI was day(14th july). I would like to share my experience with you.

After going through the usual security checks and document ordering.my turn for VI came at 9:15 Am(scheduled time was 8::15)

I was made to sit in the VI hall with 5 open counters!.

I saw so called  lady at counter 2.she was really quizzing each and every for 5-10 min.

When my turn came i went to the queue at counter 1, a man in late 20’s i guess, though one person(consulate personal) asked me to stand in the lady’s queue (as it was a bit less crowded), I said no problem, I don’t mind standing here.(:P).

While standing in the line. I saw 3 people getting pink slips, 2 girls and 1 boy.

One thing was common in them- ALL of them had spoken about their research interest in detail.

The VO had asked them their area of interest and they explained in detail-the boy explained about some database system,both of the girls were from bio-tech; one of them explained about some polymer synthesis through bacterial process and the other about some mapping thing, in-fact one of them even mentioned technological transfer from US to INDIA.

VO:: where in the US?
me:: xxx university sir.

VO:: why xxx university?
me:: it is the top ranked universities in the US and has a very good reputation, flexible course structure, world renowned for its infrastructure and faculty.

Vo:: what will you get by doing MS from this university?
Me:: sir,i have done my UG and I feel it will b better if i gain more knowledge related to my field.this will help me to be much more proficient and also i stand a good chance of gettin a job with gud salary in India after graduating frm xxx univ.my field of specialization is having very good prospects rite now.

VO: OK, who’s sponsoring you>?
Me: parents sir..

Vo:: what do they do>?
me:: told

VO:: ok,ur visa is approved u will get ur passport in a week.

As you can see i was asked routine questions and the way to answer these has been clearly suggested in the best possible way at HSB also some of the other people who were there with and who got their visa also didn’t delve into any tech info, i.e so called research stuff.

So those who are still confused regarding the criteria to be given a pink slip, you have an possible answer!!!:)

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  1. helo….i have got addmission in p.hd chemistry now i have to apply for visa interw…please advise me the chances of getting visa…plz suggest me some tips to prepare for visa….

  2. if i will go for visa interview without gre or gmat or tofel. bcoz i hv only ilets with 6 bands. and i got admission in the university in us. can i get the visa???????? suggest me plz

    1. tell him even edison failed for 100 of times b4 inventing a bulb;and from all 100 of things he learned new 100 things to update himself.

  3. i was rejected a visa under section 214[b] clause and was told that i dont have strong ties in home country that will compel my return after a temporal visit to the united states.I am single and a teacher in home country and want to reapply what can i do this time to get it right .

  4. Well i d like to know one thing.My mother is working as a teacher in a government aided institution and my dads job is currently under some legal quibble..He is a government judicial servant.Would my fathers being in suspension from his job affect me if i am asked by the V.O. about the annual income and the employment status?

  5. me minhaj …..i have went on us consulate in hyderabad general…
    my interview gone lke this…..
    vo: y MS in it,,,
    who is sponscering u…???
    and last quest is…Annual income of sponscer…
    thatz it guyz,,,…

  6. dear friends,

    i hav GRE 920 TOEFL99 b-tech 59.25%, & 10 backlogs cleared how can i manage about backlogs and percentage plz answer me friends

  7. Hi friends,

    i have my visa interview scheduled two weeks later,

    few questions …i hope u will answer dem 4 me.

    1. i applied only to one university ie neu cos my aunt lives in boston.wat reasons i give to vo for this cos obviously i dnt want to shw my acquaintance in US.?

    2.substantial reason for “coming back” to india?cos i really wanna cum bac

    3.wat if my transactions are jus a month old?

    1. HI Shipra,

      How was your interview and what is the status. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  8. HI,Sir

    please tell me What is SEVIS & Why we pay for sevis fees?

    What is Pink slip and Why it is require?

  9. hi friends i had rej twicw in this two months i got admit from university of maine but i i dnt got visa i was wandering to ask whether i can apply again for third time with in the next month is that possiable to do this plz help me out of this i had to attent for aug 20 2010 ur help will be appriciated thank u..

    1. hi basha i think it would be better to try in other country rather than hitting in the bush. As we all know that the every time we have attempted are recorded in their database. So it is worthless for trying the third time. Actually this is not my self experience but the same case had face by my friend.

      take care


  10. hai frends , yesterday i went through the interview but my visa was got rejected…. i was waiting for my turn b4 me there are 3 people who got rejected…i was very tensed wen my turn came …

    Me : Good morning sir,

    VO: hello

    VO: when did you passed out?

    me: i have pased out in 2007 sir,

    VO: since then what you did?

    me: im working as a software developer in sapienzsolutions…….

    VO: whaaat sapienz solutions but here it is Dreamfire ineteractive system?( i Made a mistake in DS form according to DS form he asked me)

    me: he is our client we worked for them…..

    VO:How many backlogs do you have?

    me: sir nineteen

    VO:what ninety?

    me: no sir, Nineteen….unfortunately i was surounded by some family circumstances which effected on my education..later i improved ….i stopped there waiting for next que i was really tensed he did not listened to my answer he simply gave me the white form under 214(b)…which he cannot issue the visa…….

    may b they are not issuing the visas who have more backlogs & low percentage….as well im fail to convince him abt my baklgs…may i knw the right answer how to convince him abt my backlogs…..can any one sujest im going to reapply in 10 days….


  11. Dear Friends,

    i have an admit from San Jose State University, CA for MS Mechanical. I have Graduated in 2007, After tht i had secured a job in AL, Italy. Later worked for Mahindra for 1.6yrs. Guys i got infected with Malaria and Dengue and was later forced to quit my job due to my prolonged hospitalisation. Guys i vent worked since then for lik 8 months coz i dint get a decent job. In the Visa Interview how do i cover up for the past 8 months. i have the work exp of the previous companies, but i m not sure about how to answer for tht particular questions. Plz help.Thnx

  12. Hi, if i take Loan from bank and if i show that amount along with some amount from my sponsorer during my F1 visa interview then will i not get visa to USA..pls reply back..

    1. Yes of course you will get your VISA,provided it covers the amount mentioned in the I20.Also you should give a convincing answer when the VO asks anything how you are gonna fund the rest of the course duration.

      1. Hi, i completed my UG in 2006. am having twelve backlogs with 59.7% in UG .i am applying for MBA in US. will i get VISA.

  13. Am geting d help of consultancy in showing bank document Can any one tel me is it right nd can we pay next sems fee by working in us. Kindly send me i hav to meet consulat

  14. My name is bond, and i would like to ask a question that always got me into confusion like this. Please, my fellow lovely dear happy school blog friends, i would like to ask a question like: If u have got a form i-20 from a your first applied school with a course like psychology, but due to late entrance i mean the time the i-20 reached and the us date has been booked up and i couldn't make it and i used the SEVIS number they gave me and registered for SEVIS . Now i have got another fresh i-20 form from another university. Is they any question the visa officer will ask me for not using the present school SEVIS no to register for Sevis and how many years does SEVIS last for? Thank you guys, looking forward to see you guys reply.

  15. Well i think the pink slip is given to those who are going into US for any research program.. Well My background is like this.. I have completed my undergraduation in Bachelors of arts with information technology as mains.. I got 60% (GPA=3.0) and my toefl score is 80. I am planning to persue MBA in US. so what are the chances of me getting the US visa.. I have my real sister in US she is working there and she is on H1b visa.. And i have my uncle there too he is US citizen. So from whom should i get my sponsership done.. Please help me out with these questions i will be very greatfull.. And what are my chances of getting visa..

    1. Hello dear,

      In the response ur query I just know about it that ur sister and ur uncle will be beneficial for u if they support u and u have to mention ur relationship with them also while ur going to apply visa.

  16. hey well first of all congrats on ur visa.. I wanted to ask u that in which course did u do ur undergraduation and what was ur toefl score and did u gave any other test also.. please do reply me.. thanks take care

    1. Thanx buddy,

      I did my UG from EEE and m TOEFL scre ws 101, and yes i also took the GRE.

      [sorry fr the late reply, was away fr a while]

    1. Pink slip means that your visa needs to be processed. This will simply delay your visa by a month!!.Most (actually all) of the cases you will get it,but after a month or so.

  17. Sai,

    I think your answers should be to the point ..and not dwell on the details. The more you say, the more questions will be asked. The truth is that you go to the US to study and get more salary. Everyone knows that you will work in the US for a while before you return to India (in some cases, you may not). Just stick to the agenda..Never bluff !!!

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