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[Q&A] Bank Balance for F1 Visa for Admission with Scholarship

A question from Rajiv:

I received an I-20 from the University of Mississippi. I got scholarship from the same college. In my I-20, the cost for my first year of education is $21,250. I got $13,380 as a fund from the college and I have to show $10,000 as family fund. Now how much do I have to show in the bank balance?

Good to see that you have assistantship with admission.

Scholarship or assistantship reduces much of your worries to show for your bank balance for your F-1 student visa interview as well as the amount to be shown for bank balance will be greatly reduced, too.

One of my friends had a full scholarship. He took his bank statement as the total cost of education, but he was asked to take away the bank statement from the list of documents in the counter since he already has full scholarship.

Since you have about $13K in scholarship, you will need to show proof, preferably in liquid cash for the remaining first year and second year. Also get a student loan approval and use that as your back up source.

  • First Year: $10,000 (in Cash)
  • Second Year: $22,000 (in Cash)
  • Backup: $10 Lakhs in Student Loan

The above case will definitely increase your chances for landing a visa.

Read F-1 Visa approval chances based on bank balance.

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  1. i want to go there for mastr degree … but duue to my family circumstances i have 3 year gap … so wht should i do now n how i can apply for usa ?????

  2. a friend of my is asking me if the embassy do confirm the statement of account.please what should i tell him.do they confirm it or not.thanks


  4. hi, i want to do Phd from USA and i have full scholarship which granted by my guide(university) so please suggest me how much bank balance i have to show.

    thanking you.

  5. I got I20 from from NDSU.I got assistantship from the college.In I20 the cost for first year education is $22,284 and I got a fund of $14,768 from the college,but still I need to show $28,900 as a family fund.How should I show my bank balance in that case?

  6. Hi,

    I have secured admission in New York Institute Of Technology for Undergraduate Course(Computer Science and Electrical Engineering – 4 yrs course) starting Fall 2009.

    I have been intimated the sanction of schlorship $9000 every year by NYIT. also I have been promised attractive package by way of grant,aid,loan and part time on campus job.

    The yearly estimated cost per year is mentioned below:-

    Tutuion And Fees – $21498

    Books And Supplies – $800

    On Campus Living And boarding -$10014

    Other Expenses -$2550

    Total Cost per Year -$34862

    Please intimate what bank balance is required to shown during the visa appointment

    I also hold a non-immigrant tourist visa valid for another 7 years.

    Kindly guide for the funds and my chances to get the student visa.

    Many Thanks

  7. Hi,

    I have secured admission in Keck graduate Institute for Masters in Biosciences course( an integrated management and biosciences course of 2 years);and have got a tuition fellowship of 15000 $ per year. I have applied for a international student loan of 20500 $ for the first year and plan to apply for another in the second year of the same amount. The estimated minimum expenses are:

    Tuition and fees for the 2008-09 academic year are billed at the following rates:

    Tuition: $37,900

    Student Services Fee: $260

    Student Activities Fee: $160

    Total billed fees: $38,320

    Other Estimated Costs

    Housing, food, transportation and personal expenses: $21,000

    Books, supplies and a laptop computer: $1,000

    Total other estimated costs: $22,000

    So the total fees come to 60320 $ per year. A lot of money…

    I also have a sponsor who will sponsor about 50,000 $ for me.

    Now, Kindly guide as to how I should show my funds and what are my chances of getting a visa.

    My GRE score is 1330 and TOEFL iBT socre is 110/120.

    Please help.

    Thank you in advance.

  8. Hello there!
    I have got 100% tution waiver and 20k annual stipend for phd in the US …DO u guys think i will have to show bank statements?

    1. hi,

      its really nice that u got 100% tuition waiver and annual stipend, can u tell me how much did u show as ur bank statement while applying for the universities?

      i m also applying for PhD and would like to kno how i need to show as my savings during online application to universities for I-20 issue? and as far as ur visa,

      one of my frnd has just gone to NY, she was also waived with her tuition and fellowship, she did not require the bank statement during her visa interview, although she has taken it she was asked to take it out of her file before entering the room.

  9. @ Ashish
    I’m not sure about Current Account. Usually they dont suggest to have Current Account. You need to have loan sanctioned letter for Visa.

  10. Is it necessary to show liquid cash in Savings. Can we use Current account for it?

    Can we use a Loan Sanction Letter stating that the loan of XXX amount will be sanctioned if the student is granted VISA or should it already be sanctioned beforehand?

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