3 Best Book for MCAT Biology

I’m preparing to take MCAT exam. I was wondering if you can recommend best book for MCAT Biology. I’m looking for a solid MCAT Study guide for bio section. What MCAT bio books do you recommend to prepare for MCAT biology? I have heard about Kaplan, Examkrackers, but I’m not sure which is the top MCAT book for Biology. Does anyone have you have any suggestions or advice?

Best Book for MCAT Biology

MCAT Biology Book Reviews

Examkrackers MCAT Biology is the best book for MCAT Biology – I purchased MCAT biology help me study for PCAT, and it is wonderful. The book gives you ton of hints of what kind of questions going to be ask and what to memorize. Pictures and diagrams are wonderful and very helpful. Has plenty practice questions to re-enforce concepts. It is a thin book with 278 pages, so it easy to carry around to different locations. (Amazon Review)

I found Princeton Review – MCAT Biology highly useful! It is very thorough, reaching over 400 pages long! It is full of information, and breaks it down very nicely (the only thing I don’t like is how they put the ‘biochemistry’ chapter first). I like that there are practice questions after each chapter, as well as 2 biology practice sections at the end.

However, I strongly recommend using a ‘practice question’ book along with this review. I am using the Examkrackers 1001 Questions in MCAT Biology book along with this one. This book gives great reviews and information, but it does not give the amount of practice questions that many students need for the MCAT. (Amazon Review)

Kaplan MCAT Biology achieves the same for the biology section, offering dozens of practice questions, explanations, test examples, and color illustrations with charts, graphs and diagrams covering the most-tested material from partner Scientific American. A highly recommended pick for any student taking the advanced placement exams. – Amazon Review.

Whats your take on MCAT Biology Test prep?

These books will give an overview about Biology sections and practice tests will help to understand your weak areas. In addition to he MCAT Test prep books for biology, you need to review your college course study materials.


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