5 Best Book for MCAT Verbal Reasoning

Question – What is the Best book for MCAT Verbal Reasoning?

I have purchased Examkrakers complete study package with 5 books. But, I’m still struggling with MCAT Verbal reasoning section. I was wondering what is the best book for mcat verbal reasoning. I don’t have money to pay for MCAT courses. I’m looking for self-study MCAT books for verbal section.

After reading several forums, reviews, amazon MCAT Verbal books, following is the list of best book for MCAT verbal reasoning.

Best Book For MCAT Verbal Reasoningbest book for mcat verbal reasoning

  1. Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook
  2. Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning
  3. ExamKrackers Verbal Reasoning & Mathematical Techniques
  4. Princeton Review – MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review
  5. MCAT Verbal Reasoning Mastery

Other Best Book For MCAT Verbal

Review of Best book for MCAT Verbal

I went from averaging 8s on Verbal (using AAMC practice tests) to an 11 on my actual MCAT by using the EK techniques. Math was also a bit helpful and enabled me to finish the Physical Sciences section on time, unlike many other May 12th test takers.

The only con for this book was the minimal practice they gave, but you can supplement yourself and see the difference. Get the book, use it, take the practice tests and good luck.


I bought the entire Kaplan series in preparation for the MCAT. I found that the verbal reasoning book was especially useful. It gave very useful tips on how to approach the passages. The thing that I found to be the most useful in the book though was that it gave a lot of practice. I ended up with a decent score on the verbal reasoning portion. I also do recommend getting Examcracker Verbal!

Some of the forums posting asked not to buy Kaplan for MCAT verbal. But, reviews seems to be good for this book.


Amazon Buyer – This is a good book for practice. However I think this book can be misleading at times. For those studying for the MCAT, use this book to practice passages and more less of actually taking a test one by one. I would say use this book to practice a few passages a day. The questions are very challenging and will you get you thinking and focused for the real thing. I would say this can be easier than the real MCAT or AAMC verbal, but it is harder at times as well.


This book had this interesting review in amazon. Someone who scored 11 on MCAT. Ovrall with 4 star rating.

I consistently scored 9 on the verbal section of practice tests and I was unsatisfied with my score, knowing that a great verbal score can really help your application. Using the techniques in this book I scored an 11 on test day! If your verbal score is the only thing standing in your way to submitting a confident medical school application then this book is an incredibly valuable tool.

There are not a lot of MCAT test prep books for verbal unlike other standardized test. Based on other MCAT test takers, study plan, book reviews, looks like both Examkrackers books are the best book for MCAT verbal reasoning.


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