Best MCAT Test Books 2014 – Examkrackers or Kaplan Study Guide?

What is the Top MCAT prep books 2014 and study guide?

There are several MCAT prep books available – Examkrackers, Kaplan, Princeton Review and Official MCAT Books. It’s not possible to buy all the MCAT books. They are expensive.

Can you list 5 to 7 Best MCAT Test books 2014? I’m planning to take MCAT Exam in late 2014.

Official MCAT Exam Guide

Start your MCAT Test prep with offical study guide.

Best MCAT books 2014

Learn the test structure, format, contents.

Take an test to evaluate your skills. Then come-up with a study plan to tackle the MACT test.

Here’s a review shared by a reader who recently purchased the book in Amazon  –

For any student seriously considering the MCAT exam, this book should be the first thing you purchase.

One of the things that make this book a success is the way it is organized.

The first section is entirely devoted to admin details and facts about the test itself, such as: what the test is and is not designed to measure, how it is and is not scored (and there are enough rumors to make this necessary), how those scores are used by medical schools, how to register and what to expect on test day, and how a given score stacks up against the national averages.

The rest of the book is divided into the disciplines, those being biological sciences, physical sciences, verbal reasoning, and writing sample, from which the test questions are drawn. Each of these opens with an outline of material the student should master before taking the test, then describes the number and type of question you might encounter.

Best MCAT Books 2014

Official MCAT Exam Guide is Must buy.

Followed by supplemental books to learn Test Prep strategies and practice tests.

Best MCAT Prep books is between Examkrackers and Kaplan MCAT books 2014. They have have complete MCAT study package of 5 books.

Examkrackers Reviews from Amazon

Perfect example: ExamKrackers flat out tells you what formulas you will either need to know or disregard for the MCAT. Kaplan throws all of the material at you without being specific about what is critical to know.

Furthermore, even in their most recent editions, Kaplan books are STILL including material that hasn’t been tested on the MCAT for over five years. Huge waste of time. EK is completely up to date. I don’t honestly feel that I learned anything that I didn’t need to know with EK. Kaplan, on the other hand, gave me an overwhelming amount of unnecessary information.

Examkrackers 1001 Questions

Amazon Review for Examkrackers

To get into Med school after 15yrs in business I took my Organic Chemistry series over again, studied Exam Kracker’s 101 series until I knew the books cold, listened to EK’s Audio Osmosis about 10 times while communicating then took several full length practice tests.

Going in I thought I’d be taking it a 2nd time so I wasn’t too stressed. Afterwards, I was even more sure I would be re-taking it. However, I managed a 30 (straight 10’s) so I know anyone can.

From my research, Examkrackers and Berkley Review are amazing books for MCAT.

Overall, best MCAT prep 2013 would be The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, then Best MCAT book depends on your required area for improvement, reading style and amount of money you want to spend.

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