Interview With Hardeep – I think Biotechnology MS, PSM Thing is Stupid

Part 2 of the interview with Hardeep continues here today. You can read here the Part 1 – Why Keck Graduate Institute for Biotechnology?

What are your thoughts on biotech job market for students graduating with master’s in biotechnology?

The U.S. job market is definitely tight right now. However, there are always ways to get a job. You need to network with people early and not to expect to get a job based on your resumé or a company with a big brand.

You need to contact the right people at the right time. Getting a job is a mix of talent and luck. I can’t highlight the importance of networking anymore. It is indispensable as I see it.

How easy is it to find internship during Summer?

It is not as difficult like finding a job but it is almost the same thing. You need to do exactly the same preparations and techniques as finding employment.

Get good grades, network a lot, sell yourself well, start early, brush up your interview skills, write a good resumé, and leave rest on good luck.

Cost of living at KGI

My school is one of the most expensive schools in the US to graduate at simply because of the business concentration in California and the money to be spent on the intense coursework.

The fee is about $80k for 2 years (could have likely increased by now) but everyone gets some sort of scholarship there.

What are the chances of getting scholarship?

The chances of getting a scholarship are 100%. Everyone gets it but the amount varies. It differs widely, from 15k – 50k. I got 50% scholarship, which was the highest at that time.

Getting into KGI is not tough but obtaining high-value scholarship is slightly tricky. The admission process comprises of some interviews and webinars or something.

To support student education, KGI also provides an internal loan at 7-8% (way cheaper than in India) and you don’t need anyone to sponsor you, you just need to be KGIian.

I’m confused between MS in biotechnology and PSM in biotechnology, I don’t have work experience, so what would you suggest me?

I think this M.S.—PSM thing is stupid. There is nothing like PSM thing in most colleges. Employers do not care what degree you have taken, they look at your skills.

KGI is one of the first to have started PSM. Some others (large American colleges – don’t want to disclose them) followed and students are struggling. KGI is into business and is not a good place for researchers.

However, PennState and UPENN have PSMs too, but people still get research based jobs (most of them).

To cut it short, if you are a research lover, PSM might not suit you. Look for places which are situated where there are industrial areas and many businesses.

For example, NEU is not a high ranked university but since it is in Boston, they have co-op programs and most people get placed in some business sector or industry. USC takes so many people but has a big brand and is in California, so it is another low hanging fruit.

Some high brands in Texas or Utah might give you a good name on the resumé, but with less industry sectors around might make you sweat harder to get something in pocket.

It’s all about working SMART and partying harder!!!

How did Happy Schools Blog help you?

Happy Schools Blog had answered a lot of questions I had at that time (some 2 years back).

Nonetheless, I was looking for some answers that the blog did not have since it was not centered towards life sciences to a large extent, but now I see the blog has improved a lot in that regard.

HSB is a lot more organized and professional now. It has a lot of authentic information on different things required by you, and even more.

In addition, I can see a lot of student interviews which is good as it gives you a student’s perspective on various issues. The keeper of the blog is genuine in his efforts and students should try to use the blog for their benefits.

For the benefit of the students and the blog (yes, it needs you too ;)), feel free to direct other kids.

I wish Happy Schools Blog good luck and I would be happy to contribute more in the future.