Top 10 Universities in USA – Computer Science

Recently, one avid HSB reader had asked us to evaluate his profile for getting admission for MS in computer science in university in the U.S.

Based on his message, he definitely wanted to study in one of the top 10 universities in the U.S.A. However, his profile — including GRE score, TOEFL score, academic standing with backlogs — was less than that of an average student.

To get into one of the following top 10 universities in the U.S., you need an extra-ordinary academic profile.

Top 10 Universities in the USA – Computer Science

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California — Berkeley
  4. Carnegie Mellon University
  5. University of Illinois — Urbana-Champaign
  6. University of Washington
  7. Cornell University
  8. Princeton University
  9. Georgia Institute of Technology
  10. University of Texas — Austin

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  1. Hello ,
    I just received my IELTS results and got 5.0 overall . Is it enough to attend some USA universities .

  2. i am pursuing b.tech from computer science . i want to take admission in master of computer science from USA with a reputed universities.

  3. Hello . I want to ask that I have a great interest in computer science and physics and I have been scoring well in both my CGPA points is 9.5 (100% Computer,97%Physics).I want to get admission in MIT (TOP UNIVERSITY).Will I be able to make it up till there ?

  4. I have completed my BE in CS with first rank in University from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. I have take date for GRE and TOEFL and expect to score 330/340 in GRE and 110/120 in TOEFL. I scored 87% in BE. I have done research on Optimization of Bandwidth during live video streaming from one place to another. In my research work, we developed a new video optimization algorithm based on pixel intensity difference and also published research paper in SKIMA, an European research organization. Prior to my BE, I completed my ISc with distinction in Physics from Patna, India and Matriculation from CBSE board scoring 89% with 99 in Science. I would like to know what kind of universities I can apply to and expect to get admitted in? I m also currently working on another research project in my college involving genetic algorithm. I have been working as a lecturer since last november… please suggest me some universities… can i get admission to MIT or Harvard?

  5. SIR

  6. Hello Sir!
    I have completed my B.E. in Computer Engineering from Tribhuban University, Nepal. I am a Gold Medal, i.e., University Topper in whole Engineering of IOE(TU), scoring 87.25% in B.E. I completed my I.Sc. (Maths) from B.N. College with 64%(Distinction in Physics) and Matric from CBSE with 88.8%, (99 in Science). I have not given GRE or TOEFL but expect to get good score in them. I want to study in one of the top 5 Universities of US with full scholarship(with TA, RA or fellowship). I m currently working as a lecturer in engineering college and also worked as a Java Developer as internship. Is it possible for me to study in top 5 US university with full scholarship for MS/PhD? Please reply…

    1. To get into the top 5 universities, just great academic credentials is not enough.

      You need to have the following:

      1. Show strong affinity and interest towards research. Make sure you have presented atleast two papers at international IEEE or ACM conferences.

      2. Undertake research under highly reputed professors (people who have won various academic awards and have presented many IEEE papers etc and who may know professors of those top 5 colleges professionally) and ask them to recommend you for MS program.

      3. Have a short, crisp, concise statement of purpose highlighting your academic as well as extra curricular achievements as well as a clear outline of what is your research interest and why you want to study at those colleges and how do you think that college can help you pursue those interests.

      If you can have these three criteria fulfilled, then you can get in for sure. Scholarships are not offered to international students, unless they have done something really really really exceptional like developed a new technology (like pranav mistri developed 6th sense technology).

      To be frank, people from IITs find it very difficult to get into the top 5 colleges! Even after having devoted 4 years to building a profile I mentioned above.

      All the best.

      (Some dude studying at University of California–San Diego)

      1. Thanks for your suggestion.

        Considering research, a my final year project we did research on Image Bandwidth Optimization based on pixel RGB color intensity difference and we developed new algorithm, implemented it successfully and also we are publishing a research paper in SKIMA. Can’t I get admission with this research work? Its not possible for me to publish research in IEEE. Can you please suggest me some top universities that require less research work than you mentioned above? Thanks in advance for your kind suggestion.

  7. Hi,
    My profile is as below:
    Class 10: 84.625%
    Class 12: 83.4%
    B.Tech in Computer Science
    DGPA: 8.59
    I want to take GRE by end of this year, I hope to get around 150 – 160 in both Verbal and Quants and 4.5 in Writing.
    What are my chances and which colleges can I get into with my profile?

  8. Hello,
    I would like to do my MS in system programming..can you please suggest me the best universities for the same? And also a brief idea on possibility of getting admitted into the same..

    1. Hi Shami,
      I may not be the right person to adivce to my knowledge. However I am on a search for Professional Masters Program in CompSci. Based on my experience in search, The GRE score you projected holds good as a Valid GRE Score. As far as your Academic Score, it is difficult to convert that into a CGPA. Usually Top Universities’ admission requirements suggest a score of 3.5 or atleast 3.0 and above. Go to ECE.ORG and order for an Evaluation Report. That report will precisely measure your CGPA Equivalent. If I were you, I would focus on the course details any university is offering. Here in the US, course is like the “Subjects” we have in our Indian Degree syllabus. Compare the Course information of various universities and analyze. You will get to know which is the BEST Masters Program (Degree). I wouldnt go by Universities but by the course information. In the end you will arrive at the similiar Top Universities list but you will make an informed decision instead of choosing an University by its Ranking. Some of the Universities offer MS Degree that needs only 31 Credits while others need 42 Credits to complete MS Degree. The College Fee is based on the Number of Credits. 3 to 4 Credit = 1 Course (Subject). Approximately $900-$1200 will be the cost per Credit. Do the math and find a better Trade off. Knowledge or Cost Saving. Best Ranked University or Best Course contained Degree. Choose your Area of Interest and Make your own ranking for univerities’ Degree Program. Please let me know if you have any questions.
      Minneapolis, MN

  9. hai ,
    this is nvkrao.i completed mech computer and m.sc. mathematics.i have intst do researach in cyptograohy.which universities offer phd in cryptography.

  10. Hi Sir, Am O level student,i want to know what and what i will need to study computer science in the top ten university and the fee as a foreign student. Glad to hear from you as soon as possible, Best Regard. Quadri

  11. Hello,
    I am student at SPSU, Udaipur..
    I stood 1 in semester 7 in Comp Sci. Department
    Overall my Ranking is 7 th out of 48 . My Cgpa is 7.7 out 10. Topper CGPA is 8.7 out 10.
    Have published two research papers and curently working on two more.
    Done offshore project for sewden company as summer project. Done collaborative project with university of wisconsin eua claire and university of nebraska students.
    Have SCJP 1.6 certification
    Event manager for programming club in college.
    Volunteered several events in college.
    Participated in some events in college.
    Have strong minor and major project related my area of interest i.e distributed systems,networks and databases.

    What u say about my chances and what much should i score to get into these top universities?

    this will help me or more need to be added.
    You talked above about that in order to apply in top university requires extra ordinary acadmics can u please explain the statement with some elaboration..
    so we could consider during our study as under graduate?

    With Regards
    Madhur khandelwal

  12. Hi Sir,

    I have currently completd my BE aith an aggregate of 61% currrently i have 1+yrs of work experience. I would like to know whether I have any chance to get into the top 10 univ for MS in Computer Science. Can u plz also advise me as to what would be the required score for me in GRE and TOEFL so as to get admission in one of these prestigious universities.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Rahul Panicker

  13. hi sir,
    i am persuing 5th sem B.E,My CGP is 8.89 , i want to do MS….wat is the procedure and which is the university i should select how should i prepare fro it…….Plz help me out

  14. Hi

    I scored 1300 in GRE. Have relevant experience of 2.5 years in the field i want to persue my MS. Can you please suggest the universities for my score? What is the possibility of switching to better universities after completition of first year?

  15. i had completed b.tech in computer science and given gre and ielts exam and apply to university of new haven and i need sop for admission purpose ..please send sop .. i shall be very thankful

  16. iam persuing 4th b.tech and want to do ms
    how should i select the university??and when should i select i the university??
    that is i want to know whether i have to decide by the day i take the gre exam or can i select it later??

  17. hello sir

    iam persuing 4th b.tech in computers

    gng to attempt gre in december

    can i apply to universities without toefl score??

    pls let me know sir

  18. dear sir ,

    i am a b.tech 2nd year student pls help me to know which university i can go for my ms in computers….and what score in gre is needed to take admission in top universty

    pls help me so that i can prepare

  19. i m giving my gre on oct 2010 and toefl on november 2010

    is it possible to give application to us university after month of dec

    wht is deadline for applications

    plz help me

    i m an engg student currently in 7th sem

  20. Hello sir please give me a list out of the Top 20 Universities in USA –Electronics Instrumentation for doing PhD and how much score is required to be placed in the top 20 uni.

  21. dear sir ,

    i am a b.tech 2nd year student pls help me to know which university i can go for my ms in computers….and what score in gre is needed to take admission in top universty

    pls help me so that i can prepare

  22. Hello sir,

    I just wanted to know what do you mean by an extra-ordinary academic profile…

    I am currently undergoing my under-graduation and I would like to know what is necessary inorder to be elligible for joining one of the above top universities… Currently my cgpa is 9.2/10 and Im among the top 5 students of my university… Any extra things which i need to develop will be helpful


  23. please suggest me universities where i can get admission for MS in cs for min toefl score,having gre score 960(q-670,verbal-290)

  24. Hi,

    I have done my BE in Computers from Maharashtra Institute of Technology ,Pune. I got an aggregate of 63%. I wanted to know which course I should take up MS in Computer Science or Management Information System.

    I scored 1120 in my GRE and got a score of 1120. I am taking up TOEFL next month.Which universities could I apply to with this score?


    Aditi Bhonde

  25. dear sir ,I have studied in national organization for development of exceptional talents (nodet)in iran up to xth std .all my marks in all subjects have been above 90(out of 100). now Iam studing at rims international school &junior college in india(pune).and by the end of next year I will get A-2level in math,physics&chemistry &A-s level in english.I want to know A-2 level is accepted by MIT and also how to apply for admission?Iwill be grate ful

  26. sorry for the previous comment

    Sir i am a student of Jaypee Institute Of Engineering and technology

    and i am in cse having cgpa of 8.4 and i actually have some research papaers under consideration and i have really strong technical skills and won some technical events in IITs and BITS .

    my area of research is Database storage and retrieval.

    And i also have some good letter of reco from my summer trainee (HCL Inc.,NOIDA) and my HOD and my area of my specialization professor.

    and a GRE SCORE:1460

    actually i

    want to know that would i be able to make it to:







    Sir could u please tell me will i be able to make it to anyone of that , i am very much deperate about these university

    But actually i have been given admission offer MS from


    because actually Jaypeeians have student exchange with UF..

  27. Respected Sir,

    What type of extra-academic profile you want to say.. Plz clear it. What scores in gre or toefl is a good one for these universities & which depertment is good in which universities plz inform me..

    Yours faithfully

    Anindya Mandal

  28. sir,

    i want to take admission in masters in advertising or mass com ,

    i am in btech 4 year , is it necessary to give g r e for advertising.


    after i giving the toefl or ielts ,how i will apply to the university, i dont know ,which is the best university in advertising ,or how cn i apply

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