I sat with Marco Buscaglia to talk about this book Calling All Grads Turn a Degree Into a Job

We had an interesting discussion about job search tips an techniques.

Calling All Grads Turn a Degree Into a Job is MUST Buy for any college student.

This book is a collection of quotes from industry leaders and lessons learned from Marco’s and his teams recruiting experience.

Watch the Full Video Interview Below:

Review About this Interview:

I have been reading all your articles since I got admitted for fall 2015 term in Florida Institute of Technology for MS Aerospace Engineering. All your articles are very valuable and helpful to all the aspirants and this particular article about financial aid provides a crystal clear view and erases confusions around it. I thank you very much for your efforts worth of tons in collecting data and rendering in a pleasant absorbable form to the readers. You interview with Marco Buscaglia and the 10 minute Podcast about the risk of investing in MS when H1B Visa is not for granted are all good works. We will hear more from you.

If you want to know about real, practical networking tips, job search ideas, etc, then buy the book – Calling All Grads Turn a Degree Into a Job.

Calling All Grads Turn a Degree Into a Job is something I would loved to have access to when I was in completing my college degree.

One of the bigger challenges students face is “preparing for job search”. This video should explain where to start and how to ace the job search process. Finding job shouldn’t be about getting some or any job that comes your way. You need to know what you need in your career and aim to reach that job target. fresh graduates might struggle to find a path, but keep trying.

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