isoa health insurance review

ISOA Health Insurance Review for International Students – Cheap and Cost Effective

In the above video, I interviewed a team member from ISO Health Insurance. From our talk, you can learn about their plans and some valuable information on how health insurance works.

If you are planning to buy health insurance for the first time, watching this video will help you a lot.

  • Cheapest plan offered by ISOA Health Insurance is at $31 per month

You should be aware that medical costs are very expensive in the USA. And for personal security and health reasons, international students are strongly advised to have a Student Health Insurance coverage while pursuing their college or university studies in this country.

Normally, international students would be required by their university to buy the health insurance that they provide in-house. However, there are some universities and colleges that allow their students to buy insurance coverage from external providers that offer cheaper health insurance, such as those offered by ISOA.

It is a known fact that student health insurance coverage provided by colleges/universities is usually expensive. And this normally costs around $400 to $800 per semester.

  • Now, compare that with the $31 per month insurance for a 5-month period = $155

If your college or university gives you the option to get a waiver to buy medical insurance from external providers, then you must really consider buying one from ISOA.

Cheap International Students Health Insurance

There are so many health insurance providers in the US, but Happy Schools recommends ISOA Health Insurance for following reasons:

  • ISOA provides cheap insurance for foreign students
  • Great coverage options
  • Good customer service
  • Insurance Plans start at $31 per month.

ISOA Health Insurance Review

I personally know a number of students who purchased at ISOA Health Insurance. They were in F1 Visa attending school in Texas.

If you are 25 years old and below and your university allows purchasing health insurance from external providers, then you can opt to buy from ISOA Health Insurance for only $31 per month.

Let’s do the math for a 1 year insurance coverage by ISOA:

  • $31 x 12 = $372

vs. University Coverage:

  • $600 per semester x 2 – $1200

See below about coverage details and expectations that you can get from low cost plans.

Which ISOA Health Insurance Plans to Buy

Here’s a comparison of the insurance plans offered by ISOA.

isoa health insurance review

Compass Plan

  • Silver
  • Gold


  • Med 1
  • Med 2


  • Shield 500
  • Shield 2000

ISOA’s website provides a good comparison of all its insurance plans. If you are someone who expect to visit the hospital frequently based on your medical history, then you should buy a plan that provides the most suitable coverage for your medical needs.

How to Select an Insurance Plan

Every person’s medical needs vary from one individual to another, so you must buy your insurance based on your particular needs. ISOA offers some of the most price-friendly health insurance plans for international students.


Warning:  Read the plan description and summary, benefits. The biggest issue I have seen people when shopping for insurance is that they pay for the lowest plan and expect the coverage of a plan that’s much better and expensive. So, please read the plan description.

Each plan should include a Plan Document and Policy. Here’s a screenshot from COMPASS plan Summary document taken as of Nov/2016

iso compass insurance plan summary

First time insurance buyers would have to educate yourself  of various terms and conditions, then buy a plan that suits your need.

First time insurance buyers probably will not understand some of the terms listed in the benefits. Just because you have an insurance coverage doesn’t mean you completely covered. Every plan is different and people often complain when they have to file a claim and come to realize that their expectations are different from the reality.

I have medical insurance through my employer. I pay about $150 per paycheck and my employer pays about $800. So, you know the type of coverage you can expect from an insurance that costs $950 per month with versus $31 per month insurance. So, please learn about the insurance and pick a plan that best fits your need.

Click here to check out ISOA Student Health Insurance Plans.


Full Disclosure: HSB is an affiliate partner with ISA. If you buy health insurance in ISO using the link, we will get a referral fee.