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Before You Say America is the Best Country, Read this Indian Student’s Survival Story. WOW.

Today’s My Life. My Work series features Arnab Banik from Brooklyn, New York. After reading the previous article This is How I Live, Work and Stay Motivated in this series, he reached out to me to share his story.

This is going to be one of the best inspiring stories here in the blog.

Arnab’s Dad sent him to USA with a BIG condition. Read the rest of the article to learn how he survived here in USA.

Arnab Banik

Personal Details

  • Name : Arnab Banik
  • Occupation : Electrical Engineer,Beltran Technologies
  •  Location : Brooklyn , New York
  •  Current Mobile Phone  : HTC One
  • Current Computer : Dell Inspiron
  • Current Vehicle : Scion FRS
  • Best Place You have visited : Tough to pick, but Gwalior Fort in India and Philadelphia,NYC in USA.
  • What kind of books do you read?  Usually suspense, adventure, mystery related books ! Anything that gives me a thrill to read. Huge fan of historical facts !


  • 1 Year Goal :  I don’t really set goals, but I think it will be to learn my work more sincerely and try and find something which I am really excited about. Also will like to travel more !
  • 2 Year Goal :  I don’t know !Where ever life takes me ! I believe it’s too far a time and there is no point fretting over it. I try to be sincere and honest towards my work and myself.
  •  5 Year Goal :   Same as above

What do you like most about your work/school today?

For my work, I get to work in the field and get a hands on for what I learned in school and get to apply them now ! Learning about the technology and business aspect of a company is very interesting in itself.

What is your dream career?

Finding a place to work for where everyday when I wake up , I actually look forward to go there ( I haven’t found it yet !)

What is your dream salary?

Varies ! (Work is important, I hope that one day I will be competent enough(read earn enough ), that Iwon’t have to fret over salary 😀 !


How do you stay motivated?

Usually I draw my inspiration from real life people. Hence I love watching and reading about people who have been through hard times and went on to do something amazing with their life !

What is the Best advice you have ever received?

My dad said once ,”Whenever you do something, try to do 100% and once you are done, ask yourself honestly whether you could have done it better? If your conscience says , NO, that was the best you could, then you have done enough and there is no point regretting the results. So try and gve your 100 % so that later you don’t have to regret ! ”

When would you say you are successful in life?

This is very subjective, but even right now I think I am successful. I took decisions and worked hard to get it, so I am successful. Can I do better? Certainly ! Am I hungry to improve myself? Of Course I am !

Study in USA

Why did you come to Study in USA?

Honestly speaking two reasons :

  1. To see the world
  2. Opportunities to grow


Which University and Year?

University of Memphis, TN,USA ( Graduated May 2013)

What is your degree/specialization?

Masters in Electrical Engineering ( Power Systems/Wind Energy Systems)

What changes do you see in yourself after studying, living in USA?

More positive and confident. Respect other people for what they are and not try to be judgmental.

Few things you learned about life after coming to USA? 

Even though I attribute Indian Education system, my upbringing and the kind of life I lead in India as pillars of whatever I have done with my life so far.

Coming here I have seen people has the guts to stick it out for their dreams.

There is a reason why USA is one of the better countries in the world.

They respect each other, work hard and do their work honestly.

My request to all the people reading this, please do not judge an entire country by their movies/sitcoms ! They work hard and hence they party harder !

Photo and a Story

Gwalior Fort Gwalior
Gwalior Fort, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

I always wanted to visit this fort, one of the biggest in India.

It is absolutely majestic looking over the entire city of Gwalior !

I am particularly proud of this trip because this was my first trip alone with my best friend on a very strict budget ! This was the trip where I was hooked with traveling 😀

Any other interesting story or experience you like to share?

When I got my admits way back in 2011, I didn’t get any scholarship or financial aid.

Studying with your own money was too expensive and out of question and my dad was against taking such a huge loan ( which in the hindsight, I believe he made the right decision ).

I was working in Cognizant Technology Solutions during that time (a very comfortable job and I was working from Kolkata from comforts of my home.

I asked and requested my dad to give me money for one semester.

I made a deal with him that, if I can’t manage an assistanship , I will come back and join Cognizant or other software company , but at least let me try.

I am thankful that my parents supported me and I took that risk.

What I had to lose? Nothing.

But I didn’t wanna spend the rest of my life thinking “what if ?”

Even though if I wouldn’t have got any, I still would have been happy that I tried !

Regrets in life is a bitch !

Please chase your dreams and work hard to get them !

Stay Hungry !

Thankfully I got one later in the semester from a different university and transferred there.

Want to be Share Your Story?

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  1. This not inspiring at all ! It doesn’t inspire any Indian.
    He enjoyed at cost of his parents. Anyways it is his life. I don’t think he has done great risky job as he points out as he had backup of IT sector in India , so if he fails he would have joined IT sector again. This was total secured attempt. People here shouldn’t be fooled.

    1. You are missing the point , I agree it was a calculated risk, and as I have said in the blog, I really didn’t have much to lose. But it was the intent of going for it, rather than thinking and regretting later on . I hope you see the difference

  2. Feels really good reading your story!!! I have a question-Many of my friends dissuade me when I say that I want to pursue my masters in electrical Engineering primarily because my professional experience is from IT field(3 yrs);So,even if I pursue a masters in my area of passion,my professional experience is not an impediment in helping me find a job in US right?

    1. Indians try every ways to get in US. What a pity ,it is pathetic ? There is no harm but subdues the confidence of Indians , I hope some great Indians comes and give some spine to Indians.

  3. Hi Arnab,

    It was a daring attempt and congrats on getting scholarship. My question is, did you apply to another university again after going and enrolling in the first university? I guess that would have meant doing the i20 and visa process again, right? You should have come back to India and got a transfer student visa again?

    1. Yes , I applied to another universities after getting a tip from my friend. And no , you don’t have to go back and apply for different VISA. I just got my new I20 and after first semester I transferred to my new school. SEVIS will be taken care of by your schools.
      And VISA has nothing to do with i20. I still have my visa with first school. You will find tons of articles here about the difference. Hope it helps.

      1. Hi Arnab,

        Thanks for the reply. I got a reject from CMU this year. I managed to get into University of Maryland, College Park though. If I had the opportunity, I would be interested in getting transferred, but for the high fees!

        I hope I will contribute to HSB one day!

    2. Big joke , it spineless attitude ! After lots of analysis I understood – It is breeding spineless mentality in Indians. Imagine if some-day Army men say we won’t stay at borders , so who will fight to save your father , mother ?? So ,whatever India is due to efforts people who are willing to change India. Indians shouldn’t follow these NRIs blindly but instead should think like Alexander or Columbus or Abdul Kalam. Just listen how “Chakde India” song transformed Indian cricketers , they are making white girls dance before them ! Now you can see all white girls are coming to India for jobs , films , etc….that is dare !

      People may move to US , but spreading cowardness harms the economy of nation.I value original US citizens for their passion to steer the humanity to new level. Their creativity is awesome which every Indian should learn. They have ability to raise Africans to Indians level . Example Obama , Venus Williams etc. NRI never caught my attention. So Future IITians should challenge US spirit not NRI sufferings / satisfaction with experience blah blah… . IITians should conquer all white girls of US ! Remember Indians are keeping your mother , father safe.

    1. I am sure you still are worthy enough, and of course you can do better ! Every one has a story to tell !

        1. Be worthy to nation and humanity. This is worst inspiration. Remember He had back up job – IT sector as security.

          1. Dear Spask, I always have that pride in being an Indian 🙂 Jai Ho

          2. I agree Shobana, just because you work in a different country doesn’t mean you don’t feel that connection towards your own country

  4. Thanks guys, it wouldn’t have been possible if not for support and constant encouragement of my friends and family !

    1. What sort of preparation you had for getting a job after your graduation? Like did you concentrate on networking by spending some time on it everyday improving contacts. Please share your experience as it would also be informative for every prospective students including myself

  5. True very true Amit…..! Nice to see you chased your dreams and hopefully you will continue to prosper….
    Btw I am from the same company where you used to work sometime back.
    Best of luck!

  6. It is inspiring in the sense that the person actually went out there and tried irrespective of the chances.

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