How to Make Cheap Phone Calls to India from USA?

How to Make Cheap Phone Calls to India?

There are several ways, it’s just the matter of preference, convenience and cost.

I used to make phone calls to India using Calling Cards.

It used to be $0.25 cents per minute.

Then came Reliance and they made it really easy with quick dial options. I believe now you can call India for less than  8 cents per minute.

Vonage World Calling Plan

Vonage World Plan is very convenient to call India. It’s just like dialing a local number within USA.

Vonage recently introduced Vonage Extension.

make phone calls to india

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With Vonage extension, I can use my cell phone, but still use existing Vonage landline to make phone calls to India.

I know students who have Vonage connection in their apartment. They share Vonage monthly bill. Total cost per month is around $34.

How to Call India from USA

  • 011 – US exit code; must be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA or Canada
  • 91 – Country Code for India
  • area code – 2 – 4 digit codes
  • phone number –

To Dial  Landline in Delhi

  • 011 – 91 – 11 – 12345667

To Dial Cell Phone in India

  • 011 – 91 – 93211-12345


While making phone calls using your landline or cell phone, make sure you first dial your calling card number or have Vonage world calling plan.

If you dial the number directly, you will be billed the regular expensive rates. Like $1 per minute.

That’s what happened to a new student who came to Fall 2011. His phone bill was over $500 (his experience will be posted soon).

I have listed 2 ways to make phone calls

  • Calling Cards (or Reliance)
  • Vonage World Calling Plan

Vonage might be cheap option to make phone calls to India. But, it might not be cheap for everyone.

Do you know other ways to make phone calls for cheap to India?