Flight to USA: Lost My Boarding Pass

Following Flight to USA experience shared by Ila.

I basically took my flight from Delhi then to Frankfurt n then Washington DC to Oklahoma city.

At New Delhi Airport

My flight was at 02:30 am. Entered the airport at 11:30 pm. Oh God, I was the only one who was crying like anything by hugging my mother at the airport and everybody was staring at me( didn’t care about anyone there). Took all my boarding pass from Delhi airport

I never sat for such a long duration flight,  but that was ok,  didn’t eat anything, was really sad.Reached Frankfurt, Germany.

At Frankfurt Airport

After the check in i have to wait for one hour.

Check in was a very simple process here. They will just check your hand bags and don’t worry guys at airports i guess u need not to ask anyone about where u have to go.

You will be directed automatically but still the staff is really helping. They will automatically get you to the place where u have to wait for your flight.

And yes keep your I-20 and passport always handy

You will be asked to show them when ever u enter at any airport.

Port of Entry : Washington DC

Took my flight to Washington DC. Immigration check was a bit long process but still not that much that was expected.

They will ask you why you are here, stamp your I-20, check your passport and staple your I-94.

It is basically a form that you need to fill in the flight before landing to usa.

Though its a simple form but still if u have any doubts, better consult a cabin crew member rather than using your minds.

Dont worry about luggage will be transferred automatically to next flight.

(HSB: Really? Did you take the bags out, clear customs and then check-in into next flight?)


MY flight was after 6 hrs for Oklahoma city. I came out from exit door because my maternal uncle was waiting outside to pick me up.

He dropped me back to the airport just one n a half hour before the flight timing. Had to go through the security check-in and security check process once again. But it was comparatively shorter..THEN came to know that flight is 3 hrs late.

I opened my bag for my boarding pass n ALASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was having only 1 dollar cents. I used the public booth there to call my relative, but the machine accepted my dollars but could not connect the call..NOW,,,,what to do….


Contacted the information center there. They were so gentle and helping.

They told me that it’s not a subject of worrying . I can have a new one at the time when i will be entering the flight. The woman at the computer helped me and gave me the new one..REMEMBER FREINDS when any such situation arise directly contact to the information centre and don’t panic.
They will help you as much as they can. But one more problem knocked the door and she gave me a boarding pass to Poland by mistake and the person welcoming the ppl in flight didn’t allow me (actually I didn’t see the destination)


Here finally I got the right boarding pass and landed safely to my destination.

Awesome Experience

Trust me – You are going to remember this experience for rest of your life. Thanks for sharing with us.

Few important lessons from Ila’s experience

  • Hold on to your Flight  Boarding Pass
  • Don’t panic if you lose your  boarding pass
  • Check your flight date, time and destination in your boarding pass
  • Carry cash ($1 Bill) or phone card to make phone calls.
  • She experienced how people would be helpful and piece of US Customer service.

Detailed step by step process  – What happens right after flight lands in USA.