How to Prepare for College Admissions Skype Video Interview?

I feel great. I have accomplished something. But, I’m not even half way through.

I have completed mailing all the Graduate School Application package.

I feel relived for now.

Even before this feeling sunk-in, came the next email.

“Are you ready for 30 minutes Skype interview with a professor?”

Nervously, Mamta said “Yes. I’m Ready. What Date and Time?”

That’s when I got an email from Mamta.

I had applied to the MS in Information Technology program offered in Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI). I got selected for the interview round which will take place over skype. I would like to know the steps to preparation for such kind of interview. Also if you could provide me with sample question and answers, it will be of great help.

So, how to prepare for Skype Video Interview for Graduate School Admission?

College admissions interview video

That’s exactly what I you are going to listen in this podcast. Listen to the tips that will help with your interview prep.

Make sure to take Notes while you listen.

Here’ an overview of the tips I have discussed in this episode

  • How to prepare for the college admissions interview video over Skype
  • What types of questions to expect during the interview
  • How to effectively do a mock interview
  • How to answer the question
  • What to wear and How to Dress
  • Computer, Webcam, Microphone Testing
  • Where to attend the interview from?
  • How to handle technical glitch during the interview ( power, internet connection, etc)
  • What document to have in front of you.
  • What questions to ask the interviewer.

Bonus Tip : Room Lighting
skype video interview

Lighting. Make sure there is a light that is located in front of you.

Don’t sit behind a window. Other person can’t see your clearly.

Sit in front of a window if you don’t have a good lighting in the room.

Other option is to have a table lamp setup on the table in front of you.

Here’s an example of light placement. You don’t need to have a professional lighting kit, but a simple lamp will do the trick.

You have to test all several days before the day of the interview (not the night before or an hour before).

I hope you guys enjoy this first episode of podcast this year.

Now, you can submit your questions via Voice Mail via AskRaghu.

Over To You :

Do you have any other tips to add? Share them in the comments.


  1. Tanay Karmarkar on January 13, 2017 at 2:28 AM

    I have got a mail from wpi for skype interview. I have applied for msit. What questions do they ask??

  2. joy on February 13, 2014 at 11:37 PM

    It was a rally good answer. It will help me prepare for the interviews as well. Hopefully mine would be telephonic.

  3. Ganesh Kashyap M.R. on January 15, 2014 at 3:54 AM

    Hello everyone,
    First of all I must wish you a Happy Pongal.
    Let me wish you this with saying May what hope you have,what dream you become a reality.
    Raghu in this comment I personally wish you and your family Happy Pongal..

    My advice in video interviews is please have a borderline,do not cross the limit unless it is very imperative you need to do so..
    Professor Skype with you because of one thing they need best of best.You have already been selected through very rigorous process,you are 20% through the Journey to selected Journey of your career goals.

    10 things is a very must for Interview
    & read on

    1.Please,I request of you Listen carefully first,ask him to repeat the question,He is a professor he will definitely repeat it.

    2.When you answer remember what you say,he might use that against you later.When you make a point be absolutely sure what you are saying.If you saying things unnecessary you might regret later and some professors might discard the things you say.
    3.This is a two step processes.

    3A.Do an complete background check on professors,like their degrees and stuff.I know you would have done it before applying,I am pretty sure you might have missed something..This you can use to impress them but don’t over do it.For eg.Say like this sir,I read your paper on so and so and I think it’s very good and definitive..**and I am pretty sure it deserve an award or ** is overdoing it..some professors don’t like this and some might be more than impressed that he himself might come and pick you up at airport..So have a fine line..

    3B.Be yourself..That works in 83% of conversation.How can I tell every person I meet do not need a everlasting admiration from me and they want basic conversation.

    4.He (Of course the professor) know about your schoolings,degree and awards and sent him an transcript containing those,don’t waste time mentioning those things..remember the time limit.

    5.Professors may not be English and literature guy but he can sure decide on your way of speaking.and I have met some people who picks up accent,in fact many accents in their conversation,they start from Indian english,go to Singapore,then to australia,then to UK,and very next moment USA,then they blabber and come back to Indian English accent while finishing the conversation.Remember he has a Doctorate and he is smart than us and he can and will notice this..

    6.Follow Raghu advice on position of light and your PC.

    7.Don’t over do it or don’t under do it..Do a mock interview session with your friends and family and record the session,view it learn from the mistake,but don’t do it again..

    8.It is common to say aaa,ummm,hmmm and stuff we cannot avoid it,heck even I can’t avoid it.But don’t apologize for mistake you didn’t do.

    9.Don’t be a Hardball or softball either..Hardball means showing you are tough and strong he(Of course who else the Professors)might use it against you later..same goes with softball..

    10.At beginning say Good morning,How are you doing sir(This is not overdoing it,this is being polite and formal;This is a skill of being professional and make him believe whatever crap you sell him for next 30min or so).Have a good smile on face(not like a big Joker smile) and Try and have more professional talk.

    Please remember this,

    Good luck guys and more good need it..All the best and do reply to raghu how it went.
    Cheers and Joy..Have a good day..

    P.S.-Don’t be a grammar Nazi,I have tried my best and I always do best.

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