QA – Universities, GRE, TOEFL and CGPA

Umank Asks : Hello HSB and all fans, I am taking GRE this July, I just got into 4th year B.Tech (Computer Science). I have few queries

  1. When do I get the full scorecard and how to go about the admission process (including university selection).
  2. What subjects can I take up for my masters? I have a very keen interest in AI.
  3. Do I have to apply to universities right after taking the GRE test, then and there?
  4. When should I take TOEFL?
  5. My cgpa is not very good especially in the 1st 2 years because of my initial inclination towards sports and my accident right before my 4th sem exam, its around 6.5. Im trying my best to do as good as i can in the last 2 semesters. How bad is it going to affect my prospects of getting into a good university?


1. Admission and University Selection

There are several articles about University selection. You would have to spend sufficient time for university selection.

2. Subjects and Major

Majority of students try to select an area of interest based on job availability. Very few students decide beforehand about majors, coursework, thesis.  Your level of interest in AI determines, if you really want to purse major in AI (Artificial Intelligence). You have to find universities that offer courses in AI, Robotics and Automation. Then match them with your profile based on admission probability.

3. Submit GRE Scores

I think you wanted to ask, if you would have to request GRE scores after completing GRE Exam.  You have option to select upto 4 universities. You have to select 4 schools, if not you give up the opportunity. You cannot use them later point in time.

If you are prepared with universities before taking GRE test, then you can report GRE scores to those universities.

4. When to Take TOEFL

When applying for admission, you are required to have GRE (or GMAT) and exam to prove English proficiency ( TOEFL or IELTS). I recommend students to take TOEFL, after completing GRE exam.  You have basic understanding of English and with 1 or 2 months, you can expect to increase your English skills by certain level. So, plan accordingly based on your schedule to take TOEFL after GRE.

5. Low CGPA and Admission

High GRE score will compensate for low CGPA. Try your best to improve CGPA in last 2 semesters and work hard to get high score in GRE. I have posted many articles about Low GRE, High GPA; High GPA and Low GRE. Search under FAQ’s category to learn more.