Most students applying for admission at U.S. colleges and universities look for online posts like Sample Statements of Purpose and college admission essays.

They don’t just stop referring to others’ admission essays, most of them actually use the same essay. Many of you reading this know what this topic is all about.

Smeal College of Business, Penn State University has revoked admission of one student and canceled six interviews due to copied admission essays.

As Smeal’s MBA Admissions Director Carrie Marcinkevage scanned the essays to select candidates for interviews, she felt having read certain paragraphs before in essays by earlier applicants.

Upon further scrutiny and Googling, she found that they had all been copied exactly as they were from an article on ‘Principled Leadership’ from b-school accrediting body AACSB’s website, without citation of source and passed off as the applicants’ original work.

In one case, the applicant had not even taken care to change the font of the plagiarised paragraph as copied from its original source.

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Don’t Copy Admission Essays

In our previous article we had explained about the great benefits of writing a true, original SOP [12 Tips to Write High Impact SOPs]. Plagiarism is something we don’t pay much attention to in India.

We take it for granted there, but that’s not the same thing in the United States.

Many students who copied in exams during their master’s studies have been punished severely by getting lower grades, failing grades, incomplete courses and suspension from school in some cases.

So don’t have those same thoughts, where you can just copy and get away with it. Write your own SOP, it’s that plain and simple.

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