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Applying for Indian Passport – Given Name vs Surname

Given Name vs Surname passport application

Students applying for passports encounter a particular kind of confusion on how to fill-out the Given Name and Surname fields in their Indian passport applications. We have already written a few articles related to this problem, namely those with Blank Surnames in Indian Passports. Question:  My first name is Sriram. My father’s name, Sampath. I have all…

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Impact of Getting Bank Statements from Agents

Here’s an interesting question from one of our members about borrowing money from agents to get a bank statement. Which can be used to get I-20 from U.S. Colleges. I went through the articles at HSB. Since I cannot show enough liquid cash for my bank statement, I am considering approaching some “agents” who will…

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Roadmap to Study in USA with Timelines

Following is the Road map to Study in USA with timeline and checklist will give you a guideline for admission to US for Fall and Spring semester. Months listed are for best case scenario. Many students for Fall semester take GRE in Feb/March and still able to get admission for Fall semester. Roadmap to Study…

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Sample LOR for MS in USA

Following sample LOR for MS in US  is shared by Ashish. He has requested HSB readers to comment on his Letter of Recommendation (LOR). Do you know why schools require recommendation letter? Recommendation letter is incredibly important when determining your admission status. They shed additional light on your background, character and experiences from a third-party perspective.…

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How to Strengthen Your Graduate School Application

Today’s article, you will learn How to Strengthen Your Graduate School Application. This post was inspired by a comment posted by a reader few days back. He wanted to know, how to create a strong profile to improve his chances of getting admission in USA. Follow the instructions below that explain in detail on How…

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