MS in CS – 5 Admits – Which University To Attend?

Tushar received 5 admits for MS in computer science programs in various schools in the U.S. Tushar asks about U.S. university selection. He sent this email:

The following are my admits for master’s studies:

1) MS in networking and systems administration from Rochester Institute of Technology.
2) MS in CS Illinois Institute of Technology
3) MS in CS University of Texas Dallas
4) MS in CS New Jersey Institute of Technology
5) MS in CS Clemson

I am interested in studying networking but I have no idea about networking and systems administration at the Department of Rochester with respect to co-ops, internships and jobs.

No issues taking CS either.

What should my choice be with respect to university selection considering co-ops, internships and jobs?

University Selection

Recently, almost all the students applying for MS in CS are talking about major in Computer Networks, I’m not sure what is the reason behind this.

There are so many other majors to choose from (software engineering, database, bio-informatics, computer architecture, software testing, compiler design, AI, robotics, neural networks, etc.)

But the good part about Tushar’s comment is that he’s trying to find the information about internship and job opportunities. Not many students look that these details before finalizing the university selection.

You can find a detailed 12 Step University Selection Guide here. It includes all the questions and scenarios one has to know some important information before deciding on a university.

It’s a time consuming process, but it will help you in the long run.

MS in Computer Science

My opinions about the programs offered at the following schools:

  1. MS in networking and systems administration at Rochester Institute of Technology – Yes
  2. Ms in CS at Illinois Institute of Technology – Maybe, very few students get aid
  3. MS in CS –  University of Texas, Dallas – Yes, cheap, affordable
  4. MS in CS New Jersey Institute of Technology – No
  5. Ms in CS –  Clemson – Yes

All the above universities will have lots of Indian Students so finding part time jobs or aid will be tough.

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  1. i have heard that we have to start application procedure from september.. is that true??

    some else said said that its from november.., depending on the admission process ..i have to write my toefl so plz kindly help me out .











  2. Hello

    I have a pretty bad aggregate of of 55% in ECE from the Universtiy of Pune. I’m confident of scoring pretty well in GRE and TOEFL.I want to do my MS in Computer Science from Penn State or Clemson University.Could you let me know what are my chances or if there are any other universities which i can try out?I’m working in a reputed software company in India right now and am doing pretty well here.

  3. Hi,
    I have got admission in sandiego State university and University of north carolina Charlotte.. Branch: Computer science.. I am confused which one to select.. please guide me regarding the same…

  4. i'm doing my btech in electronics and communication but my complete interest is in computers i've also done training in computer related courses like linux,C so is there anyway to do MS in Computers someone had told to show various projects linked with computers and also there is very less chance that university accept me in computers as my btech is in ECE so can plzzz help me regarding this issue

  5. Hello,

    I want to pursue my Masters of Science in Computer Science in USA.

    I have been admitted to 3 universities:

    1. Wichita State University

    2. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

    3. Kansas State University

    I am confused regarding regarding which is the best one 🙂

    I want to choose the university on the basis on quality of course work offered and also funding opportunity.

    I am currently working in Software Company in India. Should I tell the US Embassy like I am working…….is it ok?

    Please help me 🙂

    Waiting for ur reply………..and suggestion and reply will be very help..

    Amruta 🙂

  6. Hi. I was considering applying to NJIT for MS in Software Engineering. Here you have eliminated it from potential college to attend for CS. Can you please elaborate on the reasons. It will help me greatly. Thank You in advance.

  7. Hey HSB. i wanna do my MS in CS with majors in networking ( yes i read the comment, but m genuinely interested in networking, studyin for CCNA right now). i've got a decent score in GRE 1320 (Q730 + V590 & 4.0 in analytical) n toefl (110). The only problem is my GPA. My aggregate is 58% from pune university. Can u please suggest me some universities to apply to for CS in networking?

  8. Iam doing my Final year B.Tech in Materials sciencewih an avrage CGP of 8.85/10 in NIT.Iam interested to prosecute my MS/Ph.D during spring 2010 session in Top five US Materials engineering schools. As I have not yet attended GRE & TOFEL exams for Fall session owing to my DAAD summer internship programme in 2009 and SURGE programme in IISc in Bangalore in 2008.I prefer to join in Spring 2010 session.

    Kindly advise me about the propability of securing admission in spring session 2010 and also financial aid details may please be mailed early please.

    Thanking you sir,

    Yours sincerely,


  9. Hi,

    I am in serious confusion about doing MS. I completed BE in Instrumentation Technology in 2003. I worked as Test specialist in reputed Indian company and now on Loss of pay for a year’s time till Feb. I’m currently on H4 visa with my Husband but want to resign from my company and pursue the MS degree on Computer Networking. Also I am preparing for GRE.

    My question is,

    1. Can I pursue MS on Computer Networking even without the background of computer science? Will it be tough for me with no background?

    2. Is there any course on networking that I should do to get into university?

    2. Do I need to go back to India to resign and get exp. , reliving or any kind of letter from the company I am currently on LOP?

    3. Or Should I try finding job on Manual testing here in US (Most of the jobs are contract based and they prefer only locals).

    4. Do I need to do any course to get into the job?

    I greatly appreciate your suggestion.

    Thanks in Advance,


  10. hello,

    i have applied to 4 univ wid low gre 970(670in quant) n tofel 90.. 2 univs r private n 2 univ public… chances in gettin public is less,if luckily i get i'll go but if i get in private …thn i'm in big trouble… what to do? should i rewrite gre ? should i go 4 private ? plz suggest me.. private univ are new york institute of technology n gannon university .. please suggest me something .. fast …..

  11. Hi,

    I am finding happyschoolsblog very interesting and informative.

    I am pursuing my M.Tech in CSE which will be completed in 2009.

    I feel that it was not worth while studying M.Tech here in a mediocre university and I am now very much keen on getting a M S degree from USA.

    1. What do you think about me getting an admission in US University despite of me having a Master degree from India?

    2. I see in lots of University websites about MS in Computer Science? How do I find what are the other different majors the school offers ? Usually, I look in CS departments for different majors, but most of them have MS in CS ?

    3. Do you think getting scholarship in India during M.Tech study and having one year internship experience, M.Tech average of 67% and with good GRE will help me get some sort of financial AID.

    4. What aggregate do US Universities consider ? As in my degree certificate of B.E it mentions about class considering only 5th to 8th sem (which makes my % less compared to 8 sems average) or will they consider all 8 semester aggregate? or the degree % and class mentioned in degree certificate is final?

  12. hello friends i badly need your advice…i am doing final year CS
    and have 65$ with one backlog and GRE 1200…can u please suggest 4 good universities in which i will surely get an admit from for M.S(comp.sci)and also should i wait till feb to start applying or should i do it in december itself?….because in feb i would have cleared this backlog?

  13. hello friends i badly need your advice…i am doing final year CS

    and have 65% with one backlog and GRE 1200…can u please suggest 4 good universities in which i will surely get an admit from for M.S(comp.sci)and also should i wait till feb to start applying or should i do it in december itself?….because in feb i would have cleared this backlog?


  14. hello friends i badly need your advice…i am doing final year CS

    and have 65$ with one backlog and GRE 1200…can u please suggest 4 good universities in which i will surely get an admit from for M.S(comp.sci)and also should i wait till feb to start applying or should i do it in december itself?….because in feb i would have cleared this backlog?


  15. sir,

    i secured 1230 (770 quant+460 verbal)in my gre.

    i want to do ms in computer engineering.

    have secured 94.33%in 10th,80%in 12th and secured 65% in my BE(computer Engg.)

    I want to apply to those universities where i can can get full aid(i.e.100% scholarship).

    which all universiites sud i apply.

    if at this score i do not get into some decent college then i may also try reattempting gre coz i hardle studied one week for this score and i m sure i can do much better if i prepare for it.

    plz gimme some suggestions

  16. Madam, could u please post the some good universities for MS in systems analysis.

    and also, if u kno, is MS in Management info systems better than Ms in Systems analysis?

    Thank You

  17. Hi,I gave GRE yest and got 1340 score with verbal 610 and quant 730 . My acads are fair enough.I got 82% in 10th and 92% in 12th . I did Mechanical Engg from Regional College of Engg Nagpur where I scored 83%.However, I wish to apply for a good Computer Science course, since I have 4 years of experience as a software engg.I am yet to give TOEFL which is scheduled on 27th june.I dont have any international papers to my name.What all good universities of US can I apply for and what is approximate last date to apply for spring 2010?

  18. I was admitted to the following schools:

    1.MS in Evironmental Engineering @ New Mexico Institute of Minining and Technology

    2.MS in Civil Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology,University of Mississippi and Missouri University of Science and Technology.

    Can anyone offer advice in terms of internship opportunities,aid,cost of living at these schools?I tending towards New Mexico Tech, but i need a second opinion.Thanks.

  19. How good is the School of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology?

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