Email Tips: How to Write Your Name

After reading the comments from Smarty Pants and Depressed, I decided to post series of Email Tips (or Email Etiquette).

Today lets talk about how to write your name in email.

Name and Email

  • When sending email, you will include your name at end (and in email signature)
  • Person receiving your email will see your name in From column.

Back in school days, first thing  our English teacher thought was to capitalize the first letter in your name. Ever since the chat and social media culture came into power, not much importance  is given to capitalizing the first letter in your name.

  • Email Tip – Capitalize the first letter of your name.
  • Example
    • Amy Smith (Correct)
    • Amy  smith (Incorrect)
    • AMY Smith (Incorrect)
    • AMY SMITH (Incorrect)
    • Amy $mith (No No)
    • Amy Smith (Correct)
    • Amy (correct)
    • Smith, Amy (Correct)
    • S.Amy (Correct, but last name is given more importance in US)

Try sending an email to different email id and check how your name looks like. It it has different format than the correct Amy Smith then get it fixed.

In this virtual world, how you communicate matters.

Some of you will argue, whats wrong in how email name appears, only academic profile is that counts. If that’s what you think, then don’t complain when professor doesn’t respond to your email or you don’t get any calls for job interview.

To fix the name in Gmail, look under Account Settings.


How does your current From field Name looks like? How do you usually write your name at end of an email?



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  1. Mr. Rahil A. Khera
    Contact no. : +91 – XXXXXXXXXX, Is this correct way of writing???

  2. I quote you: “Some of you will argue, whats wrong in how email name appears, only academic profile is that counts.”
    — What’s wrong is: How your name appears is a *result of* your academics. The academic profile is *worthless* if there are no results. Results like the fact that you know how to communicate and number one rule in communicating is communicating your very own name which communicates to me your very own character.

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