F1 Student Deported at Port of Entry for working at Gas Station

Following experience was posted via email by S. I’m sharing the email received with minor edits to spelling and format.

Plz help me out.. I am doing Masters in Telecommunications at University (Colorado). I came on Vacation on July xx and returned to the US on Aug xx.

The port of entry this time is to Chicago. I went there to drop my uncle.

The problem is at immigration they asked me to come to cabin.. then they started me to ask several questions..

  1. Why do u transfer from one univ to another(which are at same place)…
  2. Why do u come to Chicago as u have direct flights to your place? ( to drop my uncle)
  3. How many credits do u take in each semester? (9 credits)
  4. Do u have on campus job? (yes)

After these questions they asked my mobile, then i gave to them and they told me to sit outside…..

After 1 hour they called me and asked

I found that u r working as illegel. I was shocked and i had no words …for sometime..
they had asked me all the documents regarding the university and they took it off….

After one hour they called me back and said that we are cancelling u r visa due to illegel work

…then i asked what do u mean by that….

they said that u had worked in gas station from this date to this date ….

then i said to them as i am not working …they said we have all the evidences….

i asked them to show me ….

then they recorded the voice of gas station owner he said that this boy gave a job to his friend as a reference…

that was i heard but these people said me that u had worked…..

I had no chance to ask them….

Finally they cancelled my visa and send me back to India to the same flight which I had traveled ….

I was shocked…..no words to explain to them…..after clearing all these process I asked to one of the immigration officer he told me that u can come back to US and study…but u should have the new visa…..

my plan is that i am applying for visa in the coming spring….

So guys plz plz help me out whether i can get a visa or not….. if visa officer asks what is the problem? then what answer should i deliver to them …….Plz Plz help me out……

I went to study masters on fall 2010 and then i had transferred to another univ for winter 2011……

Immigration Help

Consult an qualified Immigration Attorney. Its going to cost you money, so talk to an immigration attorney before you plan to appear for F1 Visa interview again.

Posting questions in forums will not help your case. ONLY qualified US immigration attorneys can help you.