F1 Visa Interview Experiences

Permanent Visa Ban for USA Due to Fake TOEFL Scores and Fake Documents

During U.S. Visa Interview:

  • Don’t cheat
  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t use false documents
  • Don’t use fake documents
  • Don’t mess with U.S. Immigration Laws

We have seen the impact of using fake mark sheets and Fake TOEFL Scores.  Here’re two more examples of Fake Document and Fake TOEFl Scores.

Permanent Ban from USA for Fake TOEFL Score

Yesterday HSB reader sent the following email.

My F1 visa interview was on 15th june at U.S. Chennai consulate.

I have a toefl score of 108 (not written by me).

VO had doubts. He then took my TOEFL score card, as my center in which I took test was blacklisted.

He permanently denied me from entering U.S.A.

He took all my documents inside (GRE, bank statements, other I-20’s, financial summary, b.tech degree) and returned to me.

Here’s another example with previous answers and Forged documents.

F1 Visa Rejected Due to Fake Documents

My F-1 visa (Student Visa) for USA, has rejected due to fake documents in 2007 and later I had traveled to UK as a student and been there for 2.5 yrs and at present I’m planing 4 USA again. Will I be noticed about my past rejection and will it affect this time.

Your Visa interview records are not like ETS GRE Scores, which will not be available after five years. Your answers to visa officers are stored forever.

Here’s an example of that:

During my second students visa interview, I was confident and was doing very good until I mentioned a different specialization subject (robotics and nanotechnology).

I never knew that they would be taking a feedback of every other visa interview we attend.

He asked me that “I mentioned Thermal Sciences” last time (which was just 8 days back) and what did you change your mind within a week?

Chances of getting Visa to the USA if you were denied Visa due to fake documents in your previous interview is very less (to nil).

You should have thought about legal problems or permanent ban to the USA when you decided to take TOEFL via agents or using false documents. There’s no point in worry when you are caught cheating.  You decided to take the risk of using TOEFL Proxy agent, and you got caught. Now, you have to face the consequence of the mistake.

Same applies to using falsified documents. You certify that in DS-160 that information you are giving is correct.  Don’t mess with U.S. Immigration and Visa interview.


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  1. Hi friends,
    My f1 is rejected on 2011 march due fake TOFEl score.I have went to australia and did masters.These year(2016)my h1 pettion is apporved for three years and its time,to go for visa.My previous f1 rejection will be any affect on my h1 visa Please help friends i am so nervous teased.

    1. I think it would have an impact on your H1B for if they knew you had fake TOEFL Score. When are you going for H1B stamping?

  2. We should leave it to his moral values. On more serious note, every student who gets a visa , has successfully convinced the visa officer that he would return to India after studies. I appreciate the fact the every person has the privilege to change his opinions over time. But more than 90 percent of those who go on F1 will have made up their minds to settle down in US, become a US citizen, even before taking the TOEFL exam. It is also one form of moral debauchery. We Indians do it all the time. DO you know the number of h1bs with fake education and experience letters. Quite a handful. Even those who are sent abroad by the top six consulting Indian slave houses, lie flat out,when they apply for L1 and make USCIS and visa officers look like clowns. How on earth could DBAs and Java .net developers and even testers qualify as Specialist skills, where as Doctors with specialization in esoteric domain are not found to be sent on L1. But that is how American immigration or visa system works, which was designed for 1960s and still can’t be revamped because of vote bank politics of US congressmen an senators and Presidents. I have a grouse about this American system. I had excellent TOEFL scores,SAT v/q and subjects scores near perfect and admission with full financial aid from one of the best universities, but was refused as 214b. And after me, atleast 1 million people have made buffoons of US visa officers and acquired US PR and citizenship. So coming back to the guy in question, what would have been the use, if he had prepared for TOEFL GRE for six months got good scores only to be rejected on 214 b. He found the short way out. Because for him, may be he thought, he doesn’t need English skills to progress in his career in India (Which might be true as well. If you act too good or too smart you would be shunted out in India, be ware). Let us not try to Judge others. I keep calling all the 1 million people who have gone to US and settled in US as big liars and frauds. But does it matter? Does any one care? Ultimately only thing matters is they have the green passports, while I still have my blue ones. I didn’t get on in my life, just kept ruing about last chance, and wasted many years of my life. Don’t you guys let that happen to you. US is not the only one;Just one of the greener pastures. If you want to settle abroad, you can consider Europe (Germany, UK,etc etc) Canada, Australia and many more.

  3. how can i know that a center is blacklisted or not, give me the list of the blacklisted centers i want to write it next month plz help me

  4. dear HSB,

    Have you got any information about the blacklisted centres. Is there any black listed centre outside AP?

  5. Most of the people take do not know that some TOEFL centers are black listed………… so it is better to take TOEFL only at pro-metric test centers……. Pro-metric are the authorized people who conduct TOEFL and GRE in India……… So u won’t be having any problem like mentioned above

  6. But TOEFL Score card will have student’s photograph. I think its not possible to fake so easily.

  7. This guy deserves Visa rejection and Permanent ban for sure. TOEFL exam is a very important step of journey to US universities. How can one fake the scores for such an important step ?

    People seems to be very inspired by movie title “Munnabhai (the one who fakes in exams) chale America” 😉

    1. yaa he did fake the exam and gt rejected……thats ok
      no need of commenting like he deserves permanent ban or some thing else….
      even we should be banned because when VO asks will u return to india after masters we will lie as yes…. so we too should be banned for lying in frnt of US

  8. but how to know if the test center is blacklisted or not …… i got myself registered at warangal …..

    where can i get the info that the center is valid or not …..

  9. Good, now only if ETS just stops using the blacklisted centers altogether, things like these will lower and let genuine students go through without problems.

  10. look at that fellow how dare he says “TOEFL not written by me”. Definitely should be punished, at least to serve 5 years in jail.. sorry for foul word in my previous comment, because of these fake people genuine students are denied visa even after 2 attempts..

    1. yaa he did fake the exam and gt rejected……thats ok
      no need of commenting like he deserves permanent ban or some thing else….
      even we should be banned because when VO asks will u return to india after masters we will lie as yes…. so we too should be banned for lying in frnt of US…i am nt supporting him but show some respect..

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